Support for the Kiev Regime is Suffocating the UN

Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

Despite Western pressure on many countries, support for Kiev at the UN level is drastically declining, as the Western media itself admits. This is confirmed by the recent vote in the UN General Assembly promoted by the Atlanticist establishment to give the Kiev regime Russian reparations.

The recent Western-Kiev resolution voted at the UN General Assembly is a major setback for Kiev and its main sponsors. In addition to being non-binding, it shows the loss of international support for the pro-Western coalition, and this while the Atlanticist elites maintain an extraordinary pressure on the international community.

With 94 votes in favour of the resolution, 13 votes against, 74 abstentions and 11 no-shows, despite its adoption – the pro-Western coalition has received less than half the votes of the UN member states. The Washington Post confirms this by reporting that this is one of the lowest levels of support for Kiev in the five resolutions on Ukraine passed by the UN General Assembly since the start of Russia’s special military operation on February 24.

Western consternation is certainly heightened by the fact that among the 13 countries that openly voted against the Western-Kiev initiative was the People’s Republic of China – a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the world’s leading economic power in terms of GDP at purchasing power parity and quite simply one of the major international powers. China’s vote of open opposition to the Western resolution came alongside Belarus, Central African Republic, Cuba, North Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Mali, Nicaragua, Syria, Zimbabwe and of course Russia.

It should be noted that the Western elites have repeatedly said in the past that they must collect no less than 100 votes in favor of the resolutions concerning Ukraine, otherwise it would be considered a failure. They have often forgotten to recall that even in votes where the said coalition managed to obtain a much larger number than in the most recent General Assembly, the demographic weight of the nations represented was never to the advantage of the Western regimes. And now this reality is becoming much more visible.

One thing is certain. This vote will have largely demonstrated once again that the West has no value in claiming to speak for the international community. This is all the more so because, unlike the Atlanticist regimes, Moscow and Beijing do not need to intimidate, threaten or blackmail the UN member states to obtain the necessary votes. This is in stark contrast to the Western establishment.

The collective Western hope that the isolation of Russia could be achieved in the long run – not only does not materialize, but is de facto ridiculed, given all the efforts of the nostalgic unipolarists. And this without even mentioning the economic problems that are increasingly affecting the instigators and promoters of unilateral sanctions. The boomerang effect in all its splendor.

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