LPNM Condemn Italian Military Intervention in Libya

Approximate Translation by Internationalist 360°

The Libyan People’s National Movement expressed  rejection of the Italian military intervention in Libya and confirmed that it is following with concern the Italian air and naval forces violating Libyan airspace and territorial waters in a provocative manner that is a blatant act of aggression.

This invasion of the Libyan airspace, the entry of Italian warships into the port of Tripoli, is based on a request from the President of the Presidential Council, which is illegitimate and has no legal right to appeal for intervention.

The movement pointed out that this act of aggression is rejected nationally, internationally and is considered an extension of the barbaric intervention by NATO in 2011, the catastrophic consequences from which Libya and the world continues to suffer.

The interpretation of the declaration of the “Government of Accord” is based on a misguided concept of Western “democracy”, where national (the Libyan people’s) recognition of what constitutes legitimate authority is not required for foreign states to engage in political relations. This violates all international conventions, treaties and protocols governing cooperation, especially with regards to the security of states, as is the case in  the current circumstances with Libya. The Libyan people have suffered from a multitude of interventions from international terrorist organizations and nations. The Libyan people oppose any intervention, whatever the pretext or form.

The Libyan People’s National Movement rejects foreign intervention and considers it an aggression opposing the will of the Libyan people and their Libyan armed forces. Tripoli’s coast must now become a savior, devouring the Italian invasion forces as our great Libyan people resisted the Italian colonial forces in October 1911 at the beginning of the foreign occupation of Libya.

2. The National Movement calls on the Libyan people to defend Tripoli and to expel the aggressor Italian forces, which are preparing to desecrate the city, which has previously confronted such forces.

3. The National Movement declares its condemnation of the acts and irresponsible conduct of the President of the Presidential Council and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Accord. It warns of their collaboration with foreign powers towards the recolonization of the country. They have committed treason by conspiring against Libya with a country with longstanding colonial ambitions. The Italian naval and air force are the beginning of the new colonization of our country.

4. The National Movement appeals to the United Nations and the new Envoy of the Secretary-General for Libya to intervene immediately.

The Italian authorities must take responsibility for this aggression which is a clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations and international covenants, including the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation between Libya and Italy signed on August 30, 2008. We consider this action by Italy to be hostile, against the will of the people of Libya.

Libyan National People’s Movement
Issued in the city of Benghazi