Statement of Libyan National Social and Political Organizations on the Italian Aggression

Libya’s national social and political organizations opposed to the February plot [*February 17th 2006 and *February 17th 2011] and the 2011 NATO aggression, met to discuss the current intervention with the entry of  Italian warships into territorial waters, which we see as a continuation of illegal foreign interference in Libyan affairs, in flagrant disregard of the will of the Libyan people, in violation of all international charters and agreements. After reviewing the situation, the participants issued the following declaration:

We condemn the blatant Italian intervention as an act of aggression and further breach of the Treaty of Amity and Co-operation signed between Libya and Italy in 2008.

The Libyan people, who have resisted the Spanish aggression, the Italian titration and invasion campaigns, the expulsion of fascist settlements and foreign bases, reject any prejudice to their unity, sovereignty and independence and refuse to allow any party to exploit their present conditions to violate their rights, wealth and identity, and call for a meeting of national, social and political components  to discuss aggression and resistance.

We condemn the countries and regional and international organizations for their silence on the foreign intervention in Libya and hold them responsible for any developments resulting from it.  We demand the strong Arab, African, democratic and progressive forces in Italy and Europe to shoulder their responsibilities by rejecting aggression and supporting the Libyan people in the service of international peace and security. 

We call upon the masses of the Libyan people, the Libyan Arab Armed Forces and the Council of Representatives to confront this aggression by all means guaranteed by international laws and conventions.

 We reject the attempts of the West to settle foreign migrants in Libya.  The Libyan people reject this plot and resist it  as we have resisted the  February plot and the aggression of NATO thus far,  and confirm that we view the present  intervention as  a continuation of aggression to fulfill the mandate of the project for the new Middle East.

 We consider that finding solutions to the crisis in Libya is the sole province of the Libyan people,  free of foreign intervention,  through an inclusive  Libyan community dialogue, leading to genuine national reconciliation in which the grievances are resolved,  rights respected, prisoners released, martyrs honored, and the displaced  returned to their homes – a democratic process  in which all Libyans participate without exclusion or marginalization.

The international community’s attempts to resolve the Libyan crisis by a limited dialogue between parties struggling for power will not be useful.  We call on the international community to respect the Libyan people and to include Libya’s  national political forces and tribes in any dialogue so that a successful solution can be found.

In conclusion, national forces are endeavoring, through political and media channels, to expose  the plot. They appeal to the popular masses, for the sake  of national unity and security,  to stand up against this colonial arrogance, renounce all internal strife, overcome hatred and differences and accelerate the national struggle, by all means, to cleanse Libya of terrorism and crime and establish sovereign state institutions independent of foreign interference.

National social and political organizations

• Conference of Libyan Tribes and Cities
• Libyan National People’s Movement
 National Front
•Libyan National Assembly
• Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya

Issued in Cairo on 4/8/2017

Statement in Arabic
Approximate Translation by Internationalist 360°

Historical Context

*February 17th, 2011
*February 17th, 2006