In Haiti, the Failed Political Class Has Had its Day

Berthony Dupont
The failures of the political class are lamentable. The traditional political parties have proved once again not only their complete disarray, but also their enormous responsibility in the bankruptcy of the country. Therefore, they cannot offer any solution. It is a total fiasco on all the line; an unparalleled bankruptcy at all political levels. Their balance sheets show nothing but zeros, insofar as they all swim against the current, let’s say against the very direction of our history!

The Haitian nation cannot continue to be led by submissive people of all kinds. We need real statesmen at the helm of affairs. It is time to put an end to these puppets of the ruling class in their hypocritical and erroneous politics that only serve their bosses to the detriment of the people. Hence the absolute necessity of the emergence of a new and consistent political class that should, to a large extent, together with the popular masses, fundamentally change the country’s situation.

If the situation remains more and more dramatic, critical, and degrades until the unbearable, the role of the big capitalist powers in this catastrophe is obvious. It is understandable in these conditions that imperialism is trying by all means to safeguard its enormous strategic and economic interests that it holds in Haiti. The recent upheavals and the large international assemblies have not achieved the desired success with the possibility of a desired military intervention and above all, the long-awaited compromise between the protagonists of the political class is still slow to materialize. Hence the fear of the risks of a definite and upcoming aggravation of the political situation in the country. Finally, one wonders who would benefit?

Guaranteeing the profits and political and economic interests of capitalists is the function of certain international or regional institutions such as CARICOM. Thus, we can better understand its determination to also play its part as a possible mediator in the crisis.


CARICOM, like all its predecessors, the various American, Canadian and European Union emissaries are not going to help us drive out the capitalist system that oppresses the entire nation, far from it. But to teach us how to cultivate political cohabitation, an agreement of the majority of the Haitian political class, with the head of the Prime Minister’s Office Ariel Henry and the High Council of the Transition to maintain the status quo.

Basically, the mission of the CARICOM delegation represents another form of verbiage orchestrated by the guardian powers so that the capitalist class can still manage to get out of trouble by going over the disasters it has caused and reforming the State always to the benefit of the dominant class. The reality on the ground, however, is quite different, even the opposite, since all the protagonists of the Accords who are fighting to lead the state apparatus are neither unknowns nor novices. They have all been high-level state officials at one time or another.

They have all dirtied the country and have greatly contributed, yesterday and today, to this degeneration that does not stop pushing the country towards the abyss.

With them, tomorrow will be worse. They will only accelerate the march towards the final catastrophe instead of slowing it down.

The exploited and oppressed masses of the country have nothing to gain from the negotiations for an ad hoc consensus of this failing, decadent, rotten political class. All these maneuvers would only bring destruction, desolation and represent new blows that they are trying to strike at the disadvantaged masses. In short, the interests of the Haitian population are not on the side of this failed political class that does not inspire any confidence.

This political class lacks ethics, class and backbone. One would have to be singularly naive to believe in the commitments of these opportunists who are openly at the service of an exploitative system, as has been the case for over a century of imperialist domination of our territory. Any attempt to make us accept this political class of collabos will fail.

In truth, we must come to the conclusion that the only way out of this imbroglio is the united class struggle, which will open up a perspective of rupture with all these energetic people of a rotten and corrupt political class. Any other option would turn our backs on the people, so that the politics of betrayal continues, which has very often served as a screen for anti-national and anti-people policies.

The complexity of the political situation demands that no reform of the State is acceptable, neither today, nor tomorrow, nor by any election to block any process of social explosion that could bring out new ideas, revolutionary ideas.

This political class has already spent its time looting and destabilizing! We must get rid of these foxes as soon as possible. They are nothing but enemies to be put down. To these traitors, the nation cannot reserve the least consideration. They all deserve only one sentence: to throw them into the dustbin of history, or else to condemn them to life imprisonment.