Joint Statement by the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation on Security Crisis and Co-operation in the OSCE

2 December 2022

Reaffirming the commitment to the idea of developing friendly, equal, and mutually beneficial interstate relations in the Euro-Atlantic area and Eurasia as well as to the vision of establishment free, democratic, common, and indivisible Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security community rooted in agreed principles, shared commitments, and common goals,

Emphasizing the need of keeping the central coordinating role of the United Nations Organization in the interstate relations and further strengthening the primary responsibility of the United Nations Security Council for maintaining international peace and security, facilitating the solution of international problems,

Guided by the need of upholding and respecting the fundamental principle of equal and indivisible security that prescribes that within the OSCE no State, group of States or organization can have any pre‑eminent responsibility for maintaining peace and stability and will not strengthen their security at the expense of the security of other States,

Underscore the importance of preserving the OSCE as a regional European forum based on consensus and the principle of sovereign equality of States in the interest strengthening security and developing co-operation between participating States,

Convinced of the need to strengthen the effectiveness of the OSCE and eliminate “double standards”, geographical, and thematic imbalances,

Believe that Chairmanship-in-Office, Secretary General, and all executive structures shall strictly follow the Rules of Procedure alongside with the decisions of OSCE decision-making bodies as well as respect the idea of impartiality, transparency, and accountability,

Strive to promote unifying agenda, openness to discuss the most pressing issues and challenges, non-ideological pragmatic dialogue to tackle common security problems that assumes:

– joining efforts to counter transnational threats on an equal basis, primarily international terrorism, organized crime, illegal migration, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, threats to security in the use of information and communication technologies, as well as illicit trafficking of light arms and small weapons and drugs, human trafficking,

– developing mutually beneficial co-operation in addressing economic and environmental challenges in the OSCE area, enhancing free from protectionism and discrimination co-operation in the fields of transport, energy, trade, and tourism, promoting connectivity, as well as ensuring social and economic rights of people,

– respecting the diversity of civilizational, cultural, and historical models of OSCE participating States, considering the concepts of exceptionalism and superiority of some participating States over others as inadmissible,

– promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms and unconditionally respecting ethnic, cultural, linguistic or religious identity of national minorities and other ethnic groups,

– accelerating efforts to combat all forms of racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination, anti-Semitism, Christianophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, manifestations of aggressive nationalism and neo-Nazism, combating discrimination in sports, culture, education, and science,

– preserving and promoting freedom of movement and people-to-people contacts, circulation of goods, capital without any ideological, political restrictions, free of dividing lines, “double standards”, exclusive political-military and geo-economics alliances, unilateral promotion of one’s interests at the expense of others’ in the OSCE area,

– joining efforts to maintain an open and secure global information space, free of political censorship and dissent suppression.

The present statement remains open for joining by other OSCE participating States and partners for cooperation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation