RUNASUR Officially Established in Buenos Aires to Manifest a Plurinational America

A massive delegation of comrades of the CTA Autónoma, headed by its General Secretary, participated this weekend in the Plurinational Constitutive Assembly of RUNASUR towards a Plurinational America.

With a Jallalla RUNASUR!, an ancestral ceremony and spiritual authorities summoning the ancestors and fighters of the people to guide all participants, and the delivery of welcome necklaces wishing good omens, the constituent assembly of RUNASUR began.

The auditorium of the Club Banco Nación was filled to capacity at the opening of the meeting. More than 20 Argentine organizations participated, government authorities and diplomats were present, with about 70 international delegates from more than 11 countries and an infinite number of messages of support from different parts of America, kicked off the first day of this historic meeting.

Gustavo Martinez Pandeani, Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, brought the greetings of CELAC, “Latin America without exclusions and CELAC meetings should include all countries. America is a zone of peace. To build a fairer and healthier society it is necessary to organize ourselves“.

Hugo “Cachorro” Godoy, a member of the CTA Autónoma, was the first speaker, and welcomed the comrades from the organizations of the region.

Then, Roberto Baradel, Secretary of International Relations of the Workers’ CTA, pointed out: “It is essential to build RUNASUR and coordinate strategies to liberate our peoples. That is why in this convulsed world, the victories of Lula, Petro and Boric give us hope. And in Argentina, next year we have to defeat neoliberalism“.

And he affirmed: “I also celebrate this construction because we are building this with the three centrals and this unity shows that the whole is more than the parts, the whole is the happiness of our peoples. It is a priority to attend to the restitution claims of the native peoples, to build a feminist, plurinational, pluricultural, anti-capitalist and sovereign America“.

From the awareness and experience of deep South America, #RUNASUR is born as a new political movement to strengthen the integration of our peoples based on the plurinationality that builds unity with diversity to face adversity. #DignityIdentityandFreedom

The opening ceremony ended with the political report of the President of RUNASUR, Evo Morales Ayma: “Long live RUNASUR, long live the great homeland! It is a great joy to see so many organizations and the Argentine power plants united. The support we received was important to win the elections with more than 55 % and to recover democracy. That is why we were able to return to Bolivia only a year after the coup“.

#RUNASUR promotes an anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, anti-neoliberal and anti-imperialist ideological position. Our great desire is to have a Plurinational America of the peoples and for the peoples with tolerance, solidarity and universal citizenship.

What is plurinationality, said Evo: “It is to unite to face adversity, respecting diversity and valuing our contributions. It is to rescue the memory of Tupac Catari because the indigenous movement never excludes because we are one family and with that idea in 2009 we proclaimed in Bolivia the first plurinational country in the world and now we have to go for a plurinational America, of the peoples and for the peoples“.

200 years after the Monroe Doctrine, from this meeting should come out policies against interventionism that intend, among other things, to continue plundering our resources and now with lithium. We must propose plans against the enemies of life, of the peoples of the world, today they are the USA and NATO. They are anti homeland and we defend our homeland and our dignity“, he concluded.


With the presence of more than 70 leaders from 14 countries of the Patria Grande, representatives of the three Argentine labor centers, social organizations and more than a thousand activists, today begins the RUNASUR Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the presence of Evo Morales Ayma.

The main objective is to constitute Runasur, the Unasur of the Peoples, under the guidelines of defense of life, cultural identity and sovereignty from an anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist vision.

The double activity begins today with a plenary in which around a thousand comrades will participate to launch the Plurinational Assembly.

There will be a tribute to 17 years of the “No to the FTAA” and later there will be a day of debate with the formation of six commissions: Integration of the Peoples, Education and Culture, Politics, Mother Earth, Economy and Health.

On Sunday 6, the closing plenary will be held with the signing and pronouncement of the document that constitutes the regional integration of a Plurinational America after more than two years of meetings in different cities of the Patria Grande.


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