Donetsk City Center Bombed by Ukraine

Deborah L. Armstrong
Building destroyed by the shelling. Photo: Russell Bentley

Russell “Texas” Bentley, who lives in Donetsk, just sent me this video of the aftermath of the bombing, which pulverized buildings and killed at least 13 people on September 19.

You can watch it here: Warning: Graphic images and adult language.

Video courtesy Russell Bentley on Telegram:

Bentley messaged me the video just moments ago. He says that at least 13 people were killed including two children.

The video shows how the shell hit a civilian building. Among the debris there is blood and parts of people’s bodies. Bentley says that one 33-year-old woman’s spine was severed by the shrapnel, which hit in the center of the city. Although she is “only wounded,” she will never walk again.

This is how the area of the Bakin Commissars Square in the Kuybyshevsky district of Donetsk looks like after the AFU shelling

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine again committed a terrorist act against civilians in Donetsk. In the afternoon, enemy shells landed on a lively part of the Bakin Commissars square in the Kuybyshevsky district.

Ukrainian terrorists fired NATO projectiles at crowded places: near shops, a bank, bus stops and parking.

13 people were reported dead, including two children. The number of wounded is specified.

Rescue services are on site.

❗️ Since the beginning of the SMO, 440 civilians have died in the DPR alone, including 23 children.
Texac Donbass
Sep 19 at 08:41