Ukrainian Terrorism: Firing Munitions Containing Petal Mines On Donbass Orphanage, Another War Crime

On August 6, Ukraine fired onto the territory of an orphanage in Makeevka a rocket containing the Petal mines which Ukraine has been terrorizing Donetsk civilians with since late July. The orphanage evacuated its children months ago, due to its proximity to the front lines. Nonetheless, according to the Head Physician of the orphanage, Ukraine deliberately targeted it, knowing its existence and location.

This is another Ukrainian war crime, the latest in a long list spanning 8+ years. As of August 8, according to DPR authorities, 29 people have been injured by the Petal Mines Ukraine continues to rain down on the DPR. These are extremely insidious mines, difficult to spot, easy to step on and have your foot blown off, as was the case with an 87 year old woman recently.

Ukraine signed the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention in 1999, and was obliged to not only not use them, but to destroy its stock. Out of the six million such mines Ukraine initially declared in its possession, only two million have reportedly been destroyed as of 2018.


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