China, Russia and Iran to Conduct Military Exercises in Latin America

Alexandre Lemoine
Beijing, Moscow and Tehran intend to make a show of force for the United States in their “backyard.” The three countries plan to hold joint naval maneuvers off the coast of Latin America and the Caribbean in early August. According to experts, this is a sign that some Latin American countries intend to form a military coalition against the United States.

The powers’ intention to hold joint exercises in Latin America was reported in the middle of last week. As the free political journalism site The Washington Free Beacon writes, the maneuvers are named Sniper Frontier.

Venezuela will host the exercises in early August, despite the country’s very complicated relationship with Washington. China, Russia and Iran will send their military forces and ships to the Latin American coast.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the upcoming maneuvers are a clear indication that some Latin American countries plan to form a “military alliance” or “military coalition” against the United States.

As security expert Joseph Humire told the Washington Free Beacon, during the upcoming exercises “at the invitation of Venezuela”, Russia, along with its allies Iran and China, intends to show “unprecedented strength” in the Western Hemisphere. According to the expert, after these exercises the United States may even lose its “traditional influence” in Latin America.

It should be recalled that Moscow, Tehran and Beijing have previously conducted three joint military exercises. Notably the Marine Security Belt 2022 exercises that took place in the northern Indian Ocean.

According to observers, during these exercises the participants demonstrated their ability to interact in the accomplishment of different tactical missions. They practiced rescuing a burning ship, freeing a captured ship, shooting at concrete targets, shooting at night at air targets and other tactical and operational missions.

It should be noted that at the time, the U.S. media viewed the trilateral Marine Security Belt 2022 exercises as a “powerful signal” for the United States.

With regard to the upcoming exercises in the Caribbean, the American publication The Washington Times considers them to be the largest ever organized with the participation of Chinese, Russian and Iranian ships. These are the first military maneuvers in which Iran has participated since its official invitation in September 2021 to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), one of the most powerful alliances on the Eurasian continent whose objective is to ensure global security.

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