The Freedom Convoy vs the Real Fascists

What is absolutely clear today is that the real fascists are those that were either silent while atrocities were being committed or who called for crackdowns, going as far as to provide “left cover” for media and government crimes while the rights of workers and Canadian citizens were utterly violated by the Trudeau dictatorship.

These fraudulent, despicable “leftists” have committed egregious crimes and betrayed humanity. They now have neither respect nor credibility among the revolutionary left community. They are pariah.

For too long these neoliberal infiltrators have hidden in our midst, as they assumed roles of leadership, appointed themselves as “spokespersons”, managed and controlled our assemblies and forums, taken over our media spaces, marginalized our living revolutionaries, while simultaneously destroying our movements from within, dividing us into factions, weakening our ability to effectively resist empire. These traitorous counter-revolutionaries disgrace the great names they continually invoke and hide behind.

On the one hand, the revolutionary left must define itself, separate itself from the corrupted “left”, and stand as a stronger revolutionary force with the people in all fields of struggle against tyranny and oppression.

We must stand in front, along side and behind the people.

In front of the people as a revolutionary vanguard

On side the people as a component part of our movement towards liberation

Behind the people when victory is in hand, as the masses are indispensable, not the individual

– All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP)

On the other hand, beyond the left-right paradigm, if we are to defeat the global enslavement and genocide agenda, we must unite on the basis of our common humanity. Anything arbitrary that divides us is no longer relevant.

From the Belly of the Beast in the Heart of Turtle Island
Alexandra Valiente
Editor of Internationalist 360°