Criminal Alliance Between Imperialism, Zionism and Wahhabism

Pablo Jofre Leal
Translated by Internationalist 360° aggression against the Yemeni people has surpassed all the levels of cruelty and actions guided by the hatred, ambition and perversion that a monarchical regime like that of Saudi Arabia and the extremist world view that sustains it can execute.

Criminal unrest that is supported, not only in attacking a people leading a coalition without having any international legal support, blocking their land, air and maritime access, generating enormous difficulties in the food, sanitary and environmental field, which has involved declaring Yemen as a country in humanitarian crisis, but also to develop its war policy by murdering thousands of children, without stopping its criminal efforts at all.

Last April, the Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, said that “three quarters of the population in Yemen need protection and humanitarian assistance. More than eight million Yemenis do not know the origin of their next meal and the risk of another cholera epidemic is still latent.” Guterres, in addition to requesting a fund of 2 billion dollars, to alleviate this crisis, said that the humanitarian agencies must have access to areas of conflict where people require urgent humanitarian assistance. It is in this framework of petition that the international official denounced the Saudi air, sea and land blockade imposed against Yemen and called for its end, realizing that mere humanitarian measures will not solve the current state of affairs, since it  requires a negotiated political solution.

Wahhabism kills children

The US media itself – an ally of the Riyadh regime – has published reports detailing the cruelty of the actions of the Saudi aggressor forces. The Washington Post detailed, on Friday, August 3, that the aggression of the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, whose forces are the majority in this criminal alliance, has left at least 50 thousand dead, the rapid growth of a series of epidemics, a famine that is devouring the country, which has generated an average figure of 130 children that they die daily in Yemen, because of bullets and bombs, as well as by the criminal blockade to which this Arab country is subjected, which prevents the supply of food, drugs and healthcare, generating a slow agony in its population.

Kindergartens, schools, hospitals, all public places are targets of Saudi attacks. As happened on Thursday, August 8 when Air Force aircraft of the Wahabita Monarchy launched an attack against school buses in a market in the city of Dahian, in the north of the Saada Province. Bombardment that meant the impact of some of the projectiles in school transport vehicles, which resulted in the death of 40 children and 77 injured. In a statement that reveals the moral character of the Saudi regime the Ambassador of the Wahabita Monarchy to the UN, Abdulá al Mouallimi indicated in a letter sent to the Security Council that the use of its fighter aircraft, the launching of its bombs that murdered dozens of children “has been a legitimate military measure carried out in accordance with international humanitarian standards.”

Faced with the incredible statement of the Saudi diplomat, we must answer: What international law allows you to kill children, what international standard authorizes bombing a school bus, what international law gives a legal framework to the Saudi regime  similar to that of its Zionist partner in the region that massacre the population and then justify shamelessly? No law, there is no norm and international law does not endorse this perverse, delirious, criminal behavior, or the impunity that allows a regime to murder without being punished.

As part of its victimist rhetoric, Riyadh alleges that these attacks are carried out in defense of the resistance work carried out by the Ansarolá Popular movement, which has dealt effective blows to the invading Saudi forces and their coalition partners. Riyadh has refused to accept responsibility for the crimes committed, such as that of Thursday, August 9, and all those developed since March 2015 when it began its operations against the people of Yemen and trying, in that way, to restore power to the Former Yemeni fugitive president, Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi and crush  the popular movement Ansarolá.

While  international organizations have denounced the new attack on the civilian population by Riyadh, this is not enough. Such is the case of the Regional Director of the Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for Africa and the Middle East, Geert Cappelaere, who said “it is necessary to put an end to the cruelty exercised against children”. On the other hand, the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, called for an “independent” investigation into the attacks of Saudi Arabia against Yemen. The words of Guterres show an aseptic position, which does not foresee good prospects of preventing Riyadh from assassinating, applying, for example, Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which would allow the international community to act against an aggressor entity, applying all the measures allowed by that letter when peace is broken and threatened as the Wahhabi monarchy has done.

For the Spokesperson of the Yemeni Popular Movement, Ansarolá, Muhamad Abdel Salam, there are many shortcomings in the international organizations that allow this impunity to commit crimes and not be sanctioned as is the case of Saudi Arabia and its bombardment against school buses. “The Security Council lacks determination to form an independent truth committee. Nor has the international community fulfilled its obligations to end the brutal Saudi aggression against Yemen. With indifference, the United Nations Security Council encourages Saudi Arabia to commit more crimes. ”

Criminal alliance between imperialism, Zionism and Wahhabism

The criminal actions of the Saudi regime are specified under the framework of political and military objectives sustained since March 2015 when Riyadh began its military aggression against Yemen. Objectives staged in two main lines of action: to destroy the Ansarolá Popular Movement and as a final goal, along with the strategic objectives of its imperialist and Zionist partners, to contend with the influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the regional arena. This, catalyzed even more against the sustained support that the Persian nation has given to the Syrian people in its defense and that has meant a change in the correlation of forces that it has today, to the Axis of Resistance, controlling a wide territorial corridor.

A strip of enormous strategic importance, which runs from the western border of Iran to the Mediterranean Sea, generating with it the Zionist terror, which has these liberating forces on the borders of the Golan Heights and on the Palestinian border, both territories occupied since the war of 1967. A presence that every day recovers Syrian sovereignty over the territories where terrorism hovered and its Takfiri organizations, which have been organized, financed and armed precisely by this criminal triad made up of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly, the strength of the Axis of Resistance in the Middle East also implies a warning call to the Saudi aggression against Yemen, which in turn, day after day, contends successfully against the invading forces, even taking the war to Saudi territory .

Only the action of the peoples of the Middle East, such as Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, accompanied by their revolutionary and resistance organizations like the Ansarolá Movement, Hezbollah, the Syrian Army, the Quds Forces, the Al Movement Nuyaba, Palestinian militias fighting against aggressor forces, terrorist movements and Western support and ideologies such as Zionism and Wahhabism, can combat and defeat these tools of imperialism and  these regimes, which are the spearhead by Washington and its Western allies. In this framework,  the triumph of the popular forces in Yemen symbolizes firm steps in the consolidation of the Axis of Resistance, which allows the link between the aggressors to be narrowed and at the same time to move towards the goal of undermining the Wahhabi power and the policy of aggression of Zionism – both perverse ideologies whose days are numbered.

Yemeni society in these 3 and a half years of aggression has raised a firm voice and carried out sovereign actions in defense of its territory,  resisting with courage, condemning the imposition of the blockade imposed on its population. A criminal blockade that deprives of food, medicines, fuel and support a people tired of the brutality of the Saudi Monarchy interfering  in their internal struggles that view this aggression a palliative destined to decompress the struggles within the Clan Sudairi and the imposition of the most warlike sectors of his monarchy. The old tactic of totalitarian ideologies to decompress outward, to attack neighbors and in this way try to standardize society under a single leadership.

The intervention of Saudi Arabia in the affairs of Yemen, its criminal attacks, such as the one that meant the death of 40 children on August 9 in Sadaa, is inscribed in what I called a few months ago , “the defense of their regional interests , the propagation of Wahhabism and the intensification of repression against any movement that intends to generate airs of freedom. This happened in Bahrain, where Casa al Saud intervened with an iron fist without the West raising its voice of condemnation, fearful that the influence of the struggle in this small country will spread to other latitudes as it has begun to happen. ”

Yemen is a country of ​​enormous geostrategic importance, not only in relation to the Horn of Africa, having the Strait of Bab al Mandeb and crossing maritime passes of the energetic richness of the area. Yemen has been defined by imperial minds as a kind of “backyard” of Saudi Arabia, which refuses to lose influence at the hands of the growing power of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the support given to the Popular Movement Ansarolá.

The thousands of deaths of the Yemeni people, 15 thousand according to modestly estimated figures, plus the tens of thousands of wounded, the destruction of its roads, port, sanitary infrastructure, among others,  have forced the  people to develop their capacities of defense and resistance, to dissuade their Saudi enemy. With that objective, which must have the support of the Axis of Resistance and all those who oppose the criminal triad formed by imperialism, Zionism and Wahhabism, we understand the logic and military strategy of the Yemeni forces of resistance., who lead the Ansarolá Movement, to take the war to Saudi territory to force the Saudi Monarchy to cease its crimes against the people of Yemen. The memory of thousands of men and women – among them thousands of children killed, thousands of wounded, compel them to defeat a perverse and delirious regime such as the Wahabita monarchy.