#OmaliTaughtMe: Defining the Struggle: Colonialism vs. Racism

A continuation of the #OmaliTaughtMe special series: A discussion with Chairman Omali Yeshitela, ASI Secretary General Luwezi Kinshasa, and representatives from the Mexican liberation organization Union del Barrio, defining the struggle for African and Mexican people as a struggle against colonialism, not racism. Join the African People’s Socialist Party: APSPUhuru.org

Anti- Racism and Anti- Colonialism: An Open Letter to My Black Kin

K.D. Wilson Image description — Black and white photo with a fist raised in the Black Power salute. Some words in white lettering are laid over it, from Ashanti Alston, which read: “I think of being Black not so much as an ethnic category but as an oppositional force or touchstone for looking at situations differently. Black…

The Responsibility to Protect? Bipartisan Crimes Against Humanity in the U.S.

Ajamu Baraka The US committed crimes against humanity by creating the conditions that led to sickness and death for vulnerable sectors of the U.S. population “Police killings and impunity are part of a pattern of racist human rights abuses.” Hundreds of people are unnecessarily dying every day with African Americans representing a disproportionate number of…

Socialism and Dignity: We Don’t Need Their Cops

Stephen Millies When the Pilgrims invaded the Wampanoag nation in the 1620s, they didn’t find any police or jails. Such cruelty wasn’t necessary. That’s because there were no rich or poor in Wampanoag society. A community of equals doesn’t need armed thugs with badges. Billionaires and banksters didn’t require protection since these parasites didn’t exist….

The People’s Uprising Against Racism in the United States

Claudia De la Cruz, Manolo De los Santos A massive rally in Philadelphia demanding justice for George Floyd. The accumulated frustrations of poor and black communities have overflowed in the form of protests across 200 cities in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken the streets in reaction to four centuries of…

Nijmie Zakkiyah Dzurinko: “State Violence Has Many Fronts”

Protests are erupting in cities and towns across the US to demand justice for George Floyd and for other victims of police brutality, and calling for an end to racist police violence. Many have pointed out that the protests are not just about these latest acts of police violence, but in response to 400 years…

Civil Rights Groups Filed a Lawsuit Against US President and Others in His Administration

Peoples Dispatch Protesters outside the presidential residence, White House, were tear-gassed by security forces on June 1, Monday. (Photo: Redfish/Facebook) On June 4, Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against US president Donald Trump and other top officials of his administration over violence perpetrated by law enforcement agencies against protesters in the US capital, Washington D.C….