La Gota de Agua: A New Documentary by Resumen Latinoamericano

A new documentary by Resumen Latinoamericano with English subtitles has been released in Cuba, under the theme of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that has been imposed on the Cuban people for 60 years.

This past weekend the film also premiered in New York City at the National Network on Cuba conference that was convened in The FSUMC People’s Church in East Harlem.

Through the life of little Natali, La Gota de Agua reflects the difficulties generated by the existence of this hostile policy both in everyday life and in obtaining resources for medical care by preventing access to resources, supplies and medicines containing 10% of any U.S. raw material, which affects the treatment of various diseases, such as cancer in children.

The 30 minute documentary also shows the potential of the Cuban health system and the humanistic and supportive training of doctors who struggle day by day with families like Natali’s to overcome.

Under the direction of Yaimi Ravelo and Iriana Pupo, La Gota de Agua is a story of love, struggle and resistance that shows us that despite the difficulties and adversities, there is always a drop of hope that shows us the way. (see link below)