Who and How: Documents on the Exported Bulgarian Weapons to Ukraine

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva
51,000 pcs. of RLV-HEF rounds, manufactured by the Bulgarian arms factory Arsenal, were exported to Ukraine by the Polish company Arm Techsp. Zo.O., in 2021

Ukraine has been actively preparing for a major war for the last three years and massively purchased weapons and ammunition. Peace has never been considered an option, documents about Ukrainian arms deals reveal

Documents reveal that tons of Bulgarian weapons were exported to Ukraine via Poland and the Czech Republic in 2021 and 2020. Bulgaria officially denies that Bulgarian weapons were exported to Ukraine, although the use of Bulgarian weapons was well documented on the front line in Ukraine.

Weapons originating from the Balkans are often seen in war zones including in the hands of terrorists in Syria and Yemen. Although local governments have always denied such exports documents prove otherwise.

Weapons from the Balkans have been used for years for illicit arms supplies to war zones around the world. Documents revealed that 350 diplomatic flights carried weapons to terrorists in Syria. Leaked documents also exposed a secret US Special Operations Command unit code named Task Force Smoking Gun. It had been deployed in Croatia since 2017 and tasked with diverting tons of arms and ammunition from Europe to Syria.

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