Canada’s Communist Party Stands with the Police State and Capital

Editorial Comment: Today the CP drove their traitor’s dagger even deeper into the heart of the people as they followed this declaration, “Freedom Convoy: a dangerous movement for the working class, but useful for the ruling class“, with this grossly distorted statement, No to the Emergencies Act. Both are recitations of shameful lies concealing the crimes of the faux left and government fascists. If hate laws must be brought to bear on any group, it must first strike with force against these nefarious agents of hate masquerading as advocates of worker’s rights. It is revealing that they goose step in line with Amnesty International and the Liberal government which is currently arming, funding and training Nazis in Ukraine to exterminate the people of Donbass.

An exemplar of a Communist party that has not lost its moral compass is this: Russia: Statement of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party on QR Codes and Mandatory Vaccination

– A.V.

The protests against Pfizer’s billion dollar unlicensed product (which is a total failure) and the introduction of paramilitary police and snipers have not reminded this left that the police force serves capital.

Are the leaders of Trucker Convoy anti-communists? So are the Democratic Socialist American leaders, the unions and Black Lives Matter. Occupy Wall Street was also led by anti-communists.

Our task is to win people to socialism and anti-imperialism, not to help one faction of the ruling class against another.

In this regard a pertinent observation by Marxist activist Vincent Gouysse:

“The degree of divorce from reality of some “Marxists” (or should we rather say labeled as such coming from their complete abandonment of the materialist-dialectical method of analysis in favor of the religious rehashing of dogmas and opportunist theories disconnected from the real class struggle), today is properly staggering, walled up in old outdated (revisionist) schemas that prevent them from understanding the reality that they nevertheless have in front of their eyes…”

Fascism (real), which has been implemented for two years by the globalized financial Capital, is no longer masked, with the suppression of benefits to unvaccinated unemployed people.

And this pseudo-“extreme left” insists on seeing only the (fantasized) fascism of the western bourgeois proletariat and the sovereignist petty bourgeoisie in the process of declassification, which are now legitimately opposed to it. The ideology of this popular strata has an anti-communist facet, but it is not by following the propaganda of the fascist vaccine that we are going to resolve things. On the contrary, because these petty bourgeois resistors would then be right to say “look at the communists, they are in common front with the globalists”. We declare for our part that we have nothing in common with this category of “communists”.

This is a pathetic situation, where we see what should be the “vanguard” of the whole people being so terribly behind the level of consciousness of its petty-bourgeois vanguard! It is urgently necessary to wake up! Or it will be necessary that these tawdry “Marxists” give an account of their blindness…

Stalin used to say that at certain major turning points in history, some “communists”, not sticking firmly enough to the principles, would fall off the wagon.

As we have repeatedly pointed out, for decades most of the “communists” have completely renounced the living application of the Marxist-Leninist theory of knowledge. Unable to understand the deep mutations of the world around them, they are today falling out of the cart of the resistance to vaccine fascism… to join, without being conscious of it, the camp of the blackest reaction, that of Western financial Capital which has entered the final phase of the great downgrading of its own people!

Our comrade Berthe Poggiale Avidor, daughter of a deportee, understood well the meaning of vaccine fascism, in particular its use for the purpose of segregation and the implementation of fascist control over the people. If many did not perceive the danger immediately, the last two years have nevertheless contributed to awakening a whole fringe of the population. In an article published recently on the alternative media Réseau International, one reads:

“If people could understand the massive and yawning gap between the world as it really exists and the stories we have been fed about it since childhood, there would be an immediate revolution. The real world is as different from the world of propaganda as it is from any work of fiction.

This was a very accurate statement, of which the (revolutionary) communists know something and for which they were intensively trained, being themselves victims of the permanent ideological aggression of this multi-faceted propaganda at all times.

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