Operation Condor II: “The Right-Wing Coalitions in the Region Have Washington’s Backing”

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Revista zoom interviewed Stella Calloni, a specialist in international affairs who analyzed the current situation in the region.

R.Z.The region and the continent are going through a very particular moment. Specifically, we wanted to talk about Cuba, Bolivia and Haiti. We would like to talk about everything that is happening in these places, referring to “Condor Two”. Why don’t you tell us more about that?

Stella Calloni: Well, first of all in Argentina I detected and followed all those maneuvers and agreements signed by Macri with the United States, of which there were several and we still do not know exactly what he got us into. One of them was to approve the entry of U.S. special forces into our country whenever they want. A matter that we have not yet been able to reverse, along with the military bases approved by Menen in 1995.

Following these developments, I see that since 2017, they have been constructing a joint agreement with Chile and the U.S. Southern Command. In 2018 they carried out major exercises, such as the “Estrella Austral” (Southern Star).

However, notice how they operated: Chile on its border and Argentina on its border carried out maneuvers on the border with Bolivia. This included the movement of transports, a little bit of everything. Then, President Evo Morales became concerned and asked the question “Why are they here, on the borders, if we have no conflict?” Behind this was that Lithium, the great reserve of Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, had also appeared. As far as I know, the latter two have so far only given this to North American companies.

Everything was happening. The Assembly of the Puna, a group that defends sovereignty in Jujuy, denounced Governor Gerardo Morales, who is absolutely confirmed to be involved in this. Nonetheless, in spite of the intervention of the permanent assembly for human rights of Rosario, which made the denunciation visible, it came to nothing. The people were desperate because they wanted to put a military base in some places like La Quiaca and Abra Pampa, among other locations. There was a permanent movement of military personnel.

In 2019 two things happened that no one could miss, but that no one followed or cared about. One of them was the visit of President Trump’s daughter to Jujuy. This was inconceivable. What did she come to Jujuy to do? She said she was coming to see a women’s NGO, which only consisted of thirty women; an impossible excuse. So she came, bringing three thousand federal agents for her custody, which is ridiculous because she is not a president or anything, and curiously she transported supplies to help control the fires that were happening in the Bolivian Amazon, which were practically under control by September. As Evo Morales denounced, these fires were provoked to say that he had no way to fight them.

R.Z.-What was the purpose of the visit?

During the stay of Trump’s daughter there were very secret meetings, to such an extent that journalists were prevented from approaching the airport where she had landed. There was no access to the secret meetings other than a few photos of when Ivanka Trump publicly handed over four hundred million dollars to Governor Gerardo Morales, in the presence of Foreign Minister Jorge Fauri and Guillermo Dietrich, who were specially sent on behalf of President Macri.

Now, what happened in the secret meetings? There were reports of the presence of people from Bolivia, a friendship between Governor Morales and the fascists of Santa Cruz, such as Fernando Macho Camacho (a member of a paramilitary organization). We do not know what was being done in these meetings, or why the Chancellor and Dietrich, among other officials, were sent to attend them and they coincide with the beginning of the major maneuvers where Macri’s government can be observed.

Our current government has to review these events, because it was reported that special forces could have entered, since the Secretary of State, Don Sullivan, together with several members of the Southern Command, also arrived on this woman’s flight. The maneuvers that took place on the 18th and 19th included the presence of the Southern Command.

R.Z. Grabois, in a TV interview, commented that he has confirmed that on the same day five trucks of the Argentinean army passed towards Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia without any monitoring whatsoever. What he says is that they justified themselves by explaining that they were volunteers going to put out the fire.

Yes, brigadistas. They said they were brigadistas. As did Aguad, who dispatched a flight from Buenos Aires with a hundred military men of different ranks, “experts” in putting out fires. Let us bear in mind that these are peculiar circumstances, beyond what Grabois says, the situation was like this: the maneuvers in Cordoba, where the sixth brigade was transported to the border, were perceived to be intense because Chile was also involved and we must not forget the Southern Command. It is worth mentioning, there were Israeli advisors in the Vicuña del Horizonte maneuvers, that took place in 2019.

These maneuvers were massive. Do you know how many Army personnel were there? More than three thousand between the Chileans and the Argentines, all mobilizing on the border, during that maneuver Evo denounced: what were these movements? Why this presence of the Southern Command? Each day the Cuban-American organizations, linked to the terrorists of Cuba inciting the government of the United States to approve some kind of intervention in Bolivia, because they objected that it was a “fierce dictatorship”, the discourse they always put forward for these situations.

If the United States wanted to send help to fight the fire, why didn’t an American plane go directly to Santa Cruz de las Sierra? Why did it have to come here with the supposed “supplies” brought by Ivanka Trump, to “help” Bolivia?

R.Z.- At the same time, there is talk that there were people from the AFI, someone known as “Sanchez”.

I have verified that, in my book I confirm the inference of the United States with the complicity of Chile, Argentina and Brazil, of course. There were also US troops on the border between Paraguay and Bolivia, because we know that the troops that were present in 2005 never left. So, there was a whole apparatus in place in case it went wrong, their objective was to enter. It was going to happen because they had everything prepared.

This Sanchez worked directly with the CIA. I have a report in the book, regarding Bolivia, which specifically says that Jose Sanchez was so close to the CIA, that he managed all the intelligence services belonging to Chile. This gentleman was the intermediary between these services and the CIA. It is worth mentioning that it was not only him; there were other AFI agents, this is what we have to find out.

Jose Sanchez, had to provide a profile of all the Argentinean, Nicaraguan and Cuban ministers, who were in Bolivia. That is why I tell you that the murder of journalist Sebastián del Moro, was possibly on the list that Sánchez gave to the CIA, since he had to provide these profiles. In other words, they had their tasks assigned to them.

Two CIA agents, who worked with this AFI agent, are the ones who revealed all this. This is very serious because we also have to look for a lot of information about the people who were there. Who were the brigadistas? Which military group entered in a plane from the Palomar airport, with the “supplies” to help? Those who also went with civilian volunteers… Who were they? Because, they stayed in Santa Cruz de la Sierra! There is evidence of their stay up to ten days before Macri’s departure, which means that they were there all September, October and November. What were they doing in Santa Cruz? There was a lot of information and it has to be investigated.

Oscar Aguad has yet to declare this, just as the Foreign Ministry of Fauri has to clarify what team of “volunteers” was sent to the Venezuelan border with Colombia, shortly before the coup d’état that was attempted there. They must have been volunteers, but they never gave their names. They were on their way from here to Cúcuta, teams of “doctors” to carry out a humanitarian mission with Venezuelans who were fleeing to Colombia.

It is necessary to check the Foreign Ministry, however, one step at a time.

R.Z. – When you mentioned “Operation Condor Two”, although it seems to me that we cannot call it that, but it is clearly what it symbolizes. At that time, Operation Condor was an agreement between the dictatorships of the Southern Cone. Even before the establishment of the union on November 5, 1975, which served to “institutionalize” it, it had already been tested. Even in Argentina it had been delivered in 73 or 74, when General Prat was assassinated.

And this is what people have to understand when they say that the dead and disappeared of the dictatorship are not all within the scheme of Operation Condor. Because Operation Condor was very elitist, to such an extent that it was not transmitted to certain lines of the army, only high-ranking commanders knew about it. It is very important to establish this; they wanted to wipe all the important leaders of Latin America off the map. For example, the assassination of the Chilean Letelier in the United States, one of the first victims of Operation Condor at that very high level. Here, we have as an example Michelini and Gutiérrez Luis, one of the first victims of President Juan José Torres.

When you look at the murders and disappearances by Condor, you gain a greater perspective. They had the political leadership. Even the Christian Democrat Bernardo Leighton was the victim of an assassination attempt in Italy, and ended up permanently disabled along with his wife, by Condor.

Into this, we can assimilate the new counterinsurgency war that is being waged against Latin America. It has been recognized, since Trump said “we are applying the Monroe Doctrine to Latin America”, the colonial doctrine par excellence.

During this historical period we are applying this theory, Argentina cannot negotiate with any country other than the ones the United States determines. This means that the entire Latin American continent has been transformed into a huge colony, which has to be governed by governments directly controlled by Washington. That is why they have formed all these right-wing coalitions.

People have to understand that all these right-wing coalitions that have been formed in Latin America are controlled, financed and advised by Washington. And we are fighting with these puppets and not with the puppet master. This has to be very clear to us, so we can understand where the fake news is coming from.

Remember how I fought the Fundación Libertad? How I exposed it in Miradas al Sur? How they accused me of being a participant in the beginning of a coup d’état against former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, when the farmers’ strike took place? What a coincidence that the farmers’ strike took place together with the presence of a meeting of the entire Latin American right wing in Rosario!

A key man, a certain Ponetti, from that Fundación Libertad is one of the characters waging this digital, cybernetic war. From his hands alone, about ten thousand accounts appeared denouncing the multitudinous demonstrations in Cuba. These were never massive, they never explained why they were carrying U.S. flags, nor that they were asking for the intervention of that government; obviously taking advantage of the very difficult moment Cuba is currently going through, not only is it a victim of the sinister sixty-two year blockade, which is the longest blockade in the history of humanity. It is a siege of war, it is a country besieged by an act of war called blockade. This was increased absolutely on the orders of President Trump and his advisors, the Cuban-Americans, who have participated in dictatorships in Latin America. We have to begin with this.

R.Z.Yes, and that Biden has not improved the situation.

No, since Biden has those lobbies inside… At one time it seemed that he was going to or could produce an intelligent change, as Obama did. Obama thought, instead of spending so many millions of dollars trying to overthrow Cuba, let’s get inside Cuba. Which was smarter, but no less dangerous.

Trump did what others told him to do, because like Reagan, he was the most ignorant president of the United States. For example, they created those Santa Fe documents for Reagan because he was so ignorant they had to explain everything to him. The same thing happened with the president of the years 2016 to 2020, it was others who decided and commanded, he was not aware of anything.

What did Evo do? When I went to Bolivia to present the book, I was a witness. He had removed the CIA, the DEA, the USAID Foundation and the NET from his country. The latter is involved in the Argentine Congress, this must also be said.

The lack of foresight, of understanding that these foundations are not foundations for development and democratic aid but to destabilize governments. We are being invaded by foundations and NGOs.

R.Z.Of course, it would be like the financial arm of the Pentagon…

Yes, the financial arm of the Pentagon so that the money does not pass through the CIA, thus protecting the social face of the CIA. But that is what is happening.

Look, now we see Haiti, people are shocked. The Haitian people were rising up because they are the most desolate victims in Latin America, more could not have been done to them; with all the invasions and actions that there are still inhabitants in Haiti is a miracle. On top of all this, now this president has encountered Colombian mercenaries?

This is the work that the United States is doing against all the governments and the destabilization of the governments of Mexico and Argentina, not to mention the intervention of the Evangelical Churches, which are not really churches nor are they evangelicals. These have nothing to do with the old Evangelical Churches, which were a cult. The work that the new ones are doing has been seen in how they support the cruelest Guatemalan dictatorships in history, or in Brazil where they have formed incredible campaigns against Lula and in Bolivia where they have expressed themselves openly with Cacho Camacho entering with a Bible, evangelical speeches and the military.

We are fighting against all this and if we do not understand it, if our leaders do not recognize it, our struggle is very weak. For example, the media at this point are considered a political propaganda network of the Empire that wants to take over all of our Latin America. A network similar to the one Goebbels set up in the times of Nazi Germany.

But… Why have we not gone to international institutions to denounce the criminal damage caused to our populations by fake news? Fake news was used to carry out all the coups d’état and invasions in the region! How can it not occur to us that this is the case? It is because we ignore the dependent relationship we have with the United States and how this country was very concerned about destroying the integration process initiated by the extraordinary triangle of Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, with Presidents Néstor Kirchner, Lula and Chávez. They were a very solid triangle for integration, which worked so well diplomatically that it was able to extend as far as CELAC, an organization that existed since the government of 2011, which was the highest example of integration that we could have achieved in Latin America within diversity, because it was integrated by governments that did not think like the rest. However, integrated Latin America is a world power, for all the wealth and resources that the region has and for all the cultural values that have been accumulated during centuries of peoples’ resistance. We have an open road, but we do not see it because we remain very domestic.

R.Z.We do not look at things at a regional and world level… Very local and very domestic.

Very local and very domestic. In Argentina it is even more local! Because we do not have a separation or discrimination towards the interior of the country with respect to the information of our media, we do not know when a crime or a femicide happens. For example, in Patagonia we do not know anything! Today, no politician could explain to me what is happening in Patagonia. There have been entries, there have been maneuvers with foreign troops and we don’t know if the “humanitarian aid” base of the Southern Command in Neuquén is there. We know nothing and we cannot continue in this state of silence.

R.Z.Today, the United States always disguises the word humanitarian to be able to whitewash and introduce its troops in the continent. Because when they talk about humanitarian aid in the whole region it ends up being for evil, not for good or to help.

Of course. Imagine that the wars fought in the Middle East, all those colonial and perverse wars, which ended up destroying countries such as Syria, the country which, recognized by the United Nations, used to be the country where people lived with the best quality of life in the whole region. Then how they destroyed all that area, with the lie told by the media about the weapons of mass destruction, and after a million dead, they apologized saying that they had made a mistake because it was an incorrect report. Everything is like that and it cannot continue to be like that.

What is the main concern of the United States? It thought it was alone in the world and it had started a project to set up a kind of global government, where national security democracies were imposed, which in reality replaced dictatorships, they were the same, but with masks. Now China has appeared on the horizon and the balance has returned to a totally unbalanced world. In this situation, the closest point the United States has to natural resources, including lithium, is Latin America. From here they can take all the gas and oil they want, among other resources.

Thus, we are now a central target in their military, colonial and, of course, information policy, which is always the first shot fired: they start with the newspapers and then continue for the rest.

R.Z.In the case of Haiti, the information came out that in reality the mercenaries were hired by a Miami company and what a coincidence that it is also closely linked to President Iván Duque, the President of Colombia. It is the same company that was hired for that frustrated invasion in Venezuela. Is it true?

Yes, it is one of the companies dedicated to the mercenary junta. We also have to talk about Colombia because they have downloaded all the information about the Colombian people, who are alive and resisting. They have carried out sixty massacres this year. Mrs. Bachelet has not complained about it.

We also have to keep an eye on Haiti because Colombian mercenaries appeared there, men of the DEA. Just when in Venezuela they also found another group of Colombian mercenaries, those who participated in the appearance of Lopez, the one with the student demonstration, and behind them came the mercenaries who caused a massacre. Well, the same thing is happening now and we are not far away from all these things.

Also in Nicaragua, the Chamorro family, who are the Mitres of Argentina, that is, the owners of the press, are in this movement against President Ortega, all of them receive money from “foundations”. And we have the data, the numbers and the names of each one of them. Those businessmen, as well as the ones here, like Macri’s ministers, belonged to a foundation or an NGO in the United States. All this also needs to be reviewed.

Now everybody is denouncing the media. As did Correa, who exposed that these media are no longer information media, because they are fulfilling the role of a network. At the time of the Falklands confrontation, a British organization appeared here and managed as many media as it could. That is what is happening now.

If our comrades would start to remember Perón’s warnings. I have some of the letters written between Perón and Pratt, what he told him is what is happening today. That is why he insisted so much that politics are only international because otherwise it is merely domestic.

If the comrades begin to recall a little of the warnings Perón made and what he said in the Condor book. I have some of the letters written between Perón and Pratt, and what he told him is what is happening today. That is why he insisted so much that politics is only international because otherwise it is a domestic flight.

R.Z.- It would appear that Latin America is in dispute. Apparently it is permanently so. Although it is true that we had a glorious period, with fifteen years of popular governments, with governments that resembled their people, we now see a Latin America in dispute: Chile that has a Mapuche president in its new constitutional reform; Castillo in Peru, winning an election that the most rancid right wing of that country does not want to recognize; while we are losing in Ecuador, at the same time we are expecting Lula to defeat this sinister president of Brazil. What do you think? What expectations do you have regarding the next years in Latin America?

Well look, the rebellion of the people has been very important.

The rebellion of the Chilean people was a milestone in the history of South America. Here we were used to have Peronism as a huge movement, which worried them so much that they came with the military dictatorship to try to finish it. Uruguay had managed to create that mass front which was the Frente Amplio. Then, in Chile with Allende the popular unity began to function, it was the first time they could have had a very large mass grouping and which was interrupted by the brutal coup d’état. Even in Paraguay we have seen the emergence of several movements.

Now, nobody mentions how important two things have been: the triumph of the Bolivian people, who never left the streets and that, in one year, something that has never happened in history, the people have regained the government by means of elections. These are very dangerous signals for the United States. As was Chávez in 2002, the first President overthrown by a coup that in less than 48 hours recovered power with all the people in the streets and with a part of the army responding, following and working for the people. This is what has maintained unity so far in the Venezuelan resistance.

What country can resist when all its money abroad is confiscated? It has the foreign debt that Argentina has confiscated abroad. And they are still resisting, when they had reached the point of being the only country that managed to carry out the plan that lifted so many people out of poverty, as other governments of that time were also campaigning.

That did not die, it is still alive in many people and that is why there are so many popular uprisings.

In Peru we still do not know how it will end. Notice that, until today, the president has not been recognized and they will continue with this fraud invention.

In Ecuador we will have to see if they win; we also have to do something against this new figure, it cannot be that a president takes office, as it happened to us with Macri, with a government program that does everything backwards, not complying with the will of the people. As Lenin Moreno did, who ascends to the State and in a few days renounces to the party that took him to that place and to the program of that government. Under these circumstances, the Ecuadorian people had the right to rise up and remove him, as they had previously overthrown three presidents in the streets. Are we going to accept a post-electoral coup in this way? We, the countries as a whole, also have to resolve this.

A man who rises to the government for a party cannot renounce the party and the program for which he was elected. He is at fault, the constitution must foresee these situations. It is the same as a military coup.

There is a lot to be solved in this path. I believe that we have a very strong force, such as Peronism, which is above all a force of the masses. They have not managed to destroy it, and not for lack of time. It is very important to maintain it.

Chile is re-emerging again because many movements have come together. It is a great symbol in a country that is so conservative, that persecutes the Mapuches and where the carabineros have been trained by Israel. Here we have another problem, the Israeli people are not informed in any way about the militarization, about the weapons with which they are killing people in Colombia.

R.Z.You have just mentioned a very important issue: Why is Israel interfering in the whole continent? It is heard that the police and the military are also trained by Israeli forces, together with the forces of Chile and Paraguay. Why is that? There is already the United States, what would be the role of Israel in this case?

Well, being associated with the United States, they are applying to the world the same criteria with which they are advancing on Palestinian territory, leaving nothing in their path. The Palestinians are basically being left cornered against the sea and the wall. This is a ferocious policy of extermination of a population. The saddest thing is that many of these methodologies are being applied in our country.

I, like many, like Saramago, consider it a betrayal of the victims of the Holocaust. That there is a former officer of the Israeli forces and army and that he has trained the forces of the Colombian military, which are the most ferocious, as are the paramilitary groups in Guatemala, is very sad. I don’t think any of the victims of the Holocaust would have tolerated this.

The Israeli people have to get back to what the teachings were. Bearing in mind that all the first Jews who disappeared in Germany were leftists. In Israel there have also been uprisings, but it turns out that the one who is in, is worse than the one who is out. We cannot allow that they are bombing a defenseless people, because any missile fired against Israel has no power against such a military force which is one of the largest in the world, which has the atomic bomb, while we do not even have the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

I think the Pope has said it clearly when he refers to world injustice, he talks about what we have been discussing. And that is why there has been a rebellion within the church, which is accustomed to having a comfortable time hand in hand with dictators and the owners of economic power. So even the Vatican is in dispute, isn’t it?

We have to recover all this and there is a wisdom of our own that we are losing here. We have to read the Peronist books and know what kind of models we can install in Latin America. It is not the same to start a process in colonized countries like ours, than in a Europe that has been there for centuries… Let us look at where Europe ended up, with twenty US military bases in Italy, with all that story they told the poor European people that the Soviet Union was going to advance against them. It is the same story they are telling us now with China, about how they want to colonize us and the only colonialists are the Americans.

I believe that a very important moment has arrived, the people in the streets are providing us with an example. They are emerging together with their leaders, or with the heads of the leaders, as Perón used to say. Because it is impossible to live the way we are living, it is unbearable.

It is very painful, because we also have television that shows you many things… The damage they have done, for example, TN showed an interview with the indigenous people of Formosa and the women were dressed as if they were Guatemalan or with their faces covered with shawls as if they were Arabs. …. A total lie, absolutely grotesque! We have to impose a limit to the lies, otherwise we will be doing damage to our peoples that will be irreparable and irreversible.