NATO Nations Launch DDoS Attacks that Disable Cuban News and Government Websites

Editorial Note: In addition to the government websites, Partido Comunista de Cuba, Cuba Debate and Granma are also down.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

We denounce once again that the #CubaFlag of Cuba Chancellery website has been attacked again, which keeps it out of service at the moment.


We denounce that the website of our Chancery has received a denial of service (DDoS) cyber attack since July 11, 2021.

This attack generated false accesses in large quantities compromising our servers.


The IP addresses that generated the attack are located at:

United Kingdom

Although they may be people in other countries masking their address.


Our servers were attacked from 34 IPs which generated 10 000 simultaneous attacks each.


These actions are framed in the cyber and communicational war that is generated against #Cuba.

Another feature of the international inducement of aggression against #Cuba. Imperialism is clumsy enough to leave traces of its misdeeds.