Cuba Possesses the Most Precious Asset: Revolutionary Conscience

Jorge Capelan those who say that in Cuba: “…they have nothing. It can neither import nor export anything. Production is low due to lack of inputs and machinery and they cannot buy spare parts, people are hungry and tired…”

We tell them:

Don’t believe it, there are reserves…. What is happening today is nothing compared to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Cubans are not “tired”. After 60 years of blockade (3 generations), most people are not “tired”, they are hardened. It is like saying that the Palestinians in Gaza, on the west bank of the Jordan or in Lebanon are “tired” – not to mention the Iranians….

I went to Cuba for the first time in 2003, after 13 years of special period and a few months after Fidel said to Bush in the anti-imperialist esplanade in front of the US Embassy: “Hail Caesar, those who are going to die salute you”. What I can tell you is that a critical mass of the Cuban people today will not allow a “regime change” there.

Adding the Youth and the Party, there are millions of communists in Cuba. Only a political genocide can free the hands of the Miami mafia to make their “dream” of recovering what they lost during the Revolution come true. Most people in Cuba know that. When I went there in 2003, Havana was full of subway tunnels that connected the whole city and they had taught the population to throw ninja stars to confront the Marines in case they wanted to intervene. All that infrastructure exists today.

It is like here in Nicaragua, if they had destabilized the country there would have been a war impossible to extinguish. That is the drama of the empire: the victims of genocide are not willing to be killed and they know how to defend themselves.

The Party in Cuba is not separated from the people. It is the people and workers who themselves make proposals as to who can be a member of the Party, and no one else’s signature is valid to admit anyone.

And another thing, no matter how much they want to ignore it: There are millions of Cubans who have been educated from school onwards in the idea that principles are worth more than any material thing. It is not only the people who fought against Batista, nor those who were teaching literacy, it is entire generations who were fighting in Angola, or as volunteers in Africa, in Afghanistan, in all Latin America, etc…. From the ideological point of view, the Cubans are much stronger than the Soviets in the 80s.

For historical and current reasons, the imperial coup will not happen in Cuba.