Libya: Do Not Be Deceived by the Soft-Spoken!

Eshtaiwe Eljadi, Former Libyan Diplomat
UN Envoy, Abdoulaye Bathily

It is well known that the United Nations and its International Security Council have played a major role in giving America and its Western allies a free hand in Libya since February 2011, when it placed the then-existing Libyan national government under Chapter VII of international sanctions. It then supported the armed rebellion against the legitimate Libyan ruling authority, through direct military intervention in Libya by America, France and Britain, and then NATO and its followers. It remained silent about the crimes of the rebel militias from the moment of the rebellion until today, to exacerbate the situation in Libya and render it vulnerable to fragmentation and complete collapse.

The United Nations remains an obedient tool in the hands of America and its Western allies. Now the VIII special UN envoy to Libya, Mr. Abdoulaye Bathily, completes the role of his predecessors. Even if the methods differ, the policy of the United Nations proceeds according to the interests of the countries that influence it, especially America and its Western allies, no matter how the faces of its envoys change.

It is heartbreaking what state our beloved country has reached today. One hopes that Libyan “men and women”, after they have tried and exhausted all proferred solutions, will awaken from their slumber in the midst of multiple crises that crush us all, and submit to the voice of truth so that we can work together with awareness and insight to change this situation to what is best and lasting.

Our disagreement with the Februaryist faction is not about governance authority, but rather about their Inviting foreign forces to intervene in Libya, the violation of the sanctity of our country, the abandonment of national sovereignty, the squandering of wealth and the destruction of the capabilities of the country and the people.

These and other complaints and reservations were not considered by the Special Envoy, Mr. Abdoulaye Bathily!! Therefore, the situation will remain as it is.

So do not be deceived by the soft-spoken as it operates according to plan. Perhaps, in the best case scenario, some faces will be replaced by others if elections are held. However, what is certain is that any solution emerging from or through the United Nations will be what is desired by America and its Western allies.

Will you return to the truth to work together to restore the prestige of our state and national sovereignty, away from international conflicts? It is inconceivable that we cannot resolve our differences, which were motivated and provoked only by an international conflict that penetrated through the traitor’s gate. And if the outlets were blocked in the face of external interference, their fire would be extinguished.

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