Lula is Meddling in Nicaragua at Biden’s Behest

As “politically inconvenient” as it may be for some to admit, whether they’re multipolar supporters outside of Brazil or members of the PT, it’s arguably the case that Lula is meddling in Nicaragua nowadays at Biden’s behest shortly after jointly condemning Russia alongside his US counterpart in DC. These two unfriendly developments concern countries on opposite sides of the planet, but they’re inextricably connected in the sense that they confirm Lula’s recalibrated worldview.

The US’ Hybrid War On Nicaragua

The US’ Hybrid War on Nicaragua that began in 2018 as punishment for President Daniel Ortega’s efforts to strengthen his Central American state’s sovereignty is entering a new phase after Brazilian President Lula da Silva just decided to participate in this regime change campaign. That newly re-elected and now three-time leader authorized his Ambassador to the UN Tovar da Silva Nunes to condemn Nicaragua before that global body and offer to host those of its people who’ve been stripped of their citizenship.

Anadolu Agency reported that the Brazilian envoy told the international community the following:

“The Brazilian government follows events in Nicaragua with utmost attention and is concerned with the reports of serious human rights violations and restrictions on democratic space in that country, in particular summary executions, arbitrary detentions and torture of political dissidents.

Brazil stands ready to explore ways in which this situation can be constructively addressed in dialogue with the government of Nicaragua and all relevant actors.

The Brazilian government also receives with extreme concern the decision of Nicaraguan authorities to determine the loss of nationality of more than 300 Nicaraguan citizens.

By reaffirming its humanitarian commitment to the protection of stateless persons and the reduction of statelessness, the Brazilian government makes itself available to welcome the people affected by this decision under the special statute provided for in the Brazilian migration law.”

This disturbing declaration will now be analyzed so that they reader can understand its full significance.

Ortega blamed the US for conspiring to overthrow his democratically elected government all the way back at the beginning of this off-and-on unrest over the past four and a half years. According to him, drug traffickers, foreign agents, and “NGO” intelligence fronts were operationalized to that end in an effort to violently oust him from office. After that part of their plot failed, the conspirators then tried to manipulate voters against him ahead of the November 2021 elections, yet that ultimately failed as well.

The Russian-Nicaraguan Strategic Partnership

Since the start of this Hybrid War up until the present, Nicaragua has comprehensively expanded its relations with Russia, even opening up an honorary consulate in Crimea in November 2020 in what represented the first foreign diplomatic mission in that region since its reunification with Russia. This was to be expected in hindsight since Ortega already recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia around one month after Russia secured their independence in the US-provoked Georgian War in August 2008.

Upon Russia being forced into commencing its special operation, Nicaragua abstained from the first UN Resolution against it but then vetoed the following two in October and last month as well as the one last April calling to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council. Ortega was also one of the first leaders to support his Russian counterpart’s recognition of the Donbass Republics’ independence prior to the start of that aforementioned ongoing operation.

There’s much more to their ties than just the diplomatic dimension, however, since the military one is even more important. Russia and Nicaragua very closely cooperate in this sphere, and that Central American state also participated in last year’s Vostok 2022 drills in its partner’s Far Eastern region. The US’ Senior Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council said last September that Russia’s military ties with Nicaragua worry him more than its ones with Cuba or even Venezuela.

On the humanitarian front, Russia operates a land-based satellite station in Nicaragua to assist with disaster responses and shipped over 400 tons of flour to it in order to alleviate the consequences of the Western-provoked global food crisis. As for the economic aspect of their ties, that Central American state is considering participating in its partner’s Mir payment system and launching a maritime trade corridor to its Far Eastern region. All told, these two are true and trusted strategic partners.

Brazilian Meddling In Nicaragua’s Domestic Affairs

Having explained the Hybrid War context of the latest Nicaraguan Crisis and the role that this Central American state’s strategic partnership with Russia has played in ensuring its stability during these tough times, the reader can now better understand the seriousness of Brazil’s meddling in its affairs. Lula’s UN envoy offered for his country to host those over 300 Nicaraguans who were stripped of their citizenship and deported to the US after being found guilty of betraying their homeland.

Under the false pretext of “humanitarian commitments”, Brazil is volunteering to host these US-backed regime change traitors, who will in all likelihood continue trying to overthrow their democratically elected government with a wink and a nod from Lula himself. His policy can therefore objectively be described as “humanitarian imperialism” since it’s the exploitation of manipulated “humanitarian” optics for imperialistic ends, in this case helping the US illegally remove Ortega from office.

Observers should remember that Lula just met with Biden a month ago in DC, during which time they issued a joint statement that included a sharp condemnation of Russia. This was followed by the Brazilian leader being endorsed by Color Revolution mastermind George Soros and then ordering his diplomats to vote against Russia during the latest UN Resolution that Nicaragua vetoed, after which he spoke to Zelensky and discussed the latter’s “peace formula”, which includes prosecuting Russia.

Lula’s Recalibrated Multipolar Vision Makes Him Amenable To The US’ Grand Strategic Interests”, especially since he shares the ruling US Democrats’ liberalglobalist worldview to a large extent nowadays, in particular its domestic dimension. Despite politically aligning with the US against Russia in the most geostrategically significant conflict since World War II, most of his Workers’ Party (PT) base has been brainwashed by a literal disinformation operation into thinking that he’s “playing 5D chess”.

Analyzing Lula’s Ideological Motivations For Doing Biden’s Bidding

Whether it’s against Russia or now against Nicaragua, Lula is clearly doing Biden’s bidding in the New Cold War, though he’s admittedly holding back a bit by not going as all-out as the US wants. This explains why he’s not arming Kiev, sanctioning Russia, and why he didn’t order his diplomats to sign a recent joint declaration condemning Nicaragua. None of this is being done under pressure or as part of a so-called “master plan”, but is simply due to Lula’s recalibrated worldview since his imprisonment.

The way he seems to see everything is that the world is truly divided between democracies and dictatorships exactly as the US has claimed in its information warfare campaign throughout the course of the New Cold War. With that in mind, it’s consistent with this assessment – irrespective of whether or not anyone agrees with it since it’s Lula’s sovereign right as the head of state to conclude and subsequently act upon – to condemn both Russia and Nicaragua while also claiming to want to mediate.

He either isn’t sincere with the second-mentioned goal or is so ideologically divorced from objective reality as to think that his respective condemnations don’t disqualify him from mediating either crisis, not to mention volunteering to host US-backed regime change traitors who were deported by Managua. In any case, continuing to cling to this superficially “noble” goal despite the policies that he promulgated disqualifying him from this can be spun to defend himself from accusations of colluding with the US.

Amidst the impending trifurcation of International Relations between the US-led West’s Golden Billion, the Sino-Russo Entente, and the Global South, Lula is actively positioning Brazil to align itself much closer with the US’ bloc than the other two, including the third one of which it’s a part. Instead of remaining neutral towards NATO’s proxy war on Russia like his fellow BRICs members have and not meddling in Nicaragua, he condemned those two multipolar partners and thus sent a clear signal.

Concluding Thoughts

As “politically inconvenient” as it may be for some to admit, whether they’re multipolar supporters outside of Brazil or members of the PT, it’s arguably the case that Lula is meddling in Nicaragua nowadays at Biden’s behest shortly after jointly condemning Russia alongside his US counterpart in DC. These two unfriendly developments literally concern countries on opposite sides of the planet, but they’re inextricably connected in the sense that they confirm Lula’s recalibrated worldview.

His notion of multipolarity isn’t anywhere near the same as Russia’s or Nicaragua’s. Just like his buddy Biden, Lula is convinced that the New Cold War is between democracies and dictatorships instead of being about whether International Relations will return to unipolarity or become multipolar. At the same time, he’s not going as all-out against Russia as the US wants by still declining to arm Kiev or sanction Moscow, but his hosting of anti-Nicaraguan regime change agents represents an escalation.

The difference in his approaches against Russia and Nicaragua is that his perception managers would have difficulty spinning his arming of Kiev and/or sanctioning of Moscow in any way that speciously upholds his allegedly “independent” foreign policy while no such concerns exist with Managua. The first set of policies would immediately generate global attention and thus completely discredit him in the Global South, while the second is barely discussed since fellow faux leftists in the region support it.

On that last point and wrapping up the present analysis, it’s now clear that the latest so-called “Pink Tide” isn’t what it seems. These “New Leftists” who recently swept to power, which includes Lula during his third term, are really liberal-globalist in their outlook and not multipolar like former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was or Ortega still is. Lula is now leading the pack and showing that even self-declared “leftists” in modern-day Latin America can end up being the US’ regional Hybrid War proxies.

Exposing the Disinfo Campaign Covering Up for Lula’s US-Aligned Nicaraguan Policy

The Latest Hybrid War On Brazil

The “Workers’ Cause Party” (PCO per its Portuguese abbreviation) is a faux leftist cult that nowadays functions as the tip of the spear for President Lula’s disinformation campaign aimed at manipulating the perceptions of his Workers’ Party’s (PT) base regarding his newly US-aligned foreign policy. Whether they were secretly recruited to do this by high-ranking members of the PT or are doing so on their own initiative to curry favor with it, there’s no doubt that the PCO is part of the latest Hybrid War on Brazil.

This ongoing campaign was analyzed at length here but can be summarized as the psychological operations carried out to distract from the “politically inconvenient” fact that Lula’s foreign policy in his third term is largely aligned with the ruling US Democrats’ liberalglobalist one. The PT’s base is being misled about this in order to preemptively avert the scenario of them constructively critiquing his recalibrated worldview and thus raising the chances that they successfully pressure him to change it.

These Hybrid Warriors have financial, ideological, and/or professional stakes in preserving the US-aligned course that Lula has charted for Brazil ahead of the impending trifurcation of International Relations into the US-led West’s Golden Billion, the Sino-Russo Entente, and the Global South. The PCO’s disinformation products are perfect examples of this influence operation in practice since this cult has appointed itself as his gatekeepers/inquisitors and is thus the most active force covering up for him.

Closely following its narratives in support of Lula’s newly US-aligned foreign policy can enable observers to intuit the angles with which the PT’s elite members are attacking their base by proxy, whether after having secretly recruited the PCO to do this or by winking in support of its self-interested actions. The most instructive example thus far is indisputably the polar opposite spin that it placed on his policy towards Nicaragua before and after his decision to host hundreds of the US’ regime change agents.

Step One: Vehemently Argue Against The Then-Proposal

Prior to the Brazilian Ambassador to the UN being ordered by Lula on 7 March to express “extreme concern” with that country’s allegedly “serious human rights abuses” as the pretext for hosting those traitors who were expelled to the US by Managua, this cult harshly condemned that exact same policy. Their official newspaper published a piece on 4 March titled “PSOL quer que Lula acolha agentes dos EUA expulsos da Nicarágua”, which attacked a Lula-supporting party for suggesting that he do this.

The PCO described this proposal as “in favor of imperialism” and advancing the US-backed coup attempt in that Central American state. They concluded in their diatribe that their PSOL opponent “only serves to confuse the struggle of the masses and thus facilitate the infiltration of the bourgeoisie in the workers’ movement.” That last-mentioned claim can be interpreted as an attempt by the PCO to cover up for its own such role by reaffirming its self-appointed function as Lula’s gatekeepers/inquisitors.

Step Two: Imply That It’s A CIA-Backed Imperialist Plot

The cult then published a follow-up piece one day later on 5 March titled “Crença na democracia e liberalismo: o PSOL contra a Nicarágua” in which it very strongly implied that a leading member of that party is a CIA agent through several degrees of separation, thus explaining why he supports that policy. The PCO argued that those people in question aren’t politically persecuted, thus making them ineligible for refuge. It then condemned PSOL for its “close links to the ‘democratic’ sectors of imperialism.”

That last-mentioned attack was incredibly ironic since the PCO can be described in the exact same way, especially after it immediately flipped the script on this issue the moment that Lula promulgated the policy that they just spent the last two back-to-back articles attacking. Readers can learn more about why Lula aligned with the US on Nicaragua here, which can be summarized simply as further proof of him sharing its ruling Democrats’ liberal-globalist worldview.

The PCO obviously didn’t expect this otherwise it wouldn’t have attacked PSOL for its ultimately successful proposal that Lula himself ended up embracing. This cult’s leader might have been convinced that the man who he delusionally fantasizes about replacing wouldn’t have betrayed his Nicaraguan counterpart like that due to their close friendship, but whatever his thinking was, it proved to be an incredible miscalculation that resulted in the PCO having to shamelessly reverse its stance in an instant.

Step Three: Omit Key Facts After Lula Promulgates This Policy

Instead of continuing to condemn Lula’s offer to host hundreds of the US’ regime change agents in the interests of maintaining ideological consistency, it enthusiastically supported his decision without even making a halfhearted attempted to explain why it suddenly changed its position on this issue. The day after this US-aligned policy was promulgated, the PCO published a piece on 8 March titled “Abaixo a ameaça de intervenção imperialista na Nicarágua!” in which it screamed its support for Nicaragua.

Quite conspicuously but entirely predictable for those who are already aware of the PCO’s role in covering up for everything Lula does, the article made absolutely zero mention of their harsh criticism of this exact same policy days before when it was only proposed by the PSOL and had yet to be practiced. Nor, for that matter, was there any reference to Lula hosting these same US-backed regime change agents, who the PCO inexplicably decided to now refer to as “political prisoners” in that text.

These three omissions of objectively existing and easily verifiable fact – their prior condemnation of this policy days prior, Lula’s embrace of the aforesaid, and their decision to no longer argue against those individuals’ claims to be “political prisoners” – result in that article being bonafide disinformation. This term refers to information that’s propagated with the intent of deceiving people, which is precisely what their article aims to do by deliberating omitting those three indisputable facts.

Step Four: Double Down On The Disinformation Narrative

The PCO’s next piece of disinformation on this issue was published later that same day under the title “Lula enfrenta o imperialismo e defende a Nicarágua”. It quotes their leader who counterfactually denied that Lula’s latest policy towards Nicaragua is aligned with imperialism despite his cult’s official newspaper literally arguing in two back-to-back articles that this exact same policy is indeed imperialistic to the core just prior to him promulgating it.

Just like the piece that was published earlier that day, the PCO’s cult leader also conspicuously omitted any mention of Lula ultimately embracing the same policy that his official newspaper had railed against. Rather, this professional disinformation agent attempted to deliberately mislead his targeted audience by only talking about Brazil’s refusal to sign a joint declaration condemning Nicaragua, which he falsely framed as supposedly proving that Lula is still on the polar opposite side as the imperialists.

Step Five: Condemn Constructive Critics As Imperialist Agents

The PCO’s latest disinformation attack at the time of the present analysis’ publication was released on 10 March with the title “Cartel da imprensa golpista volta suas baterias contra Nicarágua”. It serves as an especially devious form of disinformation since it attempts to gaslight the PT’s base into thinking that any well-intended constructive critiques of Lula’s newly US-aligned policy towards that country advance imperialist interests since anti-Lula outlets criticized him for not signing last week’s joint declaration.

It doesn’t matter that these two angles of criticism are completely separate, with the PT base’s being multipolar and in opposition to Lula hosting hundreds of the US’ regime change agents while his traditional critics’ is unipolar and in opposition to him not signing that document. The PCO has an interest in connecting them so as to pressure the PT’s rank-and-file into self-censoring out of fear that they’ll be viciously smeared as “imperialists” in an unhinged witch hunt should they dare to speak out.

Just several days prior, however, that cult’s leader claimed in the previously cited disinformation piece that Lula can indeed be criticized by the left and that doing so can help keep him in check. In hindsight, he wasn’t sincere as evidenced by his own official newspaper publishing their latest disinformation product aimed at manipulating the PT’s base into thinking that constructively critiquing his newly US-aligned policy towards Nicaragua advances imperialist interests.

Concluding Thoughts

Closely following the PCO’s coverage of bilateral relations with that country is an exercise in cognitive dissonance and doublethink considering the polar opposite spin that it placed on the issue of hosting hundreds of the US’ regime change agents before and after Lula decided to do so. The first two articles criticizing this policy were published with the expectation that he’d reject it, which suggests that their angle either wasn’t ordered by the PT’s elite members or even they didn’t know about it in advance.

Whatever the truth may be, which could also include the PCO opportunistically leading this disinformation campaign covering up for Lula’s US-aligned foreign policy in general and in Nicaragua in particular for self-interested political reasons, this cult did a one-eighty after he embraced this policy. It then began producing bonafide disinformation products that deliberately omit any mention of their prior criticism of this policy or Lula’s promulgation thereof in order to mislead their audience.

What observers can learn from this case study is that the latest Hybrid War on Brazil veritably exists like was argued in the introduction to the present analysis, but unlike the prior one waged against Lula and his party, the most recent campaign is waged by their putative supporters. The PCO functions as the perfect example of these disinformation operations in practice due to its self-appointed role as his gatekeepers/inquisitors, which this cult’s leader delusionally envisages will facilitate its rise to power.

That same professional disinformation agent’s newspaper shamelessly flipped from condemning the then-proposal for Brazil to host hundreds of the US’ regime change agents as a CIA-backed imperialist plot to fiercely defending this policy after Lula promulgated it and condemning its critics as imperialist agents. This stunning narrative reversal is the most damning evidence of the disinformation campaign that his cult is waging to cover up for Lula’s US-aligned foreign policy and mislead the PT’s base about it.

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