The United States is Fueling World War III

Valery Kulikov
The current events in Ukraine and around Taiwan, as well as the US’s incessant pumping of new significant quantities of weapons into these regions, make it increasingly clear that the White House is on track to unleash World War III. The militarization of the national and global economies by the United States, combined with the strengthening of Russophobic and Sinophobic sentiments in American society as well as in countries under Washington’s control in Asia and Europe, is further confirmation of this, following the example of similar actions by Nazi Germany in 1934.

Such actions by the US confirm the eternal desire of the world’s financial elites to enrich themselves using big wars, and to further unleash them away from their own borders and to draw in, through the same financial levers, “cannon fodder” from disadvantaged and poorer countries. This is how it happened in World Wars I and II, and it is the same way it is happening now.

And using the nationalist radical sentiments in Taiwan and Ukraine, which the White House turned into a reincarnation of Nazism, is nothing new. After all, it was not in vain that the same financial circles of the USA, together with the victors of the First World War – France and Great Britain, first humiliated the then losing Germany and its people and then promoted the revival of the spirit of revenge, militarism, and Nazism in the German nation with the active support of the financial and industrial circles of the Anglo-Saxons. By the way, it is not superfluous to remind in this connection, under whose “umbrella” after the Second World War many escaped Nazis found a refuge …

And now, “thanks to the efforts of Washington” Nazism has once again taken root in Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was the family of the current US president, whose secret ties with the openly neo-fascist regime in Kyiv were exposed. Since 2014, that regime has been pursuing with impunity and with the obvious support of the United States a policy of genocide of the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine, killing more than a thousand civilians there, with no proper response from international institutions regarding Kyiv’s violations of fundamental international human rights norms.

And if on the eve of the Second World War Hitler’s regime was considered in Washington and London as a “savior from communism,” now instead of the bogeyman of “communism,” the Anglo-Saxons through the actions of the Kyiv authorities promote Russophobic policy and the thirst for the destruction of Russia and its people, not even disguised anymore in the statements and actions of the current so-called “elite” of the West. To this end, in particular, through multinational military-industrial enterprises in Europe, the militarization of industry is promoted with increased production and supplies of weapons and shells to Ukraine. With the training of not only fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but also subversive groups to carry out terrorist actions in Russia, to undermine the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream, to prepare new terrorist sabotage on other Russian energy facilities. Including the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, southern oil and gas pipelines, and peaceful Russian cities.

In order to destroy the unity of the public anti-Nazi position in Europe and to cause discord among Russia’s allies, the United States is carrying out multiple anti-Russian information operations. One example of this is the recent dissemination through the US-controlled media (New York Times, a number of British newspapers) of information about the alleged supply of arms and ammunition to the Kyiv regime by one of Russia’s allies at the present stage – Serbia. And this latest United States political fake news has been fully exposed by the Serbian authorities and their company Krušik Holding Corporation, who have provided documentary evidence that not a single Serbian-made mine or missile has been provided to any party to the Ukrainian conflict since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, and the latest “documents” published by the US propagandists are falsified.

At the same time, the USA itself, with its intrigues and political pressure, is forcing the European countries and military-industrial circles of the EU to increase, for the sake of even greater profits of the USA, military loans and arms production for Ukraine, increasingly dragging these countries into a global armed conflict with Russia and the outbreak of World War III.

While using other countries to further its interests in the Ukrainian conflict, the US itself has incomparably less to spend on the criminal Kyiv regime, and ranks only 12th, forcing countries like Slovakia, Bulgaria, Malta, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, and Cyprus, among others, to spend more and more at the cost of the welfare of their own citizens. The fact that the American lobbyists are getting millions of corrupt dollars for “helping Ukraine” is not hidden even by the western mainstream media. According to The Guardian, US defense spending has continued to rise since the conflict began, with arms and defense contractors receiving nearly half of the $858 billion defense budget for 2023.

At the same time, despite the thesis promoted by the White House propagandists about alleged “selfless assistance of the West to Ukraine,” the US, unlike Europe, does not hesitate to “specify,” in particular through the mouth of Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Celeste Ann Wallander, that Kyiv must pay for the supplied weapons itself. And this is not surprising, as public criticism of the exorbitant billions of dollars of Western “aid to Ukraine” is growing in the US and in Europe, demanding an audit and naming those responsible for this criminal policy that is impoverishing the population of Western countries.

However, despite public discontent, Washington’s harmful actions continue, not only aggravating the Ukrainian conflict, but also increasing the threat of World War III. Therefore, the growing protests in the US and many EU countries in response to the recent announcement by the Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, John Kirby, about the allocation of a new $400 million military aid package to Ukraine are understandable. According to The Hill, since the beginning of Russia’s special operation to denazify the Kyiv regime, the US has already allocated $75.5 billion to Ukraine, of which $29.3 billion has gone for military aid.

Realizing that even with the current great chaos in the world, it will not be possible to write off the gigantic debts amassed by the US as well as the incredible spending on “aid to Ukraine,” and Ukraine itself will never be able to compensate the US and NATO countries for their latest “armed subsidies,” Washington began to think about possible options for returning their funds, developing plans for the final subjugation of the inhabitants of Ukraine.  There are active preparations for the absorption of resources and Washington-controlled territory of Ukraine by the American capital. This work did not start today but a while back, through the machinations of Hunter Biden, already known to the whole world, aimed at selling the country by the Ukrainian government according to the “Argentine” scenario, and at building up the external and state-guaranteed debt. With the active participation of emissaries from the US of different ranks, who regularly come to Ukraine, the appropriate laws are being adopted to ensure “legal” transfer of ownership of strategic infrastructure facilities and territory of Ukraine to foreign corporations so that after the announcement of bankruptcy it would be possible to easily and legally sell state blocks of shares in state corporations for the created public debts.

However, such steps by Washington, as well as its arms pressure, will not pass painlessly, including for the US and the West as a whole. The protest wave against such aggressive policy of Washington is already growing everywhere and demonstrations of dissatisfied people, who do not want the outbreak of World War III, can be seen today in many European cities. Even many American media outlets are saying that the days of the criminal Kyiv regime are numbered. Moreover, the so-called “Kyiv leader” Zelensky is aware of this, who, afraid of popular anger in his country and following Hitler’s footsteps, has already surrounded himself with doubles, hoping to hide from retribution.