Medvedev Defines the Red Line for Direct War with NATO

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky meet Ukrainian troops being trained on Challenger 2 tanks at Lulworth in Dorset

Training Ukrainians on Western weapons qualifies, said Dmitry Medvedev after the Bryansk attack

Canadian and German troops teaching Ukrainians how to use Leopard tanks already qualifies as participation in the conflict, but sending fighter jets to Poland would mean “direct entry,” former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday.

Medvedev, who is also deputy chair of the Russian Security Council, warned the US and its allies that they can be treated as parties to the conflict “if, in addition to supplying weapons, they train personnel to operate them,” citing legal precedents from the early 20th century.

Tank training on EU territory already applies, Medvedev noted on Telegram, but if that expands to fighter jets based somewhere in Poland, “that would be direct entry of the Atlanticists into war against Russia, with all the consequences that entails.”

Everyone who made the decision to deliver those weapons or repair them, along with foreign mercenaries and military trainers, ought to be considered legitimate military targets.

According to Medvedev, only fear of this has so far restrained the “infantile” West from giving airplanes and long-range weapons to Kiev, though he predicted their desire to destroy Russia would prevail before long.

While the US, NATO and the EU talk about the “freedom-loving people of Ukraine,” Thursday’s attack on Russia’s Bryansk Region shows that they are supporting “Nazi bastards, terrorist scum who attack civilians,” Medvedev said.

“These are your proteges, Mr. Sunak, Macron, Scholz and Biden!” he wrote, addressing the leaders of the UK, France, Germany, and US. “And our attitude towards you is now the same as towards them. Your countries are now participants in the terrorist acts of the Ukrainian regime, and you are direct accomplices of terrorists.”

Though the West considered him a “liberal” during his 2008-2012 presidency, Medvedev has been blunt and outspoken about the military operation in Ukraine since it was launched in February 2022. Just last month, he warned the US that its talk about “strategic defeat” means Russia now sees the conflict as existential.

A group of Ukrainian soldiers crossed the border into Russia on Thursday morning, attacking two villages and shooting up a car with civilians inside. Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the “terrorist attack” and vowed to punish the perpetrators.


Dmitry Medvedev

Western analysts have heartily admitted that when NATO specialists teach Ukranazis how to use their military equipment, it can be seen as NATO’s direct involvement in a military conflict on the side of the Ukrainian regime.

It has been understood since the 1920s that a country can be recognized as a participant in hostilities if in addition to supplying weapons it trains its personnel to use them (the Briand – Kellogg Pact of 1928, the Budapest Resolution to the Pact of 1934).

This is what is happening today: Canadian and German instructors on EU territory are already teaching Ukrainian killers how to handle Leopards.

If we imagine that the NATO planes delivered in the future will be serviced by their military in the territory of some impudent Poland (the only possibility, taking into account the deplorable state of defense industry in Little Russia), it would be a direct entry of Atlantists into the war against Russia with all the ensuing consequences. And all those who make decisions on the supply (repair) of such equipment or means of destruction, along with foreign mercenaries and military instructors, will have to be regarded as legitimate military targets.

Apparently, this is the only thing that keeps the Western infantiles from handing over the planes and means of destruction of increased range to the Kiev junkies. Although not for long. The temptation to crush Russia is too great.

Also – today’s events have shown who the US, NATO and the EU really support. It’s not the “freedom-loving people of Ukraine” who don’t want to return to the “Muscovite sovok”. They are just Nazi bastards, terrorist scum who attack civilians while waving a stinking zhovto-Blakit rag. Let them now be exonerated in London, Paris, Berlin and Washington.

These are your proteges, Messrs. Sunak, Macron, Scholz and Biden! And our attitude towards you is now the same as towards them. Now your countries are participants in the terrorist acts of the Ukrainian regime, and you are direct accomplices of terrorists.

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