Poland Sends a Military Contingent to Ukraine Under Mercenary Cover

The number of Polish mercenaries in Ukraine is increasing, which is seen even in Kiev, which happily announces the help given by the neighboring state in the fight against Russia. However, Polish mercenaries are not going to die for Bandera’s ideas. They have a completely different task: to ensure the annexation of part of western Ukraine to Poland.

“ Poland has begun sending military contingents to Ukraine, so far under the guise of mercenaries ”, writes the Polish publication Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny.

The Polish government is sending regular Polish army military personnel to Ukraine, allegedly “ on vacation ”. British intelligence has counted 1,800 Polish mercenaries in Ukraine, many of them women. In fact, those numbers are already out of date: there are many more “ tourists ” Poles.

To date, Poland It ranks first in terms of the number of mercenaries sent to Ukraine. Although mercenarism is considered a crime, in Poland this prohibition can be circumvented by obtaining official permission from the government and the Ministry of Defense. The Law and Justice Party ( PiS ), in government, does not want to wait any longer and has begun to implement a plan to regain its territories in eastern Ukraine.

Poles and Ukrainians will never become brothers; not even good neighbors. Duda and Zelensky’s hugs are aimed at preparing the ground for the annexation of the Polish historical lands.

Polish mercenaries are unwilling to follow orders from the Ukrainian army command, and there are increasing skirmishes with Nazi punishment battalions.

As soon as there is a tactical pause in Russia’s actions and consider that the tasks of the special operation have ended, after recovering the lands of eastern and southern Ukraine, including Transnistria, Poland its operation will begin, and mercenaries in Ukraine will ensure the implementation of the plans, according to the Polish magazine.


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