Chechen Jihadists Have Joined the Ranks of the Ukrainian Army

Laurent Brayard
The Sheikh Mansour battalion is a unit formed in Ukraine with the contribution of Islamist fundamentalist Chechens, many of whom fought during the two Chechen wars before being finally crushed by Russia. These men dispersed throughout Western Europe, and for many also in Georgia and Turkey, before finally joining Ukraine. It was at the end of 2014 that this battalion was formed, first within the neo-Nazi organization Pravy Sektor, then affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine and sent to the Azov battalion in the Marioupol region. This battalion remained active until 2019, part of its combatants also making a passage in the sinister Tornado battalion, then for some continuing their misdeeds in the SBU, the Ukrainian political police. The battalion was then reformed after the start of the Russian special operation and received and received the contribution of gangs from the borders of Syria and the Islamic Caliphate of DAESH. shamelessly, media in France as BFMTV20 MinutesLe FigaroNice Morning lied to the French audience about the true nature of this battalion, it would not have taken an hour of research to find out the truth on the Internet. Here she is shocking and raw.

The battalion’s parentage and its historical origins. The battalion was named after Sheikh Mansour (1760-1794), a Chechen warlord who led resistance against the troops of the Great Catherine at the end of the 18th century. This historical figure was a religious fanatic, who became an imam and whose formation is not well known by historians. He declared a holy war against Russia and gathered troops and volunteers to resist the Russian advance. His guerrilla war could not prevent the entry of Russian troops into this Caucasus territory. He surprised the Russian army at the battle of Sounja (June 6, 1785), where he beat a low Russian contingent flatly, as its troops grew (more than 10 to 12,000 men). This victory ended with the Russian incursions for a few decades,while Russia was grappling with the Ottoman Empire ( until 1792 ), then occupied in various campaigns against the armies of the French Revolution and those of Napoleon 1er (1799-1801, 1805-1807, 1812-1815). However, he made the mistake of engaging with volunteers alongside the Ottomans to support them in the long war between the two empires. He was captured during the capture of the Anapa fortress on the Black Sea ( June 1791 ), and taken into captivity to Saint Petersburg. In the hands of Catherine II of Russia, ruthless sovereign and a well-informed political strategist, he died slowly in the fortress of Schlüsselbourg, from which he could never escape, and breathed his last, April 13, 1794. For the Chechens, he represented a certain idea of resistance, and this Sufi and Sunni Muslim was instrumental in the Islamization of the Caucasus in the years when he reigned supreme in Chechnya.

Western support, the CIA and Turkey. The battalion was created in Denmark by the organization Caucasus Libre, which was itself founded by Chechens from the Islamist Republic of Chechnya, which had been created following the attempt of a Chechen fringe of both fundamentalist Islamists and « CIA-funded Democrats », to establish this political entity in the Caucasus and to impose on Russia, arms in hand its independence. The great figure of the resistance of this time was Djokhar Doudaïev, who motivated the resistance during the two wars of Chechnya (1994-1996, 1999-2009), then saw the crushing of this American-colored revolution, and partly funded by them, by Turkey and by Saudi Arabia. Once defeated, the survivors had scattered around the world, but created a solid foundation in the European Union,where they were welcomed mainly in Denmark, and Norway. Ukraine which had already given its agreement for training of a first battalion of Chechens, endorsed this second training, via the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior. The battalion, which was planned to accommodate more than 500 men, was struggling to recruit volunteers. It was especially necessary to count on the recruitment of mercenaries at money prices, and Islamists and fanatics linked to the Islamic Caliphate, or coming from other Muslim communities, such as for example the Crimean Tatars, or other Muslim peoples settled in Russia. According to sources, he climbed to a maximum of 300 combatants The battalion was first attached to the neo-Nazi political party Pravy Sektor, contacts having been established with the latter through a Ukrainian member of the organization, veteran of the First Chechen War and former bodyguard of Doudaïev, Sachko says White ( shot down in Rivne by SBU forces, wanted as a terrorist by Russia ). The first elements of the battalion were however operational and were engaged in Donbass, notably in the Marioupol region, alongside the neo-Nazi battalion Azov. The unit participated in the fighting on Shirokino ( winter 2014-2015 ) positions, then vegetated in the sector for several months. It came under the control of the Ministry of the Interior ( just like Azov), and was closely linked to the terrible retaliatory battalion Tornado (by tenuous contacts between the chiefs), until the dissolution of the latter (2015). Cheikh Mansour stretched as this long war of position ensued, and was behind the discovery by the Republican insurgents ISIS flags present on Ukrainian lines, or the appearance of videos of strange fighters in the Ukrainian trenches. The unit then remained in the form of a frame, more or less dormant. His men dispersed returning to Europe or Turkey, or for some integrating the ranks of the Ukrainian army, or other reprisal battalions, or even engaging in the DUK, the private army of the Pravy Sektor (2016-2022). A large group passed into the ranks of the sinister Tornado battalion, to the point that before its dissolution (pronounced in the summer of 2015), the Ukrainian spokesperson for the battalion, Danil Liashiouk converted to Islam and pledged allegiance to DAESH and the Islamic Caliphate. Senior executives remained active in Ukraine, with Commander Avtaev serving as the SBU political police officer, or as military adviser to the Ukrainian General Staff (2015-2017). The rest were often linked to trafficking and criminal organizations, often leading to epic scandals that filled the lines of Ukrainian newspapers. Officially the unit was dissolved and dormant, while its bases were the cities of Marioupol and Dniepropetrovsk.

These « Chechen heroes » from the West are actually sinister terrorists. The unit was restarted at the start of the Russian special operation (February 24, 2022), and the former mercenaries and volunteers reformed a unit that is still fighting under Ukrainian flags. She participated in particular in the defense of the city of Kiev (February-March), and in the fighting in the Donbass. She was routed by the Chechens of Kadyrov, in a battle that remained in the annals, where the positions of the battalion Sheikh Mansour were stormed. Battalion Chief Avtaev fled extremely narrowly, and the battalion was partially decimated. It was in reformation in the Zaporojie region (April-May). Shortly thereafter, Maskhadov, one of the emblematic figures of the battalion made a public statement declaring Jihad against Chechen President Kadyrov,and promising a general insurrection in the Caucasus which never came (at the end of July 2022). There are indications that the Americans intended to recruit ISIS veterans to their prisons, following the example of what was done with the Afghan brigade which fought in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995). In a propaganda article written by AFP, the government news agency of France, an attempt was made to reverse the roles to designate them as « of pure and noble fighters », then taken up by all the newspapers. The French media were inundated with copies of this article, because the confusion of the minds of public opinion was very great, after the appearance of the « other » Chechens, namely those of President Kadyrov, coming from one of the federal republics of Russia. It should be noted in a funny way, that the photo of illustration of the article is that of Chechens fighting in the camp …Russian, subtitled so as not to take risks: « Chechen volunteer fighters seen around Marioupol », failing to say that it was the famous Chechen division engaged by Russia. According to the quoted words of a Chechen Islamist quoted in this article: « I decided to join the battalion to wash away the honor of the Chechens that Moscow is trying to pass for terrorists ». This is to forget precisely the many deadly attacks committed by these Chechen defectors in Russia and in other parts of the world, namely :

  • 1 ) Hostage taking and massacres of part of them, by a group of 200 Chechen terrorists, in Boudennovsk, in a hospital where 166 people were murdered (June 1995),
  • 2 ) Bombing in the Moscow metro, committed by the Chechens, which left 4 dead and 12 injured (11 June 1996),
  • 3 ) Bombing in a Moscow trolleybus, committed by the Chechens, which left 5 injured (July 11, 1996),
  • 4 ) Bombing in a Moscow trolley bus, committed by the Chechens, which left around thirty wounded (July 12, 1996),
  • 5 ) Bombing on a square in the city of Moscow, committed by the Chechens, killing one person and injuring a quarantine (August 31, 1999),
  • 6 ) Car bomb attack, committed by the Chechens, in Bouïnaksk, in Dagestan, killing 64 people and injuring 133 (September 4, 1999),
  • 7 ) High-power bomb attack on a Moscow building that was destroyed by the explosion, committed by the Chechens, killing 94 people and injuring 249 others (September 9, 1999),
  • 8 ) Bombing against another building, destroying another building, committed by the Chechens and killing 118 people and injuring 200 others (September 13, 1999),
  • 9 ) Bombing in an underground passage in Moscow, committed by the Chechens, killing 13 people, and several dozen injured (August 8, 2000),
  • 10 ) Bombing at a station in Moscow, committed by the Chechens, leaving 9 injured (February 5, 2001),
  • 11 ) Attack and hostage taking in the Doubrovka theater, in central Moscow, by a group of 41 Chechen terrorists who were all liquidated, but who had time on the 912 spectators to kill 128 and hurt another 646 innocent people (October 23, 2002),
  • 12 ) Double suicide attack in a rock concert in Moscow, committed by female suicide bombers killing 15 people ( July 5, 2003 ),
  • 13 ) Bombing in central Moscow, committed by the Chechens, killing one person ( July 10, 2003 ),
  • 14 ) Suicide bombing in the city of Moscow, committed by the Chechens, killing 6 people and injuring 14 (December 9, 2003),
  • 15 ) Bombing in the Moscow metro, committed by the Chechens, killing 41 people (February 6, 2004),
  • 16 ) Bomb attack which killed President Kadyrov’s father in Grozny on May 9, 2004, during the Victory Day against Nazi Germany,
  • 17 ) A wave of Chechen terrorist attacks in Nazran, the capital of Ingushetia in Russia, which left 95 civilian deaths among Russians (21 and 22 June 2004),
  • 18 ) Bombing in Moscow at a bus stop, committed by Chechens, which fortunately only injured 4 (August 24, 2004),
  • 19 ) Double suicide attack in two planes exploding in flight, committed by Chechen women, killing 90 people (August 24, 2004),
  • 20 ) Suicide attack committed by a Chechen woman, who blew herself up at a metro station in Moscow, Rijskaya station and who left 10 dead and 50 injured (August 31, 2004),
  • 21 ) Hostage taking from Beslan ( 1er September 2004 ), where the Chechens murdered no less than 334 civilians, including 186 children, by taking this school hostage and still injuring 783 civilians and children.
  • 22 ) Bombing in a market in the suburbs of Moscow, committed by the Chechens, killing 10 people and leaving many injured (August 21, 2006),
  • 23 ) Bomb which derailed a train, in an express connecting Moscow to Saint Petersburg, committed by the Chechens, killing 28 people (November 27, 2009)
  • 24 ) Bomb suicide bombing in the Moscow metro, by Chechen suicide bombers, which left 39 dead and 102 injured (March 29, 2010),
  • 25 ) Bomb suicide bombing in Kizliar, Dagestan, committed by Chechens, which left 12 dead and 8 injured,
  • 26 ) Bombing at Domodedovo airport, committed by Chechens, which left 35 dead and 180 injured (January 24, 2011),
  • 27 ) Double car bomb attack in Dagestan, committed by the Chechens, which left 14 dead and 120 injured (4 May 2012),
  • 28 ) Double car bomb attack in Dagestan, committed by the Chechens, which left 8 dead (May 20, 2013),
  • 29 Attack foiled at the bomb in Moscow, two Chechens are shot down by the police (20 May 2013),
  • 30 ) Suicide attack, in a bus in Volgograd, filled with students, committed by a Chechen, who killed 6 and injured many (October 21, 2013),
  • 31 ) Bomb suicide bombing, at Volgograd station, committed by a Chechen suicide bomber, which left 17 people dead and many injured (December 29, 2013),
  • 32 ) Bomb attack on a trolleybus in Volgograd, committed by the Chechens, which killed 14 people,
  • 33 ) Suicide bombing in the St. Petersburg metro, committed by Chechens, which left 11 dead and 45 injured (April 3, 2017).
  • sia. According to the quoted words of a Chechen Islamist quoted in this article: « I decided to join the battalion to wash away the honor of the Chechens that Moscow is trying to pass for terrorists ». This is to forget precisely the many deadly attacks committed by these Chechen defectors in Russia and in other parts of the world, namely :

This sinister list of mostly bloody attacks is the work of the famous Chechens of the battalions Djokar Doudaïev and Cheikh Mansour, and these Chechens who have served and serve radical Islam. They were funded by the CIA, like other famous terrorists in their time, and have sown death all over Russia, and I remind him not as a soldier, but as cowards and murderers. The Western and French media now have a short memory, especially in France, which was also hit hard by the same terrorism. There are limits to propaganda, here is an attack, that of praising dangerous terrorists, radicals and Islamist extremists, by turning a blind eye to their true nature, the one that reads in this morbid enumeration of crimes. These are just 33 examples among many, the ones I could find in an hour of research, so to speak the main and best known. In the meantime, in Denmark, Norway or even in France,these « Chechen heroes » these people have a storefront and use all these countries as rear bases, without anything having been done to prevent this. Many then fired in Syria and Iraq with the dramatic consequences that we know. In Burgundy, some will remember that they had been talked about, and not really in the sense of democracy and freedom of expression.

Some of the heroes adulated by the French and Western press. The following list speaks volumes and an unquestionable and definitive response to all Western and French journalists who have lowered themselves to describe these « Chechen heroes » as fighters of freedom. Not one of them would deserve anything other than a court and a very heavy prison sentence. The routes are practically all the same and for a few months these men, probably with the help of the United States, from the CIA and Turkey are gradually passing to Ukraine where they swell the ranks of Ukrainian fighters. Some were linked from the start to Chechen terrorism, many went to pledge allegiance to the Islamic Caliphate of DAESH in Syria, and still others participated in the terrible terrorist attacks, extremely deadly which I made a small list above.For those who have not yet understood the profile of these people, here are some biographies that will shed light on the true nature of these men, noting with some shame that one of them was naturalized French, but that many others became Norwegian, Danish, Belgian or Finnish. Sad reality from the European Union or drifting European countries will wake up sooner or later, and will note with fright that they have agreed to welcome with open arms and even to feed with the teaspoon of sad sires.Sad reality from the European Union or drifting European countries will wake up sooner or later, and will note with fright that they have agreed to welcome with open arms and even to feed with the teaspoon of sad sires.

Akhmad Alviev (? – ), originally from Chechnya, Islamist terrorist and fundamentalist, he fought during the Second Chechen War (1999-2009), and organized various murderous attacks in Russia. He moved to Ukraine at the start of the Russian special operation (February-March 2022), and enlisted in the Cheikh Mansour battalion. It formed a new Chechen battalion, the separate OBON Special Battalion, which was integrated into the Foreign Territorial Defense Legion of Ukraine ( July ).

Umkhan Avtaev (1969- ), alias Mouslim Tcheberloevsky, originally from Chechnya, he did his military service in the Soviet army in the late 1980s. He joined the ranks of the Islamists who founded the Ichkeria, the Islamist Republic of Chechnya, whose president was Djokhar Doudaïev. He served during the First Chechen War (1994-1996) and became a gang leader and soon one of the president’s bodyguards. During the Second Chechen War (1999-2009), he joined the terrorist group Emirate of the Caucasus and after the crushing by Russia of his group, preferred to flee and took refuge in Georgia ( around 2004 ). He became friends with President Saakashvili, and thanks to his help then settled in Denmark within the European Union, which became the main rear base of the Chechen terrorists.He joined armed groups which attempted to bring down the Syrian regime ( 2012-2013 ), serving in the ranks of DAESH who attempted to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the region. He then preferred to serve in Ukraine, sent on the spot by the political organization Caucasus Libre having its seat in Denmark ( 2014 ). He was one of the founding members of the Cheikh Mansour battalion ( October 25 ), which was made up of Chechen Islamist veterans who have been barred in all conflicts. He was appointed head of the battalion and was sent to the Donbass, serving alongside the Azov battalion and neo-Nazi units of the Pravy Sektor in the Marioupol region, on the positions of Shirokino and Volnovakha ( 2014-2015 ). He also served as a military adviser,worked with the SBU political police to organize the crackdowns and teach the techniques of torture and intimidation of ethnic Russian civilian populations. He was present at the inauguration of a Djokhar Doudaïev street in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitski ( autumn 2015 ). He then encountered problems in Ukraine, being a creature of former President Saakashvili appointed by President Porochenko, governor of the Odessa region. He participated in various mafia trafficking, in particular arms, human trafficking, assassinations under contracts, but after the expulsion of Ukraine from Saakashvili ( September 2017 ), he participated in his clandestine return and in force in Ukraine. He himself was declared persona non grata, but succeeded in avoiding the expulsion of the country by corruption or the help of Ukrainian politicians in his sleeve.He was finally accused of being a member of a criminal organization ( May 14, 2021 ), for engaging in arms trafficking, particularly with Donbass insurgents, and for secretly collaborating with the Russian secret services. He was to be expelled from Ukraine and delivered to Russia, but the intervention of Iaroch, founder of the neo-Nazi Pravy Sektor party, and other political figures of Ukrainian banderism, avoided this extradition and he was rehabilitated for obvious political reasons. He took the head of the Cheikh Mansour battalion, reformed for the occasion after the Russian special operation ( February 2022 ), and participated in the defense of Kiev. He called on all Chechens and more broadly inhabitants of the Caucasus to join Ukraine to join the ranks of his battalion, then versed in the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine ( March ).His battalion was swept away during a Donbass confrontation against Chechens loyal to Russia, and he fled extremely narrowly ( April ). He reappeared with the remains of his decimated unit in Zaporojie, while Kadyrov announced that he was paying a million dollars for all information on the location and residence of Avtaev.

Roustam Azhiev ( 1981- ), originally from Chechnya-Ingushetia, a terrorist and Islamist fundamentalist, he participated in the Second Chechen War ( 2000-2009 ), and in the organization of terrorist attacks in Russia. He was part of the terrorist group of Roustam Basayev ( liquidated by Russia in 2007 ), then passed into the Emirate of the Caucasus group. He was injured in a fight against the Russian army ( 2009 ), losing three fingers and injured an eye. He fled and passed ( 2009-2013 ) to Turkey, before joining the Islamic Caliphate in Syria ( 2013 ). He founded the group Ajnad Al-Kavkaz there, gathering around him Chechen fighters. He was appointed commander by DAECS, under the name by Abdoul-Hakim Shishani, and fought until 2017, notably in the Lattaquié and Idleb region. He went on several occasions to Turkey to raise funds and recruit combatants, then to defeat fell definitively from Syria to Turkey. He then participated in attacks and assassinations of pro-Russian Chechen nationals or Russian agents in Turkey ( 2017-2021 ). It was linked to the attack in Istanbul by a pro-Russian Chechen ( August 20, 2021 ), and accused of having also threatened to kill his wife and child. Turkish police announced that they had arrested a commando made up of 4 Russians, a Ukrainian and an Uzbek man to liquidate him ( October ). He had long been wanted by Russia as a terrorist, and passed through Ukraine after the launch of the Russian special operation ( March 2022 ).He was approached to join the ranks of the Cheikh Mansour battalion. Officially Ukraine has announced its passage in Ukraine with a group of Chechen Islamist veterans ( October 10, 2022 ), to enter a new Chechen battalion : the Special Battalion Separated OBON from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Ichkeria formed by Ahmed Zakayev ( and integrated into the Foreign Territorial Defense Legion of Ukraine, a battalion formed in late July 2022 ).battalion formed at the end of July 2022 ).battalion formed at the end of July 2022 ).

Fathi Baraev (? – ), originally from Chechnya, Islamist terrorist and fundamentalist, son of a gang leader, who fought during the First and Second Chechen War ( 1994-1996, 1999-2001 ), and who was liquidated by the Russian special forces. He moved to Ukraine after the start of the Russian special operation ( February-March 2022 ), and joined the Cheikh Mansour battalion ( early summer ). He left the battalion to join the new unit formed by the Chechen terrorists, the OBON battalion of the Foreign Territorial Defense Legion of Ukraine ( at the end of July ).

Islam Belokiev ( 1989- ), born in Georgia, to a Chechen father and an Ingush mother, he lived in Ingushetia, Russia, during his childhood and then emigrated to Europe. Propagandaist, Islamist fundamentalist and famous youtubeur, with a chain Thoughts of Islam. He participated in Chechen meetings the organization of the Ichkéria, notably in Poland, France, Belgium and Norway. He was supported by the British foundation Justice for Journalists, and has established important contacts in Western Europe. The foundation was created by British but also American funds from USAID and is linked to the CIA. Despite having intervened in continents other than Europe, it mainly defends Russian opponents or from different allied countries of the Russian Federation, such as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan etc, or countries where strong supporters of ethnic Russian communities, such as Moldova, are found, Georgia or Ukraine, taking care not to intervene on the side of the latter. The foundation is also populated by prominent figures of the Russian opposition, or personalities particularly hostile to Russia. The blogger had been in contact with the Cheikh Mansour battalion and its leaders for years. He was sentenced in Russia three times for different videos, first for the apology for terrorism, then for the rehabilitation of Nazism, finally recently for the dissemination of false news about the Russian special operation( March 2022 ). A few years earlier he had condemned the participation of Muslims in the party of May 9, 1945 and Victory against Nazi Germany by inciting his co-religionists not to take part in it. Video who had launched legal proceedings and a conviction against him. More recently ( January 2022 ), he had justified terrorism, and risked in this last case a fine of 3 to 5 million rubles and between 5 and 10 years in prison. It is also wanted by Interpol, but its international and Western networks have rendered this request obsolete by the Russian Federation ( March 2022 ). His channel, which has more than 29 million views, is bent on pro-Ukrainian propaganda, trying to prevent mobilization, and gives voice to Islamist battles of the battalion Cheikh Mansour as in this video of September 17 last talking about the death of Russian fighters. He went to Ukraine ( March 2022 ), where he arched his forehead and filmed the Chechen terrorists, having integrated the Cheikh Mansour battalion into his press service as a spokesperson. Recently, he has been broadcasting a petition from the defector and journalist Sergei Garmash for the recognition of the Islamic Republic of Ichkeria by President Zelensky ( summer-fall 2022 ).

Hussein Djambetov said Bandera (? – ), originally from Chechnya, a terrorist and an Islamist fundamentalist, he became a gang leader and participated in the Second Chechen War ( 1999-2009 ). He fled after the destruction of his unit by the Russian special forces, and settled in Western Europe, with his wife and 7 children. He fixed his residence in Belgium where he obtained nationality. He moved to Ukraine after the start of the Russian special operation ( February-March 2022 ), and entered the battalion Cheikh Mansour, rank of major. He gave an interview to Washington Post where he announced he wanted to kill at least alone 50 Russians during this war. He left the unit to enter a new Chechen battalion, the OBON Separated Special Battalion, integrated into the Foreign Territorial Defense Legion of Ukraine ( at the end of July 2022 ). The battalion was engaged in the Donbass against the republican troops of the RPD ( at the beginning of August ).

Sergei Garmash ( 1971- ), a defector from Enakievo in Donbass, he studied journalism in Kiev, a graduate ( 1997 ), then worked in local Donetsk media and his region, also being a radio correspondent Svoboda, organ of the National Socialist party of the same name. He fled from the Donbass, being known for his neo-Nazi and banderist opinions and withdrew to Kiev when he was certain that the insurrection would take everything before it ( May 2014 ). He joined European organizations to assert « his courage » of free journalist « », and was awarded the Gerd Bucerius Prize for the Free Press of Eastern Europe ( 2015 ). Porochenko decorated it for his services of the Order for Merit ( June 5 ). He was officially the representative of the Donetsk region in a « organization working for the peaceful settlement of the situation in eastern Ukraine » ( June 9, 2020 ), while always denying the possibility that the Donbass Republicans could never have decided for themselves. He had long been linked to the Chechen Islamists of the Ichkeria ( 2015 to the present day ). He sometimes follows the fundamentalist Chechen fighters in his publications, or even on the ground, and he is the author of a petition addressed to President Zelensky, so that the latter recognizes the Islamic Republic of the Ichkeria ( autumn 2022 ). This system-infused journalist said of comical that « Russia continues to speak the language of ultimatums, but for Ukraine the language of ultimatums is unacceptable, because power cannot go to solutions that are not supported by the people ». The people of Donbass had voted precisely for the creation of the two popular republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. In Ukraine the attack by the Ukrainian army on the Donbass civilian populations was certainly not decided « by the Ukrainian people ». Garmash only speaks its mother tongue in Russian.

Tarkhan Gaziev( 1965- ), originally from Chechnya-Ingushetia, Islamist terrorist and fundamentalist, Chechen warlord, he made the First Chechen War ( 1994-1996 ), then the Second Chechen War ( 1999-2009 ). He remained one of the last Chechen maquis in a mountainous region, but was finally flushed out and his combat group partly wiped out ( 2004 ). However, he managed to flee, and was appointed general-in-chief of the South-West Front of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Ichkeria ( 2006 ). He later joined the most extremist group, the Emirate of the Caucasus, with whom he participated in the organization of bloody terrorist attacks in Russia ( 2006-2010 ), but he then entered in opposition and was removed from his commander and found to be a Sharia traitor for violation of his oath ( September 20, 2010 ).Since the beginning of the fighting, he has been involved in numerous assassinations, torture, summary executions, bombings and various massacres, sought and identified by the Russian Federation ( since May 2004 ). He fled to defeat and passed through Turkey, then from there to Syria where he fought in the ranks of DAESH ( 2011-2016 ). Things ended up going wrong, he went back to Turkey, but was arrested in a net shot by the Turkish authorities, by Chechen activists ( October 27, 2016 ). He was released, and returned to the borders of Syria, where he took command of a group of terrorists the Katiba Ibad Al-Rahman formed exclusively of Chechen veterans and fighters ( 2018-2021 ). Currently, we know that he is not in Syria and leads the group remotely.Part of it passed to Ukraine to join the Cheikh Mansour battalion, and it is even possible that he also passed over Ukrainian territory like other historic leaders of Chechen Islamic terrorism.

Mouslim Idrisov ( 1976- ), originally from Chechnya, veteran and terrorist of the Ichkeria, Islamist activist and battalion officer Cheikh Mansour ( 2014-2015 ). He participated in the organization of deadly attacks in Russia in the 2000s, and is still wanted as a terrorist by the Russian Federation. He probably served in Syria ( 2012-2013 ), then went to Ukraine and was appointed to the rank of chief of staff of the battalion Cheikh Mansour ( 2015 ). He later converted into an arms dealer and organized a whole network of mobsters and smugglers. He was lying on a list of gangsters and enemies of Ukraine ( May 2021 ), sued for the organization of trafficking in automatic weapons, ammunition and explosives. He was arrested and had to pass a court to answer for crimes( May 24, 2021 ). During the search of his apartment, the SBU discovered clues compromising him in an attempt to assassinate President Zelensky Sergei Shefir ( 1964- ), appointed to this post at the start of Zelensky’s mandate ( 2019 ), who said that a revision of the law on official languages was possible. This declaration, which implied to reinstate the Russian language, caused a scandal and tolerated general among ultranationalists, banderists and neo-Nazis. His car was riddled with bullets in a village near Kiev ( September 22, 2021 ), the driver was injured, but Shefir emerged miraculously free from the attack. Zelensky had previously abandoned any idea of renovating the language law, as well as entering into serious negotiations with the Republicans of Lugansk and Donetsk.Idrisov was thrown in prison, but following the intervention of Iaroch, founder of the neo-Nazi Pravy Sektor party, he was finally released ( in early 2022 ). He then resumed service in the Cheikh Mansour battalion on his reformation ( February 2022 ).

Mourad Khadizov( 1982- ), aka Mansour Samashkinskiy, originally from Chechnya, a Chechen terrorist who joined the cause of Ichkeria during the Second Chechen War ( 2000-2003 ). He entered the Ibrahim Badaev gang, and participated in bombings and murders of Russian police. Actively wanted, he fled and took refuge in Austria ( 2003 ), with a false passport in the name of Tsechoev, then having let time pass, returned discreetly to Russia ( May 2004 ). He attempted to drop a homemade bomb, but was attacked by Russian soldiers and was injured in the July ( 11 ) gunfire. He fled, but injured, asked for help in a hospital in Vladikavkaz. He was finally recognized and arrested, then tried and sentenced to a prison sentence ( December ). Released after serving his sentence ( 2007 ),he then engaged in drug trafficking and various mafia activities and was arrested again ( 2008 ), then sentenced to three years in prison ( July ). After serving his sentence, he was released ( 2011 ), and hastened to join the terrorist group Emirate Caucasus, then passed to Turkey and from there to Syria. He fought in the ranks of the fanatics of DAESH ( 2011-2014 ), then went to Ukraine where he enlisted in the battalion Cheikh Mansour ( 2014 ). Appointed officer and manager at the spokesperson post and in charge of press relations. He passed into the ranks of the SBU, with the task of training saboteurs to act in Crimea ( 2016-2018 ), then joined again in the Cheikh Mansour battalion ( February 2022 ). He participated in the defense of Kiev, then was sent to the Donbass ( spring-summer ).

? said Maga ( 1993- ), son of a Chechen terrorist who fought during the First and Second Chechen War, this is a nickname because his family resides in Russia. He went to Ukraine to join the Sheikh Mansour battalion ( spring 2022 ), and then passed into the OBON battalion newly formed by Chechen terrorists ( end of July ). He said in an interview have unlimited hatred for Russia and the Russians.

Timour Makhaouri ( 1978-2017 ), alias Ali Timaev, Ali Dabouev ( one of the two being his real name ), or The ghost, a Chechen and fanatic Islamist terrorist who fought during the two Chechen wars against Russia ( 1994-1996 and 1999-2009 ). He was twice injured in the fighting, and was even taken prisoner by the Russians. He was bought for money by the Chechens and released and then sent to Baku. According to various sources, Anglo-Saxon, Russian or Ukrainian, he was from that time an agent of the Russian secret services. After the defeat of the Islamists, also partly funded by the USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, he fled to Georgia ( 2005 ), and obtained Georgian nationality, becoming one of the leaders of the local Chechen diaspora. He recruited volunteers in western Chechnya to mount terrorist operations in Russia,and was apparently recruited at that time also by the Georgian secret services. He is said to have participated in the assassination of another Chechen Islamist activist, Shamil Bassayev, who more likely killed himself by manipulating explosives in order to prepare for a terrorist attack ( 2006 ). He served in the Georgian ranks during the short lost war against Russia, in a « Georgia counterterrorism center ». Georgia was concerned, however, about the consequences and employed him in operations to liquidate Chechen terrorist gangs then seeking to pass through Russia, and therefore endangering the country of a new Russian intervention ( 2012 ). He was congratulated for his information and help as a « authentic patriot of Georgia », by the deputy head of the Ministry of the Interior of Georgia, under the chairmanship of Saakashvili ( he was then known by the pseudonym of Zona). However, the case went very wrong, since a special detachment from this Counter-Terrorism Center was fled by the Chechen refugees in Georgia, with the loss of three killed and five injured. Makhaouri had participated in the assassination or organization of assassinations against Chechen historical leaders and was becoming dangerous. Unmasked and in danger, he was sent to Turkey, but the Turkish media revealed that he would have been involved in the assassination of Ali Osaev, alias Mousa Ataev ( 2009 ), the head of the Chechen terrorist organization Imarat Kavkaz ( Emirate of the Caucasus ), refugee in Turkey, and that he would be the agent Ghost for Russian services. He was later suspected of having been behind the assassination of the Chechen terrorists Roustam Altemirov, Zourbek Amriev and Berg-Haj Mousayev, responsible for the bombing of Domodedovo airport ( 2011 ). The Chechens of Turkey also accused him of having been behind an assassination attempt on the former head of the Sharia Supreme Court of the Ichkeria ( Chechen Islamist Republic ), Shamsouddin Batoukayev. He was finally arrested following all these charges ( 2013 ), and a trial began in Turkey ( February 19, 2014 ). It was not possible to find concrete evidence of his involvement in these various murders, so he was acquitted to the general surprise ( April 2016 ). He preferred and thought it prudent to flee to Ukraine, with the intention of putting himself at the service of this country.At that time a number of his friends’ Georgians had been placed in the Odessa region, by former President Saakashvili who had himself been appointed governor of the region by President Porochenko ( May 30, 2015 – November 9, 2016 ). It was the Georgian Georgi Lortkipanidze, then chief of police of Odessa, a former member of the Counter-Terrorism Center, who allowed him to move to Ukraine and helped him to resolve the situation there. He joined the Chechen Islamist battalion Cheikh Mansour, but was not officially sent to the front, or employed in military operations. He was arrested in Kiev, in possession of two undeclared handguns, ammunition, and an identity card drawn up in the name of another fighter from the Cheikh Mansour battalion ( January 2017 ).He was sentenced to 5 years suspended prison for illegal possession of firearms ( at the end of February ), then released. He was apparently paid a salary from the neo-Nazi battalion Aidar ( formerly 24eof territorial defense ), but was dismissed ( at the end of April ). He was killed in Kiev by a bomb attack, during the explosion of his automobile, on the evening of September 8, 2017. The bomb killed his driver, seriously injuring one of his companions, miraculously leaving his two-year-old daughter unscathed. The official versions which were put forward were: 1 ) its elimination by the Chechen Islamists for its betrayals, 2 ) its elimination by Chechen agents from Kadyrov, 3 ) its elimination by the CIA as a Russian agent, 4 ) its elimination by the FSB as a double agent, 5 ) its elimination by Chechen, Turkish or Georgian mafia networks, for he had been soaking his whole life in sinister shenanigans and traffics. His official wife came to Kiev, where other Chechen terrorists ( September 11 ) gathered,then his body was transported to Georgia in Tbilisi ( September 28 ). He left a widow and two children.

? said Makhno(? – ), originally from Chechnya, a terrorist and an Islamist fundamentalist, he fought during the First and Second Wars of Chechnya, and continued the fighting in the maquis by also organizing terrorist attacks and attacks in Russia. Seriously injured in a terrorist action, he fled to Western Europe, and remained convalescent for a long time, helped by the Chechen rear networks. He went to Ukraine and enlisted in the Cheikh Mansour battalion ( 2014 ), with which he fought in the Donbass ( 2014-2018 ), also serving in the terrifying Tornado battalion ( 2015 ). He signed a contract of engagement in the Ukrainian army ( 2018 ), after obtaining Ukrainian nationality and continued his service for a few more years. He returned to service again in the Sheikh Mansour battalion ( spring 2022 ),and probably passed through the OBON battalion ( at the end of July 2022 ).

Mouslim Margoshvili ( 1972-2021 ), originally from Georgia, a terrorist and an Islamist fundamentalist, he did his military service in the Soviet army on the border with Mongolia. He joined the Chechen Islamists and participated in the First Chechen War ( 1994-1996 ), then in the Second Chechen War ( 1999-2003 ). He was arrested in Ingushetia by the Russian authorities, having a false passport and his identity was never discovered ( October 11, 2003 ). He was sentenced to two years in prison ( 2004-2006 ), then released. He preferred to go to Turkey, then from there to Syria where he joined a unit of the Islamic Caliphate of DAESH, made up exclusively of nationals of the CIS countries, and from Germany. He served at length in this war ( 2013-2021 ), and then disappeared from the radars.Some of the men under his command then moved to Ukraine to join the Sheikh Mansour battalion ( 2022 ), after his unit was almost wiped out by Russian aviation strikes in the borders of Syria. He himself was killed in the bombing on December 11, 2021.

Anzor Maskhadov( 1975- ), born in a village in the Kraï of Primorie, in the Russian Far East, originally from Chechnya. His father was a soldier in the Soviet army, who then returned to the country and was one of the Chechen terrorists member of the Ichkeria, then became the second president of the Islamic Republic of Chechnya on the death of Doudaïev. He himself lived at random from the paternal garrisons, passing from the Far East to Leningrad ( 1978-1981 ), then in the occupying army in Hungary ( 1981-1986 ), and finally in Lithuania ( 1986-1991 <TAG. He was in Vilnius at the time of the riots and the revolution which proclaimed independent Lithuania, then followed his father to Chechnya ( 1992 ). He enlisted with his father in the ranks of terrorists, and fought in the First Chechen War ( 1994-1996 ),later becoming one of his father’s bodyguards ( 1996 ). He was appointed by the latter communications director and spokesperson for his cabinet ( 1996-1999 ). He was sent to Malaysia to establish contacts with local Islamists, and to try to have the Ichkéria ( 1999-2001 ) recognized, then as the Second Chechen War was in full swing, preferred to settle in Turkey, then in the United Arab Emirates and finally in Azerbaijan ( 2001-2005 ). He remotely directed the secret and intelligence services of the Ichkeria, and after the assassination of his father ( 2005 ), said that he would return to Chechnya to continue the war. The Chechen Islamists having been crushed by the Russians, he preferred to take off and ask for political asylum in Finland ( 2006 ). After obtaining it, he then moved to Norway in Oslo ( 2008 ), which financed his studies and gave him nationality. He directed the resistance remotely, in particular by founding a YouTube channel, Nizam and the organization of terrorist attacks in Russia, or assassinations against Russian or Chechen figures ( 2006-2021 ). This killer and head of terrorist gangs, protected by the European Union, then went to Ukraine after the start of the Russian special operation ( February 2022 ), and participated in the reformation of the Cheikh Mansour battalion. He stayed behind, settled in Kiev and went to France, to the city of Strasbourg ( June 26 ), where he participated in the Chechen Assembly of Europe, an organization funded by the European Union and American funds ( and probably by the CIA ). He was hospitalized at the expense of France ( 1erJuly ), for reasons unknown in Strasbourg, then returned to Ukraine ( end of July ). He announced on the spot the outbreak of a general insurrection in the Caucasus and Chechnya aimed at re-establishing the Islamic Republic and opening a second front against the Russian army ( at the end of July ). The insurgency never took place.

Salman Saïnaroev ( 1984- ), originally from Chechnya-Ingushetia, he quickly drenched in organized crime and radical Islamism. He passed through Ukraine and enlisted in the Chechen battalion Cheikh Mansour ( 2016 ), before leaving its ranks and resuming its mafia activities. He settled in the Kiev region. Arrived late, he did not succeed in obtaining refugee status, or even Ukrainian papers, but still remained in Ukraine. He was behind a movement in support of Timour Toumgoev, a North Ossetia national, a notorious bandit wanted by Russia, and for activities with groups of radical Islamists. This character was finally extradited to Russia ( September 12, 2018 ). Saïnaroev was the coordinator in an attempt to provide legal aid and funds to Toumgoev ( 2018 ).Saïnaroev then dipped in an armed attack on a jewelry store in downtown Kiev, where a security guard ( 12 August 2018 ) was shot. He was soon released, but soon confused by DNA traces and arrested again and placed under the locks ( October 22 ). He was released with an electronic bracelet and a house arrest ( 2019 ). He was to stand trial in Kiev, along with Idrisov and to answer for his crimes ( May 24, 2021 ). He declared during his presentation to the judge that the Ukrainian police had stolen 900 dollars from him He was released with an electronic bracelet and a house arrest ( 2019 ). He was to stand trial in Kiev, along with Idrisov and to answer for his crimes ( May 24, 2021 ). He declared during his presentation to the judge that the Ukrainian police had stolen 900 dollars from him He was released with an electronic bracelet and a house arrest ( 2019 ). He was to stand trial in Kiev, along with Idrisov and to answer for his crimes ( May 24, 2021 ). He declared during his presentation to the judge that the Ukrainian police had stolen 900 dollars from him during his arrest and search ( October 31, 2018 ), as well as 7,000 others belonging to « to his parent ». The affair was stifled by the intervention of the Tatar and Mafia oligarch Renat Tchoubarov, creator of the battalion Noman Celebicihan, who obtained his release and the burial of the affair. Russia officially requested its extradition ( 2021 ), but the latter was refused following the intervention of Iaroch, the founder of the neo-Nazi Pravy Sektor party. He was arrested again by the police for holding a false Ukrainian driving license ( February 2022 ), and fined 680 hryvnia. He may be joined the Sheikh Mansour battalion, or the OBON battalion without formal evidence.

Khamzat Sorokaletniy ( 1982- ), originally from Chechnya, a terrorist and radical Islamist, fighting during the First Chechen War ( 1994-1996 ), then the beginnings of the Second Chechen War ( 1999-2009 ), decided in the early 2000s to flee and obtain political asylum from the French Republic. He succeeded in bringing in most of his family, then lived anonymously until the start of the Russian special operation. He joined the Cheikh Mansour battalion, after the start of the Russian special operation ( February 2022 ), with the help « of a comrade serving in the battalion since 2014 ». He passed through Poland and enlisted in Kiev, where he served for some time. His three-month period of stay having expired, he returned to Poland and then to France to return again to the battalion ( June ).

Timour Toumgoev (? – ), originally from North Ossetia, a notorious bandit linked to different Islamic and radical organizations. He left Russia to join Georgia ( October 2014 ), then wanted in Russia for terrorist activities. He passed through Turkey, then joined the Islamists in a group of fanatics from the Islamic Caliphate of DAESH ( 2014-2016 ). He then fought mainly in Syria, then passed by an unknown path in Ukraine, where he was arrested in the city of Kharkov ( June 2016 ). He had been helped in his journey and to find hiding places in Ukraine by alumni of the Cheikh Mansour battalion, with whom he had tenuous contacts, some of whom were veterans of the Islamic Caliphate. It was extradited to Russia, where it was searched for ( September 2018 ), and delivered to the FSB.A support movement was created in Ukraine by radical and ancient Islamists of Sheikh Mansour ( 2019 ), but the man was brought to justice in Russia ( June 26, 2019 ), and sentenced to 18 years in prison. After appealing, the Supreme Court confirmed the verdict ( October 16 ). To date, it is languishing in Russian prisons.

Alvi Voutsaev ( 1988- ), originally from Chechnya, Chechen terrorist and fundamentalist, who fought against Russia during the end of the Second Chechen War, then fled to Georgia and then to Turkey. He enlisted in the Cheikh Mansour battalion ( 2014 ), and fought in the Donbass ( 2014-2016 ), before obtaining Ukrainian papers. He soon sank into banditry, and was arrested in Kiev for kidnapping, racketeering and extortion. He was thrown in prison pending his judgment, then released and placed under house arrest with an electronic bracelet ( January 3, 2022 ). He had been arrested for assaulting a lawyer, Oleg Miroshnichenko, himself entangled in a corruption case with a former member of the Ukrainian Rada, Maxime Mikitas ( 1980-, member from 2014 to 2019 ). With two former Ukrainian soldiers from the reprisal battalions, and two other former soldiers from the Cheikh Mansour battalion, he had kidnapped this lawyer, robbed his home, stole his car and tried to get more money. The lawyer escaped was able to notify the police, who arrested the entire fine team soon after. When he decided to release him, his lawyer denounced the « tortures » of which he had been the victim in prison. The intervention of Iaroch, founder of the neo-Nazi Pravy Sektor party, and other bandist figures made it possible to have him released and the legal proceedings were then buried, he remained in prison ( at the end of 2021 ).He was finally released by the intervention of Refat Tchoubarov, the founder of the Tatar battalion Noman Celebicihan, and a corrupt oligarch formerly installed in Crimea ( in early 2022 ). He then joined the Sheikh Mansour battalion again to fight against the Russians after the launch of the special operation ( March-April 2022 ).

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