The US Targets Nicaragua

Camila Escalante

Today, all Caricom states, with the exception of SVG, joined the U.S. and its satellite states in voting in favor of an interventionist resolution condemning the revolutionary Sandinista government for safeguarding its sovereignty and ejecting illegal foreign agents.

There is no logic to this disgraceful vote. Almost every Caricom country has in some form or another spoken out against the brutality of the US blockade and sanctions on Cuba, and now Venezuela, and say the OAS lost legitimacy due to Luis Almagro’s actions and the Bolivia coup.

Despite their occasional statements of protest, Caricom governments continue to default on/adopt the positions of Washington on a large number of issues.

Only countries to vote No, Abstain or Absent: SVG, Mexico, El Salvador, Bolivia, Honduras, Colombia.

Real revolutionary governments use the state, its laws, its constitution, and legislative and judicial powers to protect their population from US-sponsored terrorism. It is their duty to prohibit foreign agents, NGOs, religious organizations, etc. from causing harm to citizens.

People ask why coup leaders like Guaido and Añez’s allies are still not rotting in jail. I commend the revolutionary FSLN government for fulfilling its duty and mandate, given by the people, and locking up US-backed terrorists and criminals in order to protect the people.

Revolutionary governments continue to show an astounding level of tolerance and restraint towards certain churches and church leaders which have a documented history of promoting destabilization and which ally with the far-right. Religious organizations cannot be above the law.

These are not “NGOs” and “religious organizations” which are “critical of the government”. These are proxy organizations which have shown nothing but contempt for the Nicaraguan people and the Revolution they’re advancing.
– Canada, Chile and “the leadership of the delegation of Antigua and Barbuda” are credited “for championing efforts to develop” today’s resolution.

– The resolution was presented by Antigua and Barbuda,
Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, the United States and Uruguay.

The United States has put target on Nicaragua, manufacturing bogus claims around human rights, press freedom, political prisoners and detentions. U.S. groups which purport to be anti-imperialist have a responsibility to condemn the blatant and sinister hypocrisy of the US/OAS.

Not one claim that has been made about Nicaragua by U.S. functionaries/the OAS is true. These campaigns are lined top to bottom with a comprehensive set of completely manufactured lies, conceived in Washington and Miami. Anti-imperialists must respond to this relentless campaign.

The near-total silence, cowardice, and mistaken positions on Nicaragua by of some of the largest organizations and voices with large platforms is again being utilized by the United States and destabilizing forces. They refuse to confront the war on the Sandinista Revolution.

In the last year, Nicaragua:
– is subsidizing gas and diesel for citizens who have not seen an increase during the conflict
– maintained low inflation and a stable economy
– reestablished relations w/China
– joined Belt & Road Initiative
– increased trade & cooperation w/Russia
– increased cooperation w/Iran
– is advancing infrastructure and development projects
– had among the best covid policies anywhere
– has maintained peace 4 years after a brutal US-backed terror and destabilization plot
– highest level of gender equality on the continent

Representatives of North American delegations in solidarity with the Sandinista Revolution give a statement in Managua, read by Margaret Kimberley of Black Alliance for Peace.