Kiev’s Nuclear Terrorism Towards the Zaporozhye Power Plant Threatens All of Europe

Since he’s beginning to fret that unprecedented US-led Western pressure might soon be put upon him to compromise with Russia as strongly suggested by the Mainstream Media’s decisive shift against him last week, to which end Kiev would have to unilaterally capitulate on some or all issues that it previously said were non-negotiable, Zelensky decided to resort to nuclear blackmail by ordering his forces to shell the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

Kiev has become so desperate in the nearly six months since the start of Russia’s special military operation that it’s now resorting to nuclear terrorism in a last-ditch attempt to stop its opponents’ slow but steady advance – the pace of which Amnesty International latest report suggests was likely due to Ukraine’s militarization of residential areas and thus de facto exploitation of civilians as human shields – from achieving a breakthrough along the southern front. This explains why it’s done the unthinkable, and that’s shell the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant that’s under Moscow’s control. Instead of taking responsibility for this terrorist attack, Kiev ridiculously claimed that Russia attacked its own position exactly as it also falsely claimed that its opponent just did to the Donbass prison under its control too.

These false flag conspiracy theories that the Ukrainian side unconvincingly decided to push after shelling Russian-controlled infrastructure are one of the reasons why Moscow recently warned that it’s preparing a similar such false flag plot in Slavyansk, which is presently still under Kiev’s control and might thus see claims that its opponent employed “chemical weapons” like it falsely alleged happened elsewhere in Donbass during the spring. Be that as it may, the point to pay the most attention to is the nuclear terrorism that forms the basis of this analysis since such provocations threaten all of Europe. The entirety of the continent would suffer if Kiev succeeds in causing enough destruction that radiation begins to leak from the facility.

Cynically speaking, that might actually be the point. Zelensky is beginning to rightly fear that his Western partners are in the process of preconditioning the public to accept him being dumped after three back-to-back reports from the Mainstream Media over the past week (Amnesty International’s aforementioned one, CBS News, and the latest report from The Guardian) all decisively contradicted the official narrative on the Ukrainian Conflict. Since he’s beginning to fret that unprecedented US-led Western pressure might soon be put upon him to compromise with Russia – to which end Kiev would have to unilaterally capitulate on some or all issues that it previously said were non-negotiable – Zelensky decided to resort to nuclear blackmail via the means that were explained.

After all, it’s clear that the American people don’t consider Russia to be the US’ “most important problem” after Gallup’s latest poll proved that literally only 1% of them share this opinion. This attitude is likely mirrored throughout Europe with the exception being those countries that border Ukraine like the Baltic States, Poland, and Romania. Nevertheless, the writing is on the wall that the Western masses have become numb to all the dramatic fearmongering claims that the MSM shared with them regarding Russia supposedly being the worst threat to world peace since Nazi Germany. That said, nuclear-related fears still happen to generate a lot of attention even among those who’ve become numb to other narratives about whatever it may be, hence why Zelensky is wielding this Damocles’ sword.

In the event that his forces succeed in damaging the Zaprozhye nuclear power plant to the extent that radiation begins leaking out of it and threatening the rest of Europe, the Ukrainian leader will claim that Russia’s responsible and thus demand that Secretary of State Blinken reverse his position on declining to designate that Eurasian Great Power as a so-called “state sponsor of terrorism”. That dramatic development would immediately captivate the world’s attention and promptly put a wrench in America’s plans to resume its “Pivot to Asia” for prioritizing the “containment” of China as now arguably seems to be in the works since Pelosi’s provocative trip to Taiwan. The only way that Zelensky might cling to fading Western support is if he literally blackmails everyone with nuclear terrorism.

The whole world must therefore urgently realize what a threat the Ukrainian leader has become to humanity. It doesn’t matter if they or their governments sympathize with his cause in the conflict with Russia that the US provoked since he’s crossing a red line that nobody should ever consider no matter what. It’s extremely unlikely that his Western patrons will publicly chastise him, and some like those in the Baltics and especially Poland are probably egging him on behind the scenes since their leaderships also stand to lose if the US dumps Zelensky. Nevertheless, others seem to plotting to dump him as evidenced by the decisive shift in the official narrative brought about by the latest MSM reports. In any case, Russia will do its utmost to eliminate this threat and thus defend everyone from nuclear terrorism.