Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi Submits Proposal to Solve Libyan Political Impasse

Presidential candidate Saif al-Islam Gaddafi announced yesterday, via his lawyer, what he regarded as the last ditch initiative to solve the impasse in Libya and avoid bloodshed. He called for either having an inclusive electoral law or that all political figures withdraw their candidacy and hold immediate Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The statement signed by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, said that the “only peaceful, non-military, solution is to hold non-exclusive Presidential and Parliamentary elections in which everyone participates without exception and without selective conditions.”

“The people have to choose who they see fit to get the country out of this impasse, especially since Libyans have learned their lesson, have political experience, and acquired political skills, and therefore they will not be deceived again”, said Saif al-Islam.

He said the previous initiative he had presented of holding only Parliamentary elections, and have government selected by the new Parliament, was a half-way solution but that this idea had no traction and had to be aborted.

He therefore proposed two possible solutions out of the present Libyan “impasse”:

First choice: “A (neutral) body makes legal and administrative arrangements for the implementation of urgent and inclusive Presidential and Parliamentary elections in which everyone participates and without excluding anyone, regardless of considerations and justifications, and leaving the decision to the people without any guardian over them. This is the ideal option, even if it is highly unlikely in the current circumstances.”

Second choice: “Considering the dispute over candidacy terms for the Presidential elections, and that everyone wants to set certain conditions to exclude specific people, we suggest that such controversial personalities withdraw from the electoral process, collectively without exception, and that Presidential elections are held without them, in order to save the country as a last attempt to peacefully resolve the crisis situation without bloodshed.”

Al Marsad