Libya: LPNM Statement on the Current Mass Uprising

The Libyan popular national movement is following with great interest the popular movement that our country is witnessing these days, recalling the lack of interest of the leaders of the scene- the main reason that has called people to take to the streets and squares since Friday to express their daily suffering and the poor living conditions they suffer, their anger at the systematic political blockage pursued by the existing political bodies to ensure staying in power, the systematic looting practiced by the dominant forces on the Libyan people’s abilities and their waste in buying the Libyan sovereign institutions and their dependence on the foreigner, to serve his interests and greed in Libya.

Recalling all this, the movement emphasizes the following:

1. Support the right of citizens to demonstrate until their legitimate demands are met, and call for the development of the civil popular movement in all parts of Libya so that those on the scene are forced to meet the demands of Libyans.

2. Demand the liberation of the national decision and the expulsion of the ambassadors of Western countries who encroached on the sovereignty of Libya and its people.

3. Expulsion of mercenaries and foreign forces and their exit from the country immediately and without exception.

4. Pressure by all legitimate means to dissolve militias and armed groups.

5. Support the armed forces and the regular security services as the guarantor of the country’s freedom and sovereignty.

6. Warning against using corrupt money to hire mouthpieces or tribal figures to pass hidden agendas is to prepare public opinion to enable terrorist organizations to jump on the popular movement.

7. Empowering the government chosen by Libyan will, and asking it to expedite the creation of conditions for holding urgent parliamentary and presidential elections.

8. Preserving oil wealth and investing its revenues for the benefit of Libyans, and distancing them from the financing of terrorism and the purchase of loyalties.

Freedom for the homeland and sovereignty for the people

Nasser Saeed
Spokesman for the Libyan People’s National Movement
02 July 2022

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