Tens of Thousands of People Say “No” to NATO in Madrid


The Coordination of Platforms “NO TO NATO, Bases Out”, composed of the signatory organizations of the Call for Mobilization Against the NATO Summit in Madrid, has called on citizens to celebrate the Counter-Summit NO TO NATO, Bases Out, Madrid 2022 in response to the Summit of NATO Heads of State and Governments.

Gathered in the city of Madrid on June 24 and 25, 2022, the participants in this Counter-Summit declare:

The current conflict in Ukraine has made us aware of the immense power of the Western bloc in the ideological and cultural field. The media complex, which includes the media, cultural industries, political class, institutions and most of the academic world, has participated in the construction of a toxic atmosphere that criminalizes what is Russian and demonizes its president. A theological vision of war propaganda that includes the inquisitorial practice of censorship under the military control of the National Security Directorate and a de facto state of exception, suppressing the right to information.

The aim of this campaign is twofold: on the one hand, to justify the separation of Europe from Russia, to punish and weaken this country and to pave the way for the attack on China, the final objective of Western imperialist expansion. On the other hand, to construct a culprit to hold responsible for the immense sacrifices that will be involved in the transition to a new world order necessary to face the current capitalist crisis. This process will also require the control and discipline of the population of the empire, and war is the perfect reason to impose this strategy.

An obscene and massive campaign of disinformation, propaganda and economic warfare aimed at isolating Russia from the rest of the world has been unleashed in the West; however, the histrionic and hysterical tension, mainly European, has not been followed by most of the world. Not only by China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua or North Korea, countries that have long been harassed and attacked by the same ones that do it against Russia, but also by Brazil, Saudi Arabia, nor by Turkey and most of the Asian countries. It is not only Latin America and Africa that have not joined the hybrid warfare offensive against Russia.

Russia left the role reserved for it in a war of defense of Donbass and began its special military operation aimed at two objectives: to destroy the anti-missile, air, anti-aircraft and naval capabilities of Ukraine to defend the territories massacred by the Ucronazi militias (created, armed and trained by the United Kingdom, the United States itself and other NATO countries) and eradicate the Nazi movements that control the country after the 2014 coup.

All serious military analysts agree that the Russian military operation is far more respectful of the civilian population and the Ukrainian soldiers themselves laying down their arms than the recent U.S., EU and NATO campaigns in Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan.

Russia uses its most destructive weapons to eliminate the arsenals continuously supplied by NATO countries. On the contrary, the ucronazi army follows a strategy similar to that launched in the operations of the Islamic State terrorist militias in the war in Syria, organizing false attacks to feed the European war propaganda. It has blocked the civilian population in cities, used them as human shields and used ambulances to transport weapons and soldiers, even conducting attacks on unarmed civilians trying to leave combat zones.

Ukraine is a pawn in the West’s offensive against Russia; a pawn that will never become a queen and will be sacrificed on the altar of American interests. This path began with the Orange Revolution of 2005, as part of the program of color revolutions, which culminated in the 2014 coup d’état, publicly promoted and financed by the United States, where ucronazis played a fundamental role in destabilizing the state and persecuting the Russian and Russian-speaking population.

This coup succeeded in taking power, but was not followed by the whole population. The Crimean peninsula approved its integration with Russia and the Donbass region did not recognize the ucronazi regime in Kiev, declaring themselves independent republics.

Kiev-led Nazification integrated Nazi militias into the regular army and sent them to suppress and destroy the Donbass republics. Eight years of war and 14,000 deaths was the toll in this region at the beginning of the Russian military operation.

The USA and the UK, converted into the British Empire, have been trying since 1917 to take over Russia by any means at their disposal; they tried throughout the existence of the USSR and continue to try today.

Through NATO, they have integrated 14 Eastern European countries as imperialist allied forces, with the aim of encircling Russia. Ukraine is a turning point in this strategy. Its proximity to the heart of Russia, control of the Black Sea and its important role in the Nazification of Europe, give it a key role in Western imperial strategy.

If Russia falls, China, Brazil, India, Iran will be left behind… Regardless of their political organization and ideological bases, countries with a minimal sense of sovereignty in all five continents have refused to participate in the sanctions campaign against Russia; meanwhile, Europe, humiliating itself and submitting without any resistance, is paying a high economic and political price from which it will take decades to recover, if at all.

It is precisely Europe, more than the United States, that is waging this multi-faceted war against Russia in Ukraine; and it is the social democrats, the liberal progressives, who are doing it with more enthusiasm, being much more aggressive, at least verbally, than the more conservative leaders. There is no scruple in annihilating a whole country in an attempt to weaken Russia, no scruple in continuing to feed the monster to support the war to the last Ukrainian.

At the next NATO summit, Russia and China will be officially declared enemies, the Alliance’s budgets will be increased, the door will be opened to war in space and the use of nuclear weapons. War propaganda and the militarization of society will intensify and NATO will be a disciplinary, offensive and global organization. The summit will define its role in the reconfiguration of the new world order.

Europe knows this, but economically, politically and ideologically bankrupt, it is placing itself in the hands of the Anglo-Saxon axis, putting its very existence in danger.

The problem is not Ukraine; it is imperialism, it is militarism, it is NATO that threatens the Russian Federation through Ukraine. Today, Russia is fighting this battle to defend the sovereignty and independence of all countries. Russia must win this war for its own country and for ours. Russia will defeat Nazism, and for this she pays a high price in lives and in her own well-being.





Several organizations have issued statements against this criminal alliance: