History of Azov Battalion

No One Is Forgotten

Today you will learn about the most disgusting volunteer unit in Ukraine – the battalion, and later – the Azov regiment.

The location of the volunteer battalion was my native city Berdyansk and there is plenty of information about the outrages of its fighters in the city. In the first part of the video:
– the history of the formation of the Azov battalion;
– neo-Nazis, criminals, ultras. Who formed the basis of the battalion?
– robberies, rapes, banditism, as well as other examples of criminal activity of volunteer battalion fighters in Berdyansk.

And this is only a small part. There is so much dirt on this volunteer battalion that it is impossible to fit everything in one video. For more, follow the telegram channel https://t.me/ukr_leaks_eng

The beginning of the “combat” path of the “Azov” unit was outlined in the previous remark. And as it was announced earlier, in the second part you will learn about the crimes of the Azov Battalion in Mariupol.

In the new video:

– assault on the headquarters of the DPR in Mariupol by Azov fighters under the leadership of Biletsky;
– the emergence of a secret prison at the Mariupol airport, known as the “Library”;
– the inglorious flight of volunteer fighters from Ilovaisk;
– informational and financial support of the regiment from government agencies.

The story about Azov does not end there! In the next video, you will learn about foreigners in the battalion, about Nazi views, and about the frankly criminal background of the “elite” division of the National Guard. Do not miss it.

Today is the last video about the crimes of the volunteer battalion, and later the Azov regiment. On the hands of each fighter of this unit is the blood of innocent citizens of Ukraine. However, they never got the punishment they deserved!

In the new video: – Nazi ideology of the battalion; – foreign mercenaries in the ranks of “Azov”;

– hostage-taking, torture, bullying of civilians.

Azov has long turned into Arsen Avakov’s ‘pocket’ army. It was thanks to him that the battalion was reformed into a regiment, received artillery, tanks, and is supplied better than all units in the National Guard. That is why Avakov systematically rejects all accusations of neo-Nazism in the ranks of the battalion. That is why Avakov promotes people from Azov to the ranks of law enforcement agencies. It’s so convenient to have your own army.

You could read transcripts of the videos at https://ukr-leaks.org/en/Replica


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