High Level Delegation from Iran Visits Nicaragua

Tortilla Con Sal

“They think they will humiliate the world’s Peoples, they think that they will force those Peoples to surrender, but Peoples have Creativity, they have Dignity, they have Strength.”

Daniel Ortega

Meeting of the President-Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario, Vice President of Nicaragua, with High-Level Delegation of Iran

May 6th 2022

Words of Daniel

Good afternoon, Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, Nicaraguan families. Our Solidarity and our Message of Condolences and Love to the Heroic People of Cuba; for General Raúl Castro; to the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel; to the relatives of those who have died and those who are injured, as a result of this regrettable and painful accident. And all our Love and all our Affection for the People of Cuba.

Beloved Nicaraguan Brothers and Sisters, beloved Families who are watching us on television, today the visit is coming to an end of a Delegation of the Heroic People of Iran; a People who have fought and continue to fight the Battles for Justice, for Peace, for the Sovereignty of all Peoples.

As I was saying to my Brother, Oil Minister Javad Owji, we are twin Revolutions, our Peoples set themselves free, transforming and liberating themselves, in the same year, in 1979: The Glorious Revolution of Iran, and the Glorious Sandinista Popular Revolution in Nicaragua.

This Delegation represents the People of Iran, who represent the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Brother Ali Khamenei, and Brother President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, President of that Heroic Republic, indeed they have traveled for more than 17 hours to bring the Solidarity, the Affection, and the Commitment of Struggle of the People of Iran to Nicaragua’s People.

I’m going to introduce here, Sister and Brother Nicaraguans, the Delegation of Iran, as you will have already seen in the Meetings that have been held with various Institutions, and as I mentioned earlier, the Minister for Oil, Javad Owji; the Deputy minister and General Manager for National Refining and Petroleum products, Jalil Salari Shahrebabaki. Indeed, here too is the Representative of Iran, the Ambassador.

Also High Advisor for Matters of Sale involving Oil and Gas, Mohammad Javad Bavand; the General Manager of the Company NICO, which has to do with all these operations, Aliakbar Pourebrahimabadi; the Advisor to the Minister, Mohammad Sadegh AzimiFar; the General Manager of the National Company for Oil Engineering and Construction, Farhad Ahmadiyya; Director General for Europe and America, Hossein Esmaeli Shahmirzadí; Director of Protocol and Affairs of Foreign Officials, Mohammad Reza Naraghí; Counselor Akbar Ardestaní. And of course Security must be present, the Head of Security of the Delegation, Mahdi Nourozí. We are not going to see him here, because he is the Head of Security for a reason, but we salute him.

From the Ministry of Agriculture too came a High-Level Delegation, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Boroumandi, Deputy minister for Horticulture and Head of the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Iran; Dr. Shahpoor Alaei Moghaddam, Deputy minister and President of the Organization for Plant Protection; Dr. Seyed Mohammad Aghamirí, Deputy minister and President of the Veterinary Organization; Dr. Mohammad Reza Kashefi Neyshabourí, Director General of the Institute Esteghlal Jihad, (controlling barter and commodity purchases).

Yes, barter as used by our Original Peoples here in all these Regions of the Americas, Latin America and the Caribbean. For our Original Peoples, before the colonialists, the imperialists, the invaders arrived, their form of trade was barter. And it is a form of trade still present especially in these times, really, because exchanging products and sometimes there is no choice but to exchange resources via products… why? Because there are boycotts, sanctions that are little more than aggression by the Empire and NATO, which is part of the Empire, and that are blockading financial operations.

So, an alternative that we have as Peoples… Ah, they block our Financial System, so we cannot then transfer payment for a product that we are interested in bringing from Iran, but after all, we will be able to pay for it with products that Iran is interested in and that we produce here in Nicaragua.

Therefore, this specialization of Dr. Mohammad Reza Kashefi Neyshabourí and the work of Brother Mohammad has enormous importance in these times, because with the barbaric sanctions that the Imperialists of the Earth are applying around the World, they think they will humiliate the world’s Peoples, they think that they will force those Peoples to surrender, but Peoples have Creativity, they have Dignity, they have Strength, and we are returning, today more than ever, to the old practices of our Ancestors: Barter which has become a really, very efficient instrument to strengthen trade in all fields.

Here too we have Representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Fereidoun Hassanvand, Chairman of the Energy Committee in the Parliament, in the Congress of Iran.

We also have representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eisa Kamelí, Director General for the American Continent. And we also have here Brother Hossein HosseinZadeh, a Member of the Energy Committee; Adviser to the Directorate-General for Economic Affairs, Saeed Koozechi; and the Expert Sirous Karimi.

And here too we have, I would say, a compañero who in the Iranian Delegation is key, because how would we communicate without an interpreter. We’d just sit here looking at each other’s faces nothing more. So thank You, beloved interpreter Yaser Dastjani Farahani. How well you translate! How well you manage it! One can sense when an interpreter is correctly translating what one is communicating. You can sense it.

So you can see very well, this is a Delegation that has come to contribute to the Peace, Stability and Well-being of our Peoples. In other words, the Agenda of the People of Iran and of its Government, which this Delegation has brought to us, is an Agenda for Peace, for Development, for Well-being.

Bear in mind, here is the Minister for Oil, at a time when a crime against Humanity is being committed, because the United States at the head of NATO, in a criminal act of State Terrorism, is blocking oil operations.

Before this blockade that they have launched in the middle of the current war situation, yes, because there is a war, we cannot ignore it, a war where NATO, the United States, along with the countries that are part of its shock force, namely the European countries that are in NATO, are already involved in the war, are part of the war, are already engaged in this war.

Part of the war is when they launch economic sanctions wanting to break commercial operations, including oil, which is fundamental, and also militarily they are participating in the war using Ukraine as a spearhead.

Because this is not a war between Ukraine and Russia, when the President of the United States and the highest European authorities admit, declare that before this war they were sending weapons to Ukraine, and were already providing training in the use of modern weaponry that they moved to Ukraine, and the way that they are now shipping tens of millions, billions of cargoes costing US$11 billion, or US$44 billion, but large quantities, and they confirm with all possible clarity that are participating in that war, sending Specialists; in other words, this is already a world war.

That is why the Unity of the Peoples is so important, today more than ever, to defend our Sovereignty, our Integrity, so that we defend Peace. Because the situation is not going to be solved as they think in NATO that it will, with a NATO military victory against the Russian Federation, and even also launching itself against China.

The only way out of this quagmire, because the United States and the Europeans are indeed getting bogged down again, just as they got bogged down when they invaded our countries, when they invaded Africa, Asia, thinking they were going to achieve easy victories and that the world’s Peoples were going to surrender easily.

There’s a long list of countries, of the Nations of the World which have been invaded, colonized, enslaved, by the capitalist countries that claim to own Democracy. The list is long, I would say that the number of victims, of dead, of murdered, of enslaved, by the Countries that claim to be the Masters, the Owners of Civilization and that present themselves as the Owners of Democracy in the World; the list of invasions, occupations, is the longest list that may exist in the History of Humanity, along with the sum total of people murdered, dead, wounded, maimed, mutilated, in all these wars, many millions of Human Beings.

And yes, Hitler was eager to find out how to get the atomic bomb ready and launch it… Hitler, the child of capitalism! Hitler was no revolutionary, on the contrary, he was the enemy of Revolutionaries and murdered Revolutionaries. He was a spawn of Capitalism and the much vaunted Capitalist Democracy.

You see, when he was regarded as being a strong candidate for the German Presidency, the big German capitalists gave him their support and major American capitalists also gave their support to Hitler. Put another way, this Capitalist Democracy in fact generated, created diabolical spawn like Hitler.

And Hitler, as I mentioned, actively hoped to get the atomic bomb so as to launch it, but the United States got the atomic bomb first. That is, the first to have atomic weapons was the US capitalist Democracy, and it is the only country in the History of Mankind that has launched atomic bombs, that has exploded atomic bombs destroying entire Cities, committing genocide against the people of the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when the war was in fact finished.

In Japan there were some areas where the Japanese military were located, but instead of going to confront those Japanese military, what the US did was drop the bombs on two cities. More than 250,000 dead in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and all the damage caused by the radiation that was left hanging there and where there are still families who were children then and who were affected by the radiation. That is the most horrendous, most brutal crime that has ever been committed on Humanity.

Under these circumstances, beloved Minister Javad, in Latin America and the Caribbean, in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, we have stated a Principle: Latin America and the Caribbean must be a Zone of Peace! That is a Principle that we defend, and that is why in a situation like this that the World is experiencing we are committed to the struggle for Peace.

In talking with you, we are talking with a People that has suffered from sanctions, has suffered blockades, attacks of all kinds, against whom crimes have been committed, which the US Government quietly has claimed as a right of the United States like the killing of a General who was fighting terrorism, fighting against the terrorists in those regions created and still supplied with arms by the United States, General Soleimani. He is a hero, a victim of the arrogance of Empire.

These are hard times for the world’s Peoples, hard times for all Peoples, including the European people, the US people who in the end also suffer the effects of the famous sanctions that the United States is applying.

But these are moments in which our Peoples find each other, and the Strength of our Peoples, the Conscience of the Peoples of the World, the Dignity of our Peoples is always more powerful than any atomic bomb. And we are convinced, certain, that this difficult moment humanity is going through, we are going to overcome it, the World’s Peoples are going to overcome this difficult moment. Peace will triumph, and our Peoples support Peace, have always supported Peace and will continue to support Peace.

We could not ignore these matters, inevitably, we cannot ignore these issues when all these crimes, this aggression, are being committed against the Peoples of the World.

I want to refer now to the Agenda that our Brothers have brought, to the issues that our Brothers from Iran have brought to a country like Nicaragua, a small People whose territory has been invaded from the Spanish colonizers to the Yankee expansionists all seeking how to take over the Canal Route through Nicaragua. Because some people are still wondering why there should be so much interest in Nicaragua from the Yankees? Ah, the Canal Route!

The Spaniards and the English said when Nicaragua was in dispute between the two Empires, the English Empire dominating the Caribbean Area of Nicaragua and the Spanish Empire the Pacific Area. Back then they said that whoever dominated that passage, which runs along the San Juan River to Lake Nicaragua and then across the Isthmus of Rivas, making a perfect crossing for a natural Canal, that whoever dominated that passage was going to dominate the entire Continent.

They were so clear on that matter that English incursions were continuously coming exploring how to defeat the Spanish and occupy Nicaragua, and it was a permanent war, until the North American Empire appeared, and as expected, the North American Empire brushed the English and the Spanish aside.

And North American shipping companies arrived in our country and found, take note, beloved Brothers, that to travel from New York to San Francisco, in the time of the Gold Fever in the United States, it was the 1850s or 1855 when an American shipping entrepreneur named Vanderbilt discovered that a route that was safer and faster than crossing the whole territory of North America. It was the era of the Gold Rush and thousands of Americans traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast through the desert, through areas where there was still indigenous resistance, where there was a lot of crime, so it was a huge risk, and he discovered this route.

And with submission of a government ready to sell the Nation for a few cents, this Company came and so thousands of Americans transited through Nicaragua, they came from the East Coast, disembarked, crossed Nicaraguan territory and then embarked again in larger ships and set out for the West Coast. It was a transit route transferring thousands of families, many thousands of Americans, and so of course it then became a target.

And those people who had invited the Company entered into conflict with other political forces in Nicaragua, so then they invited military from the Southern United States, and among them came William Walker and Colonel Byron Cole also came, Veterans of the wars taking place between the South and the North in the United States.

And he came into conflict with the same people who had invited him, because he came so as to take over Nicaragua; he held some sham elections, and William Walker made himself President of Nicaragua, and at that the People rebelled and it became the first Battle in Nicaragua against Yankee expansionism.

William Walker was recognized by the US State Department, such that his Inauguration here in Nicaragua was attended by the Yankee Ambassador; but the People rebelled, gave battle and it wass here that the first defeat of Yankee Expansionism took place.

Then came other Battles, already in the next century, and it was already with the Troops of the US Army. And there Sandino, who inflicted the first defeat in Nicaragua on the United States Army, which could not defeat him. The Yankee troops had to withdraw.

So really that I have been explaining that these are times in which our Peoples maintain that historical thread, that Principle of defending Sovereignty, Self-Determination and Security, for Peace and for the Well-being of our Peoples.

And here today, concluding this visit now with exchanges on different topics, matters were addressed that are crucial right now, involving Oil. Iran is a major Oil producer and, with best possible will we are working out how we can develop commerce, business, namely the trade in oil, petrochemicals and petroleum construction, improvements and modernization of refineries; development and production of fields of Oil and Gas deposits; training of Human Resources and Experts in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries; transfer of technologies, knowledge and supply of technical and engineering services and of consulting services.

Then too we are also talking about agriculture. Talking about agriculture is to talk about the food that for which our peoples have so much demand. And in this particular field we cover cooperation, consulting and investments for the transfer of knowledge and technologies in the production of pesticides, agricultural and livestock pesticides, as well as the construction and development of Production Units; as well as Seminars, Workshops and Training Courses to increase our productive capacities in the Agricultural and Livestock Sector.

Likewise, there’s a Memorandum of Understanding between the National Oil Refining and Distribution Company of Iran and the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Republic of Nicaragua; and also, an analysis of the technical and economic feasibility of building a new Oil Refinery in Nicaragua.

We have a very important starting point, which is the Project that was installed under ALBA, with Comandante Chávez, and which has suffered as a result of the blockade, the aggression against Venezuela, against Nicaragua, which caused enormous damage to our Countries and to other Countries that received unconditional cooperation from Venezuela in PETROCARIBE.

The bases were laid, and the Minister managed today to visit the areas where the bases exist for developing the Refinery, and then also to consider its viability given the will on the part of the Government, the People of Iran, to supply Oil and derivatives for Nicaragua.

We have seen how they have done so courageously, heroically with Venezuela, where there is a persecution, blockade, siege, threats against commercial activities necessary for Life, not for waging war in our Region. Activities to bring Well-being to our People, Security to our People, Stability to our People.

With this I summarize the main issues that have been addressed in depth during this visit, and I give the floor to the Brother Minister. He will explain the Conclusions, the Considerations, and the steps that we will continue taking in order to strengthen our relations.

Words of Minister Javad Owji

In the name of God. First of all, I would like to cordially greet you, Mr. President Daniel Ortega and Vice-President Rosario Murillo, and the President of Parliament, Mr. Porras, and all the esteemed members of the Cabinet of the Government of Nicaragua present at this Meeting.

Mr. President, first of all, I would like to deeply thank the Nicaraguan Authorities and people for their cordiality and warm hospitality. During the two days we have been here, we have really felt at home.

And I would also like to express the warmest congratulations of the Government and People of Iran, and my own, to his Excellency and the Honorable Vice-president, the Sandinista Front and to the People of Nicaragua, for the resounding Victory in the recent Elections, which demonstrated the strong will of the People of Nicaragua.

And I have the commission and the Mission to bring you the most cordial and fraternal greetings from the President of the Republic Dr. Raisi and Vice President of the Republic to your Excellency and the Most Excellent Vice President Rosario Murillo as well.

And I really enjoyed and learned a lot from your valuable Words, Mr. President, which really revealed and described very well what the true Nature of American Imperialism is.

Mr President, with your very good explanations, you covered practically everything we had to say and you explained it very well and took a weight off my shoulders.

Mr President, as you know, I am accompanied in this Delegation by the Deputy Ministers and senior Directors of the Ministry of Petroleum, as well as the Deputy Ministers of Agriculture, and very importantly the presence of the Deputies of the Islamic Consultative Assembly who, with their presence, show support for the Agreements that we reached.

And I would also like to deeply thank His Excellency Ambassador Salehi for all the effort he has made to coordinate all our fruitful meetings with the Nicaraguan Authorities.

Mr President, Madam Vice-President, as you are aware, the Government of Dr Raisi’s Administration began its work in Iran nine months ago now and as you know in that short time two high-level Delegations, first chaired by the Vice-President for Economic Affairs and now by me, have visited this fraternal and friendly Country, the Republic of Nicaragua, which demonstrates the firm will of President Raisi and all the entities of the Iranian State to increase and deepen friendly relations with the Fraternal and Friendly revolutionary country of Nicaragua in every possible way.

The main focus of the foreign policy of the Government of President Raisi is to extend and expand relations in all possible aspects, but with special emphasis on the economic aspect, with all Countries of the World, especially with the Fraternal and Friendly Countries of Latin America, such as Nicaragua.

The Islamic Republic of Iran attaches special importance to the development of friendly relations with the Fraternal and Friendly Countries of Latin America, especially Nicaragua. And I want to emphasize, Mr. President, Madam Vice-President, there is no limit to the development of our relations in all possible areas, and the recent visit of Mr. Vice-President Rezaeí to your country was also made in this same sense.

During the visits and exchanges that we have had over these two days, we saw and heard of the excellent achievements that you have had in various areas, economic, commercial, industrial, and we know very well these are achievements of the Revolution, achievements in the field of Economy, of Industry, and the Tranquility and Peace that prevails in this Country.

We believe that Nicaragua has enormous potential, and together we can neutralize the aggression and the sanctions.

Mr. President, Madam Vice-President, in these two days we have had Meetings, doing a great deal of work with your Colleagues in different State Agencies, especially on Energy and Agriculture issues; we have had meetings covering the Energy Sector, Agriculture, and with the Foreign Ministry, and we believe that very good potential exists that can be developed and put into practice.

As you mentioned so very well, our Revolutions are twins. We, too, in these 43 Years of Revolution have had made very good achievements in the areas of Oil, Gas, Agriculture, Defense, Nuclear Power and Energy, among others.

Thanks to those 43 years of work and revolutionary effort, today we have more than 1,000 million cubic meters for Natural Gas production, more than 65 Petrochemical plants and more than 25 Oil Refineries in the Country, and all these achievements have been obtained by the efforts of our Specialists and Experts.

In the area of Agriculture, we have achieved self-sufficiency in many products; in the Pharmaceutical field, more than 65% of specialized medicines are produced in our country.

Fortunately, on the issue of vaccine production against COVID, our Institutes have manufactured five effective vaccines that have served to massively vaccinate our People. And in the coming weeks, with God’s Will, 200,000 doses of the COVID vaccine, Barekat, will arrive in Nicaragua to assist our Fraternal People of Nicaragua, and with the Comrades of the Barekat Foundation they will be able to work and form very fruitful cooperation on pharmaceutical issues and medical equipment.

We, as I told you, produce more than 65% of the medicines for special diseases in the field of specialized medicines, and in the general field of medicines we are almost self-sufficient in the field of drug production.

Mr. President, Madam Vice-President, all the capacity and all the experience and potentialities that the Islamic Republic of Iran has are fully at the disposal of the Fraternal People and Government of Nicaragua.

Mr. President, Madam Vice-President, as you well mentioned, we managed to send you this Fraternal assistance at opportune moments, when the Fraternal People of Venezuela needed our assistance.

We are Friends in difficult days, our friends, Brothers and Sisters are Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela, the Revolutionary Countries of Latin America, and in times of difficulty we assist each other.

The Principled Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to support the Sovereignty, Independence, Freedom and Right to Self-Determination of Peoples, and to reject interventionism in the internal affairs of other Peoples. And we strongly condemn the unjust aggression of some Powers and intervention in the internal affairs of Nicaragua by those Powers.

There is a firm political will to develop and strengthen friendly relations between our two countries in all possible spheres.

Mr. President, Madam Vice-President, I deeply appreciate your friendly, helpful positions, in International Forums and Organizations, supporting and defending our Country’s position on Human Rights issues, Iran’s Peaceful Nuclear Plan, and the unjust sanctions and aggression against our People.

Mr President, Madam Vice-President, I would like to reiterate that over the last few days we have had very fruitful and successful Meetings and Encounters with different powers of the State, with different State Bodies. We have sat down with your Colleagues and had very good exchanges on matters of cooperation, and we had a very good Meeting with the esteemed President of the National Assembly of Nicaragua, Mr. Porras and his Colleagues.

We have reached very good Agreements during those Exchanges and Meetings, and Thanks Be to God, the result of those Agreements are the instruments that in your presence today will be signed between the Authorities of both Countries. And God Willing, a new chapter will be opened in the deepening of friendly relations between the two countries on matters of Energy, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture, among others.

Mr President, Madam Vice-President, ladies and gentlemen present at the Meeting, you know that the issue of energy is becoming very important in the world today. We and many Energy experts are predicting that oil could even reach prices higher than $180 per barrel.

I promise you as the Minister of Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we will make all our best efforts to guarantee the supply of fuel to the Sister Republic of Nicaragua.

And I deeply thank you, Mr. President, for remembering and naming and commemorating our beloved Martyr, General Soleimani, who is very much beloved by us, and who is a symbol of the fight against US Imperialism in the world, and the fight against world terrorism.

Mr President, Madam Vice-President, we are the soldiers of General Qasem Soleimani; we are defending the first bastion of the economic war. We are convinced of the justice of the Sandinista Revolution of Nicaragua, we will make all our effort, we will take advantage of all our capabilities to assist and support our Nicaraguan Brothers and Sisters in all possible areas.

Mr. President, Madam Vice-President, around the World, on this continent and in our country, you are known as a symbol of resistance and struggle against Imperialism, and for me and for the Delegation that accompanies me it is a great honor and pride to be able to greet and talk closely with the Revolutionaries, with the Pioneers of the Revolution.

Today, in your presence, our Comrades are going to sign Agreements and Contracts to supply fuel to Nicaragua. As you well mentioned, my Colleagues and I, together with your Colleagues, have visited this Refinery project that has a capacity of 100,000 barrels per day, the first phase of which has already been completed, which has been a very well done, very well executed and is a very smart idea, realized with the joint investment of the Friendly Sister Republic of Venezuela.

And we, after receiving the Documentation and Instruments related to this Project, will decide on the participation of our country in the continuation of this Project. The construction of that refinery has been a very clever and economically viable action and measure, even the site and location you have chosen for that refinery has been very suitable.

With the capabilities that we have in the State Oil Company of Iran, with its Experts and Specialists we will do our best to be able to participate in the completion of that Refinery, and in other future refineries in the country.

We hope that a mixed, shared investment can be made between Iran, Nicaragua and Venezuela to complete that Refinery. We should really call it a petro-refinery, not just a refinery, because in addition to refining oil it will supply raw material for petrochemicals.

His Excellency the Minister of Petroleum of Nicaragua also provided us today with information on the development of the oil and gas fields of Nicaragua. My colleagues, upon arriving in Tehran, will review the information we have received on the possibility of developing the exploration and exploitation of the oil and gas fields of Nicaragua. And as I mentioned in the presence of yourself Mr. President, of the Vice-President and the other Nicaraguan Authorities, our colleagues are going to sign contracts for the supply of fuel to Nicaragua.

Mr President, I would also like to thank especially Comrade Laureano Ortega, who over these two days has devoted himself completely to accompanying us in all the Meetings and prepared a very good Agenda. And I want to inform you that we will be signing various Instruments at this Meeting, both Memorandums of Understanding and Agreements as well as Definitive Contracts.

We also thank all our Fellow Ministers of Finance, Production, Trade, Oil, Energy, and all their colleagues, and I inform you that at this Meeting as a result of the negotiations we have had, several Instruments of mutual benefit for both our countries will be signed.

This comprehensive Agenda that we have had in recent days and the Instruments that we are going to sign demonstrate that there is the firm Will of both Governments to continue strengthening relations.

I would like to reiterate, Mr President, Madam Vice-President, on the issue of Energy, on the issue of Agriculture, on the pharmaceutical issue, both sides have many potentialities of which we can take advantage.

The Deputy Ministers of Agriculture who accompany us in this Delegation have also had good Meetings with the Minister of Agriculture and his colleagues, and as a result of those Meetings an Agreement will be signed today in the area of Agriculture as well.

As you noted very well, the uses of Compensation and Barter today is an intelligent and very practical action so as to be able to finesse the effects of aggression and sanctions.

The Republic of Nicaragua has very good potential in Agriculture and Livestock issues, and the Islamic Republic of Iran also has very good potential in Energy and Pharmaceutical issues, and those two can complement each other’s capabilities for the benefit of both Peoples, which has indeed been the result of the Agreements we have reached over these two days.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you, Mr. President, you, Madam Vice-President, Mr. Porras, President of the National Assembly, all the Nicaraguan Advisers, Ministers and Authorities, also the Ambassador of our Country who has prepared and carried out all the preparation for this visit. I thank all of you for having prepared such a complete Agenda, one that has resulted in these very important Agreements.

And I thank the Worthy, Noble and Revolutionary People of Nicaragua, and I promise the People of Nicaragua that the Islamic Republic of Iran as a Brother and a Friend will continue to stand with Nicaragua. And those Agreements that are signed between both Peoples, between both Governments, will certainly be of benefit to the Worthy and Noble People of Nicaragua.

And finally I would like to thank the Media, the Press, who have offered good coverage of all the events that we have had and the Agreements that we have achieved.

Mr. President, Madam Vice-President, Mr. Porras, beloved Authorities of Nicaragua, I invite you, I extend the invitation to you to visit our country, to visit Iran. With open arms we will be waiting for you with pleasure, as a Fraternal Country.

Thank you very much for listening and paying attention to what I have had to say.

Long live Nicaragua!

Words of Daniel

We are talking about Agreements, Covenants, Memorandums of Understanding that have to do with the needs and demands of the entire World’s Population, and in this particular case it is about multiplying efforts between Iran and Nicaragua to integrate in the economic field, integrate in the social field, integrate in all fields.

And how glad we are that in these visits you have made, in the markets you are finding in our country, to do with livestock for example, we are going to reach agreement, link up, so that Iran can also install Slaughterhouses, Processors, Packaging of products that are of interest to the People of Iran and which we will also be able to market. Let’s go ahead with the signatures now.

Remarks by Minister Javad Owji

The first agreement is on Energy.

Words of Daniel

The Documents I mentioned that are being signed have to do with the oil trade, petrochemicals, petroleum exploration and the refinery; that is, we are talking about specific issues that are of interest to Nicaragua, and in relation to which we are counting on the Fraternal Embrace and Accompaniment of the People of Iran.

The other Memorandum that I mentioned is one that has to do with agriculture, livestock, the entire agricultural sector as well as livestock. Not just to maintain the production units that already have in our country, but to multiply them; so that Iran can install production units here, receiving what our farmers produce, processing the products, that is to say, adding value to them, and then they will go to the Iranian market, as also from Iran they will be able to go to other markets in that Region.

Then there is the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Oil Refining and Distribution Company of Iran and the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Republic of Nicaragua. That is another of the Memorandums being signed, along with the Contract for the supply of petroleum products between the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Remarks by Compañera Rosario, Vice-President of Nicaragua,after the Meeting with High-Level Delegation of Iran

May 6th 2022

Good evening… A few words of reflection for our People, for our Families, for Working Mothers, in this Month of Mothers, on how important this day and the days that preceded it have been. Important days for the Well Being of Families, important so as to continue ensuring those Rights that we acquired with our Revolution.

Here we have gathered together Peoples in Struggle, Peoples who have resisted the onslaughts of Imperialism, Colonialism, looking at how we can work together. Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran that triumphed with its Revolution, as we did with ours, in the same year, 1979, Iran is a Power in the production of medicines, for example.

Speaking of families… A lot of medicines are produced in Iran, and from Iran comes oil, fuel, which allows us to work, which allows us to maintain Electricity, Energy, for Work and Peace.

We can also carry out exchange for so many other items that are produced in Iran. Their Minister of Commercial and Barter Exchange told me how much Nicaraguan produce they can receive there and how much of their produce they can bring here. And all this means Work, Security, Well Being, a guarantee of a Decent Life for Families.

There is a lot of Science in Iran and a lot of Knowledge that can be transferred via Universities, via the Educational System.

We are really happy about the achievements of these two days, and this particular day on which these Agreements have been signed and which bring us all Joy because they mean Security, Joy because there is a guarantee, especially in these difficult times Humanity is going through, of having fuel supplies, petrochemicals… What are petrochemicals? Among other things, fertilizers, which are scarce in the world and which these Agreements enable us to obtain… What for? So that we can produce more and more, and with better yields.

In any case, these are good days, and one has to remember that everything we are seeing, receiving, bringing about, we owe to the People, to the Working Families of this Blessed, Dignified, Sovereign, Always Free Nicaragua!

We are always clear that everything achieved, all the advances, are Advances and Triumphs of our People, and that is why we wanted, despite the fact that this Event has been long, above all it has been intense, very long for sure, but full of Achievements, so we can address the Families and say: These are Agreements that allow us to live with more Security, work for more Well Being, work for more Knowledge, more Science, more Medicine.

Imagine what our Compañero said… Iran has produced 6 vaccines for COVID and for many other ailments. I’m sure more in fact, but maybe they were talking specifically about COVID, however, there is a level of Science there that supports their Great People, with their Age Old Culture.

And these relations between Twin Revolutions, made in the year ’79, allow us all to say that our Peoples, when they decide to fight, do overcome. And in that regard, what is central is the Struggle for Peace in a World, as we have said, full of complexities, boundless, illegal, arbitrary aggression, which the Empire calls Sanctions.

And why…? They seek to punish a People because they are not submissive to the Empire or to Empires…? It’s absurd! But even so they feel powerful because they think they can punish whole Peoples. But the world’s Peoples are not for punishment, our Peoples deserve recognition for their Courage and Valor, for their Qualities… Their Labor!

What would this world be without the labor of the world’s Peoples. That is why today, May 6th if I am not mistaken, we celebrate God, we thank God for these Victories that are of Peace, of Well Being, of the Sovereign Rights of Peoples, of Combative, Revolutionary, and Victorious Peoples.

An Embrace to all the Families, celebrating, in God, every Victory of our People and every Victory of these Revolutions that are Victorious, because we seek, we propitiate, we promote, and we long for Peace and Goodness!

A Warm Embrace, Compañeras, Compañeros. Thank You.