The Odessa Massacre, 8 Years Later

Fergie Chambers

An interview with Alexey Aybu, Ukrainian Communist and Massacre Survivor, in Lugansk

LUGANSK, LUGANSK PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC, MAY 2, 2022- Alexey Aybu, born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, was a deputy in the Ukrainian Communist Party “Borotba,” which means, “Struggle.” After surviving the now infamous May 2nd, 2014 assault by Ukrainian nationalists on the Odessa trade union building, and being implicated by SBU (Ukrainian Secret Service) as wanted in relation to the events of that day, he, like many of his comrades, was forced to flee to Donbas. Here, he joined the efforts of the Donbas anti-fascist resistance.

He joined me last night, as I arrived in Lugansk from Donetsk, to tell the tale of that day. Afterwards, we had dinner with comrades; Alexey toasted to us few journalists who have come to tell the truth to the west, and to victory, and the beginning of a new world.

Interview hosted on Vimeo:

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