The Necessity of Russian Victory in Ukraine: “I Don’t Want Peace. I Want War and I Want War to Finish it’s Awful Business.”

In this webinar titled “The First Casualty of War is Truth”, Scott Ritter delivered a powerful statement, departing from Western left hypocrisy. I concur with his assessment. Russia’s operation in Ukraine merits the full support of anti-imperialists throughout the world.

As a punishment for speaking the truth about the war in Ukraine, his twitter account was suspended.

So apparently I’ve been suspended from Twitter for the crime of challenging the orthodox narrative of the so-called Bucha massacre. I’ve appealed, so who knows what the future will bring. I’m any event, I’ll be posting my articles and occasional musings on Telegram going forward, if anyone is interested. Freedom of speech in America today is an endangered concept.

His article on Bucha was published on RT: The truth about Bucha is out there, but perhaps too inconvenient to be discovered