Urgent Appeal of the Ukrainian Communists of the Organization “Borotba”


Shocked and very concerned about their fate, the Ukrainian authorities have organized an extensive witch-hunt. Every day in the territories controlled by the Kiev government they detain, capture and torture political activists and civilians who disagree with the policies of the central authorities.

People simply disappear and only a few days later, when their relatives or friends ring the alarm, it becomes clear that something has happened. Political activists and public figures who earlier raised their voices against the Ukrainian authorities, today are recording videos containing inappropriate speeches against the Russian authorities and Russian society.

For example, a few days ago political scientist Dmitry Dzhanguirov was captured in Kiev. Thousands of his subscribers mentioned that an anti-Russian statement was published on his YouTube channel “The Capital”, a fact that suggests that Dmitry Dzhanguirov is alive but was captured by nationalists or agents of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The popular political militant of Kiev Dmitry Scvortsov reported on his Facebook page that his apartment had been attacked by the Security Service agents. As of this moment he has not been reachable.

A few days ago in Kiev the leader of the Leninist Komsomol of Ukraine Mikhail Kononovich and his twin brother, the leader of the Anti-Fascist Union Alexander Kononovich were captured.

On March 3 armed people stormed into the apartment of the communists of the “Livitsa” organization Aleksander and Maria Matushenko. They beat our comrades, beat them badly, cut Maria’s hair. With sacks over their heads they took them to the remand prison. Maria managed to escape, but Aleksander is charged with the crime of high treason and remains in prison.

On March 4, the fighters of the territorial defense detained the opposition politician, member of parliament Nestor Shufrich. The shocking pictures of the illegal interrogation were circulated to the world, although this did not stop the torturers.

On March 7 in Odessa Ukrainian military fighters demanded that the door of the apartment of the parents of the famous journalist Aleksander Voskoboinikov be opened. When the parents opened the door, armed people burst in.

All of us have seen the horrible pictures of the torture of prisoners of war, including a military pilot. When he was wounded and captured by Ukrainian nationalists, they called his wife on his phone and told her to find a new husband, hinting at their plans to kill him.

It is impossible to watch without tears the video where the Ukrainian ambulance doctors instead of giving medical assistance mistreat the sick, exerting moral pressure on them and filming it.

These outrageous facts show the brutal violations of fundamental human rights. They also show the violation of the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War adopted on August 12, 1949.

We think the world should know who the governments of European countries and the United States support. The international community should know that the taxes of European citizens are spent on torture and mistreatment, on financing neo-Nazi organizations, which in many countries, as well as in Russia, are considered illegal.

We call on all honest people to demonstrate in front of Ukrainian consulates and embassies, demanding the release of illegally detained politicians and activists, to end the witch-hunt and to respect human rights and the Geneva Conventions.

For the moment it is possible to save the detainees.