CPRF: Nazi Crimes in Ukraine Demand Resistance from the Whole World

Statement by G.A. Zyuganov, Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee

The progress of the Russian army’s special operation in Ukraine reveals the depth of the drama of the situation with increasing clarity. Numerous confirmations of the criminal nature of the actions of the Banderites are being received on a regular basis. There is no possibility for reasonable and honest people to doubt that the fight against neo-Nazism has been launched in Ukraine.

A few days ago, the advancing troops of the Luhansk People’s Republic discovered the site of a mass shooting of civilians in the town of Popasna. People had been killed by retreating Bandera fighters. They were deprived of their lives for their unwillingness to serve as a human shield for the Nazis and for wanting to leave the fighting for Donetsk.

On March 14, the Nazis committed another monstrous atrocity. A Tochka-U was launched from the occupied territory of Donbass into the center of Donetsk. More than 20 civilians, including children, were killed. Dozens of residents were wounded. This kind of shelling of the city has become a familiar reality.

A total of 15 deadly missiles were fired at Donetsk. The weight of each warhead is over 160 kilograms. The Nazis use rockets with cluster munitions capable of striking all life within an area of 7 hectares. This was exactly the kind of cluster munition that was banned in the world and that was used on the rocket that struck Donetsk. This war crime directly parallels the actions of its organizers and perpetrators with those of the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War.

Every passing day, the humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol, a city of half a million people, worsens. Every time the command of the troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic opens humanitarian corridors for its civilians to leave the battle zone, the Azov banderais prevent the evacuation and shoot those who try to leave the city. Hundreds of thousands of people are being used as hostages, deprived of heat, water and food. At the same time, official Kiev and its Western puppeteers try to blame the DPR troops for what is happening.

The cynical behavior of the West is quite understandable. The NATO aggressors thought they were half a step away from the complete and final enslavement of Ukraine. They were ready to resort to the vilest Nazi scum there in order to implement their plans for world domination. One of the clearest examples of their political and moral downfall was the Pentagon’s establishment of biolaboratories in Ukraine. In essence, it was to develop deadly biological weapons against ethnic Slavs.

At the same time, under the shadow of the “Western umbrella”, a horde of thug Bandera fighters capable of any kind of evil was bred. They have now recruited from their fellow Kosovo Albanian thugs the nefarious practice of trading human organs. The difference is that in Ukraine these organs are extracted not only from the bodies of prisoners, as it was in Kosovo, but even from AFU soldiers who were killed or seriously wounded. Of course, no one asks the consent of the wounded or the relatives of the dead. Inhumane acts are committed with complete disregard for international law and universal norms of humanity.

It is well known that one of the main hallmarks of fascism is savage anti-communism. The victims of political repression in Ukraine were primarily communists and Komsomol members. Mikhail Kononovich, first secretary of the Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine, and his brother Alexander were seized in Kiev. They are currently being held by the SBU.

Everything that is happening confirms that the fight against fascism in Ukraine has become the dictate of the times. After 2014, the Bandera ideology of hatred was rapidly taking root. It happened with the blatant encouragement of the United States, Britain and other NATO countries. Recall that it took Hitler the same amount of time – 8 years – to turn Germany into a fascist state. This historical experience is well known and extremely illustrative: the lack of resistance to Nazism on the part of European “democracies” led to a devastating world war.

The situation at the present stage appears to be extremely dangerous. From the beginning, the West ignored the birth of fascist organizations in Ukraine. Then it ignored how the darkest reactionary forces began to dominate Ukrainian society. Under pressure from globalists, many international organizations toothlessly swallowed evidence of genocide in the Donbass and political terror throughout Ukraine. Now they are not responding to their holding millions of civilians hostage on the territory of one of the largest countries in Europe.

The Communist Party is convinced that the international community can no longer meekly accept the pressure of its “Western partners” and turn a blind eye to a wave of crimes. The time has come to be decisive. We call on everyone to sharply condemn the actions of the fascists in Ukraine. To remain silent and allow the tragedy of the last century to repeat itself is unacceptable. It would be tantamount to becoming silent accomplices to a criminal policy.

Nazism that has reared its head must be defeated. The fate of this victory lies primarily in the hands of Russian society. There is a need to unite the country in the face of acute threats. The state of affairs binds us to many things. Yeltsin’s attempt to crawl after the West has cost the country dearly. The economic and military potential of the motherland, forged by generations of Soviet people, has been seriously weakened. There is much to be restored. Historical trials require the decisive recovery of society. It is imperative to eradicate all manifestations of collaborativism, overcome social divisions, and mobilize the country for accelerated development.

Gennady Zyuganov

Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, head of the CPRF faction in the State Duma