Number of Extremists and Neo-Nazis in Europe Will Increase as They Flee Ukraine

Vladimir Odintsov
UKR00033Fleeing from wars, armed conflicts and various militant activities, migrants from Africa and Asia continue to make risky attempts to enter the EU by various means, often using risky and perilous routes. However, streams of refugees in Europe have increased in recent days amid the events in Ukraine.

So, after the outright genocide of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine by Kiev’s neo-Nazi authorities, especially in Donbass, where, according to incomplete figures, more than 13,000 citizens of that country have died in the last eight years, almost 200,000 refugees have already taken refuge in Russia in recent days.

The EU media also have their own figures on refugees from Ukraine to Europe. The number of refugees who have arrived in Poland since the start of the military operation is reported to have exceeded 922,000. More than 200,000 Ukrainians have arrived in tiny Moldova with a population of 2.6 million. European diplomacy chief Josep Borrell, who has always stirred up Russophobic hysteria, said at a press conference on March 7 following an informal EU Council meeting in Montpellier that “some 5 million refugees from Ukraine will enter the EU member states.”

However, the EU leadership, which avoids publicizing truthful information about what is happening in Ukraine, deliberately glosses over the fact that thousands of refugees from Ukraine and non-Ukrainians are being returned to their countries of origin by the European authorities. For example, has repeatedly reported on the removal of hundreds of allegedly “Ukrainian” refugees from Central Asia from Europe to the capital of Kazakhstan.

The number of similar “refugee” Uzbek nationals has exceeded 2,500. More than 1,400 people are still waiting for their turn in Poland, reported on March 4, quoting the Polish Foreign Ministry. The first plane with Uzbek nationals evacuated from Ukraine to Poland left the city of Katowice on February 28, Uzbekistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Yusup Kabulzhanov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Tajikistan’s ambassador to Ukraine, Davlat Nazrizoda, told Asia-Plus about Tajik nationals fleeing Ukraine for Europe, who number about 4,000 not counting former citizens of the republic who accepted Ukrainian citizenship. Their evacuation to Central Asia after arrival in the EU is also on schedule.

However, even to the uninitiated observer a strong difference in the composition of the “Ukrainian refugees” to Russia and Europe is striking. For example, while the border with the Russian Federation is crossed by women, children and elderly people fleeing extermination by Ukrainian militants, the picture on the border with European states is quite different. They are, as the social media in Moldova in particular point out, mostly sturdy Ukrainian guys of conscription age, clearly not poor and with short Nazi haircuts. This inadvertently suggests that in this case we are dealing with fleeing fighters of numerous nationalist battalions, who openly fear retribution for their crimes as a result of Moscow’s westward push for a special operation to demilitarize and denazify the Ukrainian military. There is a very strong reaction to the use of any language other than Ukrainian when communicating with them and a desire to engage in conflict and violent confrontation with those around them.

There is already a lot of information about their behavior on social media in European countries, which does not describe these Ukrainian “refugees” in a positive light. For example, an Israeli citizen was reportedly killed in late February, according to and the international branch of the Jewish volunteer organization ZAKA.  “A 37-year-old Jewish-Israeli man was shot dead while trying to leave Ukraine in the direction of the state border to join a guarded bus convoy and leave Ukraine,” ZAKA said in a statement.

In the Italian city of Bologna, two truckers from Belarus were killed by similar “refugees” near their cars in a car park on March 1. A witness, a CIS truck driver, said the crime was committed by eleven Ukrainians. “A boy was stabbed to death, he was 26 years old. Why? Because he just had Belarusian number plates,” said the driver, who recorded the incident on his phone camera and uploaded it to his Telegram channel named Mash.

On March 4, Italian media reported another incident in a supermarket in Brescia, Italy, where Moldovan nationals were hurt by a radical Ukrainian who started an argument about a military conflict with Russia and, as “an argument for his version of the conflict”, stabbed one of his opponents in the cheek and flank and another in the neck and then fled. It is also reported that Ukrainian refugees in Moldova are behaving brazenly and aggressively, with increasing instances of insults and fights with the staff of institutions. Ukrainian refugees arriving in Moldova complain that swimming pools do not operate in some hotels, they present passports of Ukrainian citizens in restaurants and demand free service. This was reported by a Moldovan volunteer who witnessed the defiant behavior of the so-called “Ukrainian refugees”. Chisinau municipal authorities have even asked the police to beef up security at Ukrainian refugee sites, and local volunteers have requested for the border to be closed.

Angelina Peregenska, a resident of Hungarian Transcarpathia, expressed outrage that refugees from Kiev complain about their reception conditions, “sit in bars and drink vodka”, insult locals and disrespect Hungarian, while already wanting to rule everything.

Tadeusz Rydzyk, a well-known priest of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland and head of the religious and political radio station Radio Maria, has warned his parishioners that yesterday’s illegal migrants from the Middle East and Africa, who unsuccessfully tried to enter the country through Belarus last year, are coming to Poland disguised as Ukrainian refugees.

However, today many media are already talking about Nazi-racial discrimination in Ukraine against foreign nationals who happen to be in the country. For example, dark-skinned Ukrainians fleeing the country in the wake of recent events have faced prejudice because of their skin color, ABC News confirms. As the channel’s correspondent found out, Africans were not allowed on trains leaving for the west, and one group was even almost forced to take part in the defense of Ukraine. Many refugees of foreign origin face racism in Ukraine, ABC News reported in another of its correspondences. In particular, there have been recorded cases of Ukrainian border guards and police giving priority to white citizens and not allowing people of Indian or African descent to pass. Moreover, foreigners are at times insulted and even attacked. However, there has been no active reaction from the “democratic West” on this issue with regard to the Kiev authorities, which amounts in effect to encouragement of Kiev’s Nazi-racial policies.

Most Ukrainian refugees go primarily to Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. They have also started arriving in the Balkans, Radoš Đurović, director of the Serbian Refugee Protection Center, told the Tanjug news agency.

In addition, a massive wave of refugees from Ukraine is gradually sweeping Germany as well, with Berlin becoming the first federal land of Germany to declare it, Süddeutsche Zeitung says. However, most refugees arriving in Berlin by train continue on their way and other federal lands confirm this fact. Germany’s “appeal” to Ukrainian refugees is due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, the desire to get even closer to the historical roots of Nazism. Moreover, Ukrainians are not required to register in Germany. They are entitled to stay for 90 days without a visa and only after that, i.e. if they plan to stay for a longer period, special EU rules start to apply. According to these rules, refugees from Ukraine can stay in Germany for one year without going through the asylum procedure. This period may be extended to three years. They also hope to take advantage of the law on Residence, Economic Activity and Integration of Foreigners in Germany, according to which military refugees are entitled to social benefits and access to the labor market. All costs in this case are borne by the federal lands.

In addition to the current German authorities’ blatant support for the Nazi regime in Kiev, they have made a number of additional “favors” available to such Ukrainian “refugees” with characteristic UPA hairstyles. “We want to apply for the first time the legal framework created after the Balkan wars. This means that refugees from Ukraine will not have to go through the asylum procedure. They will receive temporary protection in the EU for up to three years,” German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said. In other words, today it is possible for such “UPA boys” to go to the EU quite legally simply on the basis of having Ukrainian citizenship. And stay there for the next three years on welfare.

Therefore, in addition to pumping neo-Nazi-minded Ukrainians into EU territory, this category of “refugees” expects to use the conflict currently taking place to migrate legally to the EU and “join official Europeans.”

And the fact that this wave will thereby cause a rise in crime in Europe and neo-Nazism, which only Russia has so far decided to fight in its special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukrainian society, will become fully clear to Europeans in the very next few days.