Venezuela: Civilian-Military Unity, Deepening of People’s Power and Integral Development are Guarantees to Consolidate Victory against TANCOL at the Border

In the CRBZ we fully support the statements made recently by the Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino, when he informed the country about the balance of the Operation Bolivarian Shield “Vuelvan Caras” that has been executed in Apure, specifically on the border with Colombia, against the Colombian Armed Terrorist groups (Tancol).

It is necessary to recognize as highly positive the results obtained by the FANB in this operation. The forceful deployment in civil-military union in the territory has reached important achievements: displacement and withdrawal to Colombian territory of the Tancol 10th Front FARC-EP, destruction and dismantling of camps and laboratories, neutralization of explosives and mines, in short, liberation of our territory and our people from the serious threat posed by these groups, which are an instrument of the US and the Colombian oligarchy to attack Venezuela and destabilize peace and democracy in the country.

We, who live a political-social life in these territories of the municipality of Paez de Apure, have verified the effectiveness of this operation. The decisive and correct character, in accordance with legal principles and respect for human rights, with which the FANB has acted, has made possible the deactivation of this aggression and the effective liberation of this territory.

In this regard, we believe that, once this victory has been achieved, it is essential to move on to a political, social and organizational offensive. The way to consolidate this victory, deepen it and maintain sovereignty in these territories in perpetuity is the solid construction of people’s power. Only by strengthening the PSUV, the people’s organizational bodies, the communal councils, communes, producers’ associations and other bodies of popular power can Venezuela guarantee sovereignty in this territorial strip. This is one of the keys.

Another key is the need to design and execute an integral development plan for the entire territorial axis. A plan that must contemplate productive development, social attention, empowerment of the people and grassroots territorial political work. Together with the military force, the popular shield of the power of the organized people, the social attention to the population, the productive development are the central elements for the defense of sovereignty, peace and democracy in the border.

This can only be achieved in strict civil-military unity and with the active and committed participation, the thrust of all the forces of Chavism present there. In this sense, the CRBZ is and will be present in the front line of this political and social battle, with all its accumulated, with all its experience, contributing with discipline and humility wherever it is necessary to consolidate this victory.

National Coordination of the Revolutionary Current Bolivar and Zamora