Destabilization of Ukraine: “Washington Needs a War and is Trying to Drag Russia into One”

Alexander Lemoine
The International Center for Strategic Intelligence (ICSI) decreed in mid-January in Ukraine the red risk level (penultimate), which means an extreme probability of a crisis and serious conflict, travel to this country is not recommended.

ICSI raised the risk level after the failure of diplomatic negotiations between Nato and Russia. According to the Center, major military clashes are plausible on the territory of Ukraine within two weeks.

At almost the same time, the Polish media Mysl Polska described the “diabolical plan” of the United States regarding Russia, predicting that “negotiations (with the United States and NATO) will bring nothing”. According to the Polish authors, Washington is trying to make the security negotiations with Russia fail. It wants to drag Russia into a war. Knowing that Washington does not want a nuclear war. “They need a war in Ukraine and they are trying to drag Russia into it,” say Polish journalists. This outcome would be convenient for the United States, because in this case Americans would not be affected by military activities. The Poles note that the “real diabolical plan” of the United States foresees a head-on confrontation between Ukrainians and Russians, who have “common religious, cultural and largely ethnic roots” to kill each other in a large-scale conflict.

As Bloomberg’s sources say, the opportunity to start a bloody conflict on Ukrainian territory will arise between mid-January and the end of February. Note that in late December, the US administration “stealthily” allocated to the Kiev regime additional military aid of $ 200 million. This aid includes the provision of infantry weapons, ammunition, signal stations, medical equipment and spare parts to Ukraine.

In mid-January it was reported that a secret CIA program had already taught Ukrainians to “kill Russians”. Under this program the Americans are actively preparing the Ukrainian military to carry out military activities against Russia. It is reported that this program is organized on the territory of a base in the south of the United States and in the Donbass. This was told to the media by a former employee of the US intelligence. According to his information and sources, the training program for elite Ukrainian fighters was created in the era of Barack Obama after the “Crimean Spring”. Then it was expanded by the Trump administration, and even more by the Biden administration. American consultants went under this program to the Donbass front to give advice to the Ukrainian military, teach them how to handle weapons, camouflage and location. According to media reports, these fighters are expected to play a key role in the armed conflict in the east in the event of an “invasion of Russia.”

U.S. advisors are openly working in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. U.S. supervisory advisors Chris Rizzo and Todd Brown are working on a permanent basis as of January 11, 2022 in the Defense Policy Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Their official duties are to provide “advisory assistance in the implementation of military reform measures” on defense policy, management in the military sector and Euro-Atlantic integration.

A false flag provocation could be the starting point for bloodshed. The Pentagon and the White House are already talking openly about it, referring to “reliable intelligence” and attributing to the Russian secret services the preparation of a “pretext” to invade Ukraine by organizing subversive operations against the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. According to the White House, necessary specialists have already been trained and trained to handle weapons and explosives to organize false flag operations in the Donbass.