LPNM: The Legal Term of the Executive and Legislative Authorities in Libya Has Expired

Libyan Position
ناصر سعيد المتحدث الرسمي باسم الحركة الوطنية الشعبية الليبيةNasser Saeed, spokesperson for the Libyan People’s National Movement

The official spokesman for the Libyan National People’s Movement, Nasser Saeed, said that the executive and legislative authorities in Libya are expired, noting that all measures taken by them now are illegal, especially the elected parliament, which is no longer qualified to perform the role assigned to it.

Saeed added, in a post on his personal Facebook page, “Hence the importance of expediting the holding of the parliamentary elections.”

He continued, “The current council is unable to manage the stage after its term has expired. It is looking for advantages, promotions and diplomatic passports for its members and their children, and the country is mired in death. Such people cannot be relied upon to enact legislation.”

The issuance of a law allowing Libyan parliamentarians and their families to obtain a diplomatic passport for life has sparked controversy and great criticism in the country, amid calls for the abolition of this law.

And the local media circulated, since yesterday, Tuesday, a document of a law issued by Parliament and ratified by deputies, stipulating that “each member of the House of Representatives is granted a political passport, and he has the right to keep it, and it is valid even after the end of his term of membership in the House, and political passports are granted to their spouses.” and special passports for their children.

Translation by Internationalist 360°