Libya: “Do We Let the Election Obstructionists Reap the Fruits of Their Victory?”

Dr. Muhammad Jibril Al-Arfi

There was a crime of conspiracy against the will of the Libyan people. 2.8 million had the right to vote. 2.5 of them registered and withdrew their cards. 80% of those who had the right to vote showed their keenness on the elections and a million voters recommended candidates for the presidency and representatives. They chose their president and deputy who would serve on their behalf. A crime was committed against all of them, and against the country in general.

Criminology says: In order to discover the criminal, look for the beneficiary. It is clear who the criminals are. They are the ones who seize power in Sharqistan and Westernistan. They lead by bribery and forgery, formed by the coalition of militias, the Brotherhood and the mafias,to loot public money. Some members of the House of Representatives contributed to the crime because they have an interest in the continuation of their own privileges and advantages.

We saw the student expelled from the College of Engineering bragging that he was a bribery broker working in tmedia controlled by the mafia terrorist gangs. He dared to announce this publicly without fear of possible punishment or shame from a utterly shameful situation.

It must be admitted that the gang of bribery and fraud has won and succeeded in aborting the elections and that victory was achieved through many instruments, including that the outside world feared that the Libyan people would restore their sovereignty, that they would choose a national president and a national parliament. The the national system they thought they had brought down is still feared by them.

Also, the commission did not guard against suspicion, even when proving that it was afraid and not treacherous.

Piety was used as a cloak deliberately concealing affiliations with the criminal group, and it highlighted the force majeure card that lead to the abortion of the elections. This brings to mind the force that what is important is not to enable this lobby to reap the fruits of their victory.

This requires first: knowing their intentions represented In their eagerness not to elect a president from among the people, to choose instead a de facto president. They seek to achieve this goal in the following way:

To have the parliamentary elections precede the presidential election, because they believe they can easily control the will of 200 parliamentarians by seduction, intimidation, and thus their control of power will continue. Unfortunately, this trick may deceive many, as we have heard voices calling for parliamentary election – the election of a parliament that separates the rest of the stage on the mood of those who control it in the absence of the people.

To restrict the people with a booby-trapped constitution by making formal amendments to the Constitution (Turapura) to enter into a spiral of conflict over the drafting of its articles, and the third way is to extend the transitional phase, and this is expected because it is impossible to agree on a constitution during a state of turmoil. And before and after all of that, the extension of the power of bribery and forgery.

These scenarios began with the formation of committees, and with bilateral meetings between the beneficiaries of the situation from different regions, and the mafias that control the central bank enabled the leader of the family mafia to mobilize more out of greed, need or ignorance. They control Tripoli, which will impede the armed forces efforts to disarm the militias, and thus ensure the continued impossibility of holding elections.

Even if elections do take place, they cannot be free, transparent and fair, because they will be under the bayonets of guns. The most effective way is to organize the national forces to take the reins and seize them from the hands of these criminals.This may he require igniting a popular revolution protected by the armed forces and security services, to play the role of liberation forces to rid the country of this nightmare that has been asphyxiating us for more than a decade, and to create alliances with partners in destiny at home and neighboring countries, to build strategic relations based on scientific foundations, not on media statements.

Egypt has an interest in the stability of Libya, especially as it began to rise very quickly. Egypt will soon become an oil and industrial country and will achieve a scientific renaissance. Egypt, in the coming years, will be an attractive environment for Turkish, Libyan and Kuwaiti employment, and the economy will complete the third side of the triangle of power in Egypt. Libya is a vital area for Egypt, and Egypt’s constant goal is that a hostile regime does not set up next to it. This goal is consistent with the orientations of the national forces, because the Brotherhood and bin Laden’s followers are historical enemies of the Arab people. Egypt has ended the era of submissiveness, negligence, labor, poverty and beggary. while on the other hand, Libya is a playground for the struggle of foreign powers.

On the other hand, Libya is a playground for the conflict of foreign powers. It is not possible to separate what is happening in Libya from what is happening in Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, America or China – armaments, gas, immigration, terrorism – and the Russian mobilization on the borders of Ukraine, but imperialism’s advisors in Libya suffer from a political disability.

Libya is historically forward-looking, so whoever wants the best for Libya and the Arabs, let him unite with the (unique) June revolution.

Translation by Internationalist 360°