Head of the Social Council for the Tribes and Cities of Fezzan: “Reconciliation Must Include All Members of Society”

Sheikh Ali Misbah Abu Sbeiha, Head of the Social Council for the Tribes and Cities of Fezzan, commented on the issue of national reconciliation and the statements of the Parliamentary Roadmap Committee on his Facebook page.

The post was as follows:

True reconciliation, you are far from it. Reconciliation must include all members of society, avoiding fragmentation and selectivity, and addressing the mistakes of the past.

As for the reconciliation that you seek between you as you continue in your chairs looting public funds. This is a lie that will not work and will be dealt with by the Libyan people who are affected by the unjust laws, decisions and actions that have been practiced against them for eleven years. It will not be long, you will disagree over the division of the booty, and you will fight as you fought before. And they will come to the rest of the state’s assets and destroy and burn the public buildings.

May God bless you and your gatherings, because nothing but evil comes from them, and it has never been in the interest of the bereaved, oppressed and downtrodden people.

To God the complainant, and to him is the refuge and destiny, and there is no power or strength except with him.

Sheikh Ali Misbah Abu Sbeiha