The Coronavirus Hustle: A Power-Grab at Levels Never Before Seen in the History of the World

Prof. Anthony J. Hall,g_auto,w_1200,h_675,ar_16:9/, mandates and passports are the major issue of the day with millions of people protesting against them worldwide. In fact, what has become known as the “medical freedom” movement is arguably the biggest and most diverse international movement in world history. 

Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are among the most vile, unconstitutional, immoral, unscientific, discriminatory and outright criminal policies ever enforced upon the population and goes against everything GPUS stands for under social justice.

These policies are coming from an out-of-control government at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry. 

The mainstream media and social media are also working in lock-step to censor any and all doctors, scientists and investigative journalists who have an opposing view or who even question the current mainstream media orthodoxy. 

Workers are being forced out of their jobs, many with medical exceptions from their doctors, students are being denied entrance to educational institutions, needed medical treatment is being denied, medical privacy is being violated, constitutionally protected rights to movement and assembly (including the right to travel) are being threatened, rights to normal societal participation are being decimated.  

It has taken a while, but more recently many medical professionals, elected officials and federal judges have come out fully against lockdowns, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and of course massive censorship.

There is a growing clarity among many that these measures have nothing to do with health and everything to do with a power-grab at levels never before seen in the history of the world.

The National Black Caucus of the GPUS adheres to the principle that informed consent in all personal health and medical decisions is an inalienable human right.  

Under no circumstances shall any medical treatment or procedure — including psychotropic medications, vaccines and/or other injectable treatments — be mandated or coerced.

Individuals should be allowed to protect/heal themselves in a manner that best supports their medical and spiritual beliefs.

The coercive methods we oppose include:

  • Threats to personal health information privacy at every level.
  • Discrimination and/or lack of access to public education, public housing or other public services.
  • Removal of minors from their guardians.
  • Any travel restrictions and/or restrictions from public spaces based on a requirement for “vaccine passports” or any other proof of “compliance” with any medical intervention.
  • Vaccine requirements that target specific populations based on ethnicity/race, even if positioned as correcting disparities.
  • We further oppose the use of privacy-invasive technology and artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring systems (including facial recognition, fingerprint apps, tracking cell phones or any other personal electronic devices and credit score systems) as a way to monitor and track the movements and/or restrict the rights of individuals to freely exist and assemble as they choose, especially when applied to personal health care choices.” 

(National Black Caucus of the US Green Party, 16 December, 2021 )

Litigation and Mandatory Injections

The wellbeing of society has taken many disastrous dives for the worse since the fateful instruction almost two years ago that we should shelter in place in order to “lower the curve of hospitalizations.” Since then, most of our governments have morphed into demented tyrannies. In recent months their thuggishness has been expressed by giving dubious forms of legal backing to nonsensical systems of mandatory injections pressed coercively on entire categories of recipients.  

Many groups of workers are being pushed into taking pathogenic clot shots in order to keep their jobs and all the good things that come from paid employment.  Millions of college and university students are facing similar Faustian bargains if they want to gain and retain access to higher education. In the United States, however, the draconian jobs-for-jabs tradeoff is starting to lose some ground. This same pattern, however, is not yet readily ascertainable in Canada, at least so far. 

The vaccine obsessives in the Biden plutocracy have run into a wall of judicial non-compliance with the determination that the number of forced injections must be increased towards the point of universality. A federal judge in Missouri began the process by pulling the legal rug out from beneath a federal executive order directing healthcare workers to submit to mandatory vaccines in a number of states.   

This ruling was upheld without comment by the 8th Circuit court of Appeals.

 More recently a federal judge in Georgia, R. Stan Baker, put the brakes on the Biden government’s attempt to compel all federal contractors to press gene-modifying clot shots on all their employees.  

Judge Baker’s ruling caused a stampede of corporate leviathans away from the federal infatuation with mandatory shots. For instance General Electric, Verizon, 3 M, Oracle and Boeing began to distance themselves from the US Executive branch’s pathological preoccupation with forcing jabs into as many American arms as possible.   

The judicial blocks put in place by the federal courts in Georgia and Missouri are part of a larger pattern of politics and litigation that seems to be turning the momentum against mandatory vaccines.   

The hostility to federally-mandated injections is growing even in Congress where a majority of Senators, including some Democrats, voted 52 to 48 against the principle of inflicting jabs on workers in companies with more than 100 employees.

Outside of Washington DC the governments of 27 states, some of them with Democratic Party Governors, are lining up to oppose vaccine mandates through policy, statute, and litigation. They are mobilizing to protect the provisions outlined in the1st amendment of the US Constitution. They are mobilizing to safeguard freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and bodily autonomy.   

Brain Freeze Afflictions 

Canada is not yet subject to anything like the political firestorms ignited by US Officialdom’s hot interactions with both sides on the issue of mandatory injections. In Canada the introduction of mandatory vaccines by both levels of government did not immediately arouse harsh antagonisms in either Parliament or in federal-provincial interactions. Indeed, in Canada the manufactured COVID crisis has generated a pretty pervasive brain freeze reflected most conspicuously in the intellectual complacency of most politicians, judges, and academics. 

By and large, most of the leading practitioners in these professional fields have opted not to conduct independent research on their own but to take their signals instead from the bought-and-paid-for media. The consistent uniformity of the deceptive messaging conveyed by the censorious media is at the forefront of the most aggressive and traumatizing saga of psychological warfare ever mounted. 

The steady stream of seriously inaccurate and unbalanced reports emanating from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation forms an especially irritating reminder that, in Canada, there no longer exists any credible venue of national public broadcasting. See this.

The boast of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he successfully pays off the media in return for softball questions and consistently positive coverage has resonated as very applicable to this propaganda-driven plandemic.

Video: Just Trudeau Braging About Bribing the Media

In the United States, in Canada and many other countries, the main consortium pushing the COVID Con sees mandatory vaccines as necessary steps along the way to so-called vaccine passports. These “passports” are meant to provide new domestic keys for the participation of vaccine-compliant individuals in the mainstream of social, commercial and cultural interactions. 

How are we to interpret the denial of permission to engage in “permitted” interactions in the arbitrary tyranny being imposed on us all in the name of vaccine passport systems? How are we to interpret the exclusion of the so-called “unvaccinated” from a broad array of freedoms and civil liberties that were, until recently, assumed to be integral to citizenship? What is to become of the controlled demolition of our supposed liberal democracies now that the ideals of citizenship are being vanquished? This obliteration of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship is to make way for arbitrary rule by secretive cartels run ultimately by international bankers along with their multi-billionaire protégés?

 The extent of wreckage wrought in Europe through the proliferation of mandated systems of vaccine passports is now becoming clear. Dr. Mike Yeadon, the former Vice-President of Pfizer Corporation, has highlighted the subject. He has observed

 “Europe is all but gone. The lights are going out. Austria and Germany now subject their unvaccinated to house arrest. In Greece, the unvaccinated are subject to escalating fines, non-payment of which is converted into prison time. In Lithuania, the unvaccinated are excluded from society. The booster campaigns are running full-pelt everywhere.” See this.

From the introduction of the celebrity virus in early 2020, the plandemic’s main promoters have aimed at the goal of imposing universalized injections on all of humankind. The promoters prominently include Bill Gates and his longtime friend, Justin Trudeau. According to cybersecurity expert, David Hawkins, the famous fathers of both Justin Trudeau and Bill Gates Jr. were also friends and collaborators in their shared advocacy of eugenic approaches for the control of human reproduction. 

The vaccine obsessives driving the exploitation of the manufactured COVID crisis engaged large-scale academic fraud to advance their opposition to all natural remedies for coronavirus infection. Remedies like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have been lied about and defamed by the COVID Officialdom, with Anthony Fauci as its chief point person.   

For more than a generation Fauci has been a chief promoter of “public-private partnerships” that integrate the federal government and the military-industrial complex with the pharmaceutical companies. Chrystia Freeland, the real behind-the-scenes, hands-on leader of the federal Liberals, has accelerated Canada’s adoption of the US model of political economy over many jurisdictional spheres including “health care.” 

The crackdown on alternative remedies for coronavirus infection has been intense. One revealing illustration of the severity of the crackdown highlights a fraudulent study of Hydroxychloroquine by a fake company named Surgisphere. The incident illustrated the deep corruption of the academic peer review system when it comes to the process of assessing pharmaceutical products. The journals, Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, were exposed as dishonest publishing venues as corrupt as the tainted industry that contains them. 

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr has documented in great detail, government regulators including the NIH, the FDA, and the CDC have been captured by businesses to do the bidding of the drug companies. The government as personified by Fauci makes it a priority to help makers of pharmaceutical products priorize the making of money over the protection of public health. 

This corporatist bias in governance is epitomized by the grant of legal immunity to vaccine makers. Since 1986 the companies in this commercial sector cannot be sued for damages caused by faults in their products.

This immunization of the makers of vaccines exempts them by law from being held responsible for causing death and injury with their sometimes toxic and improperly-tested products. This exemption from the normal requirements of doing business highlights a deep systemic problem in the proliferation of public-private partnerships that dominate the US pharmaceutical industry.

The federal government has extended to vaccine makers the kind of sweetheart deal removing the incentive for companies to take the required time and expense to make their injections truly safe and effective. The consequent breakdown in standards has given rise to a flood of illness-inflicting results that show up in the meteoric increases in chronic disease that have swept over the United States since 1989. See this.

The preferential treatment directed by the federal regulators at their favorite vaccine companies is reflected in the unfounded prohibitions sidelining cheap natural cures for coronavirus illnesses. As Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has emphasized, these politically-motivated prohibitions have resulted in many hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths. See this. 

The cheap, unpatented and readily-available natural remedies have been banned or defamed to preserve the emergency measure approvals for the much-anticipated Warp Speed shots. From what has been published about the flagrantly incompetent and dishonest medical experiment still-underway, the emergency measure shots have been shown to be far too deadly and injurious to qualify as being anywhere near safe and effective. 

The Future of a Bio-Digital Database 

One important incentive that has been shown to be driving the attempt to universalize COVID injections, is to bring about the global universalization of a bio-digital database more powerful, comprehensive and adaptable than any previously-existing platform. The strategic importance of this objective should help explain the pathological push to demonize and even criminalize those that refuse to allow themselves to be injected with the gene-altering jabs. 

Dr. Mike Yeadon was one of the first major scientists to blow the whistle on the deeper implications of the data-collecting initiative that is integral to the manufactured COVID crisis. See this.

For months Dr. Yeadon has been warning that one of the main purposes of the COVID scam is to empower and enrich those seeking to become the proprietors of a new system of data collection, transmission and manipulation. The envisaged database would encompass many different categories, themes, topics, vectors, and searches. 

Dr. Yeadon explains how the real agenda of the promoters of vaccine passports goes far beyond a means of recording the vaccination histories of individuals. Rather, the envisaged objectives are far more broad-ranging, extending to information in individuals’ finances, police records, contact lists, travel histories, sexual proclivities as well as collections of detailed digital data on the distinct genetic characteristics of every human on the planet. 

Many human genomes are already being mapped. This vast new fund of bio-digital data is susceptible to being archived, monitored, shipped and analyzed through elaborate networks devoted to the Internet of people, things and services on the fast-expanding frontiers of Artificial Intelligence (AI).   

The proliferation of well-funded entities like Bill Gates’ GAVI form a big part of these developments, including on the engineered interfaces linking human biology and digital technology. One of the motives driving Gates in bringing about the mass vaccination of children, is depopulation. See this.

It is also to incorporate the survivors early into systems of mass digital surveillance. See this.

In 2009 the government of Switzerland recognized in GAVI a long list of state-like powers and jurisdictions. Describing itself as a public-private partnership, “the Geneva-based GAVI Alliance enjoys privileges and immunities similar to those enjoyed by other intergovernmental organizations [including the UN] in Switzerland.” See this.

The Frankenstein-esque projects being pushed by promoters of transhumanism figure prominently among those engaged in engineering the COVID crisis. These would-be makers of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution are deadly serious in their quest to implement and exploit massive schemes for unlimited bio-digital experiments in the process of transforming humans into transhumans.

The goal is nothing less than to alter the very form and genetic character of Homo sapiens. See this.

The goal of transhumanism is to marry mechanical devices and computational capacity with the natural attributes that humanity has inherited from God and from millions of years of evolution. In this way the survivors of the so-called “Great Reset” currently underway would be made to integrate more readily into the robotization of society through the secretive and sometimes competitive operations of many different initiatives in AI. See this.

Presently obstacles are being removed to the aggressive reconstitution of human beings including through the genetic modification of human attributes. See this.

The way is being prepared for new forms of experiment on human subjects that go far beyond the atrocities currently being committed in this round of forced mass injections. The way is being cleared, it seems, for laissez-faire approaches to conducting medical research on human stand-ins for the role once assigned to rats and guinea pigs. This spectacle of degradation exposes that the value of human life is being subjected to a precipitous decline that might very well prove to be more draconian than anything we have seen so far in history.

How else are we to interpret the future implications of the decisive blow against constitutionally guaranteed protections for bodily autonomy and for the security of the person? Once governments have backed the act of compelling individuals to accept the coercive injection of known pathogens into their bodies as conditions for keeping their jobs, what can we expect next? Is there any facet of human rights that will continue to be respected as sacrosanct after the imposition on large population groups  of mandatory injections?

Different methods in choosing and employing judges form a possible factor in the contrasting judicial reception to schemes for mandatory injections in the United States and Canada.

The fact that some judges in the United States are elected, might make the US judicial system more prone to reflect political tensions like those that set state authorities against federal structures of power and influence.

In Canada too, judges tend to be creatures of politics but in ways less obvious than the elected judges of the United States. All Canadian judges derive their positions from selection processes led by elected officials. In the current climate, this process of judicial appointment seems to make the Canadian judiciary more prone to go along with government initiatives done in the name of fighting COVID-19.  

For whatever reasons, judges have not been inclined to look diligently into the extensive data amassed by some litigants alleging that governments have misrepresented the true facts of the matter.

They have not seriously investigated the arguments that the aggressive restrictions on civil liberties have been completely disproportionate with the actual scale of the supposed medical emergency. Judges have not been diligent in following evidence-based science. Instead of doing due diligence, most judicial arbiters of the restrictions done in the name of emergency measures in Canada have been content to accept at face value government rationales for government policies and actions. 

The fact that virtually all elected officials in the Canadian Parliament are virtually in lockstep on COVID policies, is increasing the pressure felt by magistrates to join the government consensus. This judicial failure of independent arbitration has added to the failure by leading figures in the media and academia to provide the necessary checks and balances to reign in government malfeasance just at the time when such correctives are needed the most. 

It is fair to question what is going on behind-the-scenes when all of society’s most powerful agencies, including the Canadian judiciary, have coalesced so tightly in support of such a nonsensical agenda. In today’s world the evidence has become overwhelming that bribery, extortion and blackmail figure prominently in the exercise of power. This propensity is especially prominent in places where the concentration of influence and wealth is most pronounced. 

The wheels of deception and repression are especially well greased in the manufacturing of this COVID crisis. The evidence is overwhelming that huge flows of black budget money have been circulating. It can easily be surmised that much of it is ending up in the pockets of politicians, public health officials, medical mafioso, union personnel, jurists, professors, and other so-called “public intellectuals. 

The money is changing hands as payments for echoing and implementing the talking points stated by the likes of Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and their huge entourages of lawyers, fixers, enforcers, spin doctors, and creative accountants. The money is being used to mount the theatrics of political manipulation in venues that once upheld enlightened principles and practices of public health. 

In concluding the essay where the co-authors outline some of the financial aspects of the COVID scam being pressed upon us, Dr. Elizabeth Vliet and Ali Shultz explain,

Our formerly trusted medical community of hospitals and hospital-employed medical staff have effectively become “bounty hunters” for your life.”

The rigging of the system in Canada, the USA and the world is to usher in new ways of life and death in a polarized society of masters and slaves. The ultimate funders pushing this agenda are the world’s top echelon of private central bankers whose core institution is the Swiss-based Bank of International Settlements. These top bankers tend to see themselves as chosen ones who have acquired sovereign charters to make debt-laden money materialize out of thin air.

This tiny cabal of international financiers at the top of global organized crime have launched yet another coup. Their transhumanist reset is in part a war aimed especially at eliminating middle class people, including millions of small business owners. Small business owners and decently-paid professional people tend to retain some measure of financial independence.  

This independence often translates into the ingredients of more self-determination in personal life and in procedures of governance. It is this form of individual and collective autonomy that a coalition of multi-billionaires and bankers are now trying to set aside altogether. This aim is ultimately to sabotage the little that remains of democracy and the fragile remnants of the rule of law.  

A key to the viability of the rule of law lies in the integrity of the systems of checks and balances. The subjugation of checks and balances by the power of money, but especially by off-the-books-black-budget money, is now on public display for those with attentive eyes to see and sensitive ears to hear.      

The refusal of several Canadian judges to find legal fault with the design and implementation of COVID policies, has repeatedly come down to the judiciary’s assertion that the adversaries of government actions have failed to prove “irreparable harm.”  In a December 13 ruling on on a case brought against the government of Canada by an employee of a federal contractor, Justice Simon Fothergill ruled,

Put simply, a vaccine mandate does not cause irreparable harm because it does not force vaccination… The loss of employment, while a significant and important consequence, is something that can be compensated in monetary damages.”

This strange ruling follows a prior decision in Saskatchewan that supports the vaccine mandates coercively imposed on employees of Crown corporations including SaskTel, SaskEnergy, and SaskPower. The presiding judge decided that the applicants for an injunction to block the mandated jabs, failed to prove “irreparable harm.”

The need in Canadian law to prove “irreparable harm” as a necessary condition for obtaining injunctions from the courts, goes back to a precedent set in 1994. The need for proof of irreparable harm was established in a tobacco case brought by RJR-Macdonald Inc. against the government of Canada.

It is ironic that the sanctioning of vaccine mandates in Canada depends on judicial rulings that highlight the supposed failure to prove “irreparable harm.” The evidence has become overwhelming that the COVID injections are significant sources of irreparable harm whether taken voluntarily or as a condition of either employment or access to education.

How much irreparable harm has already been inflicted by COVID jabs?

Systems of government record keeping on COVID injections have become so inept that they seem to have been purposely designed to undercount the real number of vaccine deaths and injuries.

This chicanery with numbers is a telling hallmark of those that have been busily manufacturing this COVID crisis. They have been fudging all sorts of counts including, for instance, those that vastly overstate the numbers of COVID “cases” and COVID deaths. At the same time they have been aggressively undercounting and covering up injection casualties.

Even within the framework of the COVID Officialdom’s unreliable and often dishonest system of keeping and reporting records, the published numbers in the USA, UK, and the EU combined, show many tens of thousands of vaccine mortalities as well as millions of adverse side effects.

Many of the so-called adverse events involve rare or unheard-of ailments new to medical science. How is it that the evidence of injection deaths and injuries was left unaddressed in Canadian judicial rulings arguing that the citizen litigants failed to prove irreparable harm? Why is the Canadian system of counting death and injuries even more sketchy than those in the US, the UK and the EU?

The evidence is overwhelming that significant portions of humanity subjected to mass vaccinations have been irreparably harmed? The jabs- for-jobs ultimatums kicked into high gear in the transition period from the summer to the fall of 2021. In the course of this transition the majority of doctors declined to uphold their Hippocratic Oaths.

Too many doctors reneged on their primary professional promise by participating in rolling out the irreparable harm wrought by COVID jabs causing such high rates of vaccine injury and death.  Then when the news began to break in hospitals about the extent of the damage being wrought, many medical professionals chose to deny and cover up the phenomenon.

How many jabbed patients diagnosed with new cases of COVID-19 were really vaccine injuries being misrepresented?

The pathological secrecy and dishonesty of the statistical reporting can now be looked at in retrospect through a recent release of previously-hidden Pfizer documents. The documents were obtained through a successful Freedom of Information procedure. In an internal report intended exclusively for the eyes of Pfizer officials, it was recorded that Pfizer shots resulted in 1,200 reports of vaccine deaths and tens of thousands more of adverse events.

From the very beginning of this massive medical experiment on human subjects, then, it was well known by the leading vaccine maker that high injury and death rates were inflicting irreparable harm on an unacceptably high proportion of those on the receiving end of the company’s jabs. Pfizer’s withholding of this data clarifies the company’s unwillingness to allow the option of informed consent to the human subjects participating in the most massive experiment ever conducted on human subjects.

The frequent twisting of contorted language and logic in the manufactured COVID crisis often complicates rational assessments of what is really taking place. Dr. Joseph Mercola highlights the linguistic contortions with special reference to those of the American Medical Association. The leadership of the AMA decided to use its influence by instructing its members to downplay or ignore altogether the deaths and injuries being caused by the COVID injections.

The confusions linking the concept of immunity with the identification of various kinds of human herds, offers an example of devious linguistic alterations. The very idea of describing groups of human beings in the same language usually applied to cattle, suggests the very terminology of the manufactured COVID crisis is calculated to denigrate human dignity.

The basis of so-called “herd immunity” was formerly considered a function of high numbers of people with healthy natural resistance to disease. As the manufactured COVID crisis unfolded, however, the term was quickly appropriated to describe the intended outgrowth of high rates of vaccination.

Those who have been able to avert “herd stupidity” will well understand that recognition that the front line of protection against the invasion of infections lies in the good health of our innate systems of natural immunity.

The term, immunity, also has important meaning in the language of legal concepts. For instance, the makers of the COVID jabs are made to enjoy immunity from being sued for the harm caused by their products? Ironically, part of the menace of COVID jabs and the so-called “boosters shots” that are following them is that they attack and degrade the natural immune system of injection recipients.

The destruction of natural immunity through repeated vaccination is a part of a process of creating the kind of dependencies on which the pharmaceutical industry thrives. The pharmaceutical business together with its agents and proponents in the medical profession have developed techniques for degrading human health in ways that profit them over the long run. The accelerating cycle of mounting health problems has the effect of increasing the demand for widening arrays of prescription drugs as well as medical procedures and devices such as nebulizers.

The unleashing of the fear campaign accompanying the introduction of COVID-19 pushed sky high the worst features of the pharmaceutical industry’s primary business model. Many of those who ended up taking injections were convinced by the false promises they would be protected from COVID infections or from passing the contagion along to others.

Of course injected people experienced no such outcomes. In fact all over the world, populations receiving high rates of vaccinations subsequently experienced high death rates. COVID injectees can “catch” the contagion and infect others. In fact it seems they become more infectious after the injections that have been shown to do much more harm than good.

Dr. Anthony Hall is editor in chief of the American Herald Tribune. He is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.