Green Party Assembles Circular Firing Squad With its Support of Mandated COVID-19 Jabs

Lauren Smith December 8th the Green’s nine-member Steering Committee, its administrative arm, released a press statement in support of mandatory Covid-19 jabs. In one fell swoop, it rebranded and denigrated the Greens to just another captive corporate political party that echoes the pharmaceutical industry’s narrative “your body, my choice”.

However, there is hope. As explained by Trahern Crews, a spokesperson for the Green’s National Black Caucus, the Steering Committee’s press release is not representative and was thereby unauthorized—since it departs from the Green Party’s 10 Key Values, its platform planks and was not voted upon by the National Committee.

Thus, consensus was not achieved on a highly divisive and substantive issue—oddly in a party claiming to be a model of grassroots democracy. Thus, at worst, the Steering Committee’s press release indicates a failure of its present leadership, though not in the Green Party itself as an institution because the Black Caucus has acted as a check & balance to the Steering Committee’s authoritarianism.

Greens Jump Ship

Nonetheless, while retractions can be issued, the damage is done. Green members are exiting the party in droves, such as high profile news media host, Kim Iverson, who tweeted “the only party I ever registered for. Goodbye” on the Steering Committee’s Twitter page. Iverson’s quote already has over 1,000 likes.

This self-inflicted GreenExit bullet wound is most unfortunate because third parties have the greatest electoral chance at achieving a semblance of democracy in our raging plutocracy that has become unabashedly authoritarian—irrespective of its corporate party leadership. It’s curious that at a time when increased donations and membership drives are necessary, as third parties face increasing ballot access hurdles, the Steering Committee wouldn’t instead use its bully pulpit to promote established platform planks that are unifying and unassailable such as World Peace, Medicare for All, Worker Ownership, Direct Democracy, Banking Reform, Justice, Prison & Police Reform, and a real Green New Deal.

COINTELPRO Or Personality Disorders

Instead, defying all logic, the Steering Committee picked a lightning rod of controversy to champion. Several individuals interviewed blamed the use of infiltrators/COINTELPRO operatives within the Green Party for this and other ongoing self-sabotaging tactics, while others attribute it to random personality disorders such as narcissism.

What’s unclear is why this behavior is permitted. When asked why disruptive and divisive individuals aren’t removed from meetings and from positions of authority, the answer most often repeated is that these types of individuals form alliances and then use them to badger detractors into silence. Routinely, opposition targets are isolated, ganged-up on and slandered until they quit in disgust.

Many on all sides of the political spectrum do not believe the FBI’s unconstitutional COINTELPRO program was ever terminated—especially with it and the CIA’s interest in “domestic terrorists” and “extremists”. These nebulas designations quickly devolve into what’s now named “anti-government” groups. Thus, opposition to any of Washington’s narratives can result in, at minimum, unconstitutional surveillance if not in outright arrest or elimination.

Over the last 60 years of its operation, many FBI/CIA tactics brought to light involve the deployments of infiltrators and agent-provocateurs; the use of entrapment/coercion/plea deals and blackmail to carry out false-flag operations; imprisonments based on manufactured false charges; financial harassments through the IRS and other governmental entities; the use of slander and libel through its captive news and entertainment media; and outright assassinations.

Rise Of The Green’s Black Caucus

Within the context that there are over 111 Greens holding elected office since November, Trahern Crews believes this is not a time to abandon-ship but instead a time to bring all-hands-on-deck to wrest control from those who lack, at minimum, the leadership ability necessary to keep the party unified and moving forward.

If there is a silver lining, it’s that the Green’s National Black Caucus has stepped up to fill this void and in doing so has demonstrated leadership. Its December 13th statement, against the discriminatory and oppressive Covid-19 mandate is not only persuasive, but inspiring—no matter what your position is regarding getting the jab. If the Black Caucus’ statement is released to its members and they are given the respect they aptly deserve, the Green Party can be saved from itself.

Media Committee Refuses To Release Black Caucus’ Statement

However, the Green Party’s Media Committee refused to release the Black Caucus’ statement. This is without surprise since several insiders claim that the Steering Committee’s statement was crafted by the communication manager, Michael O’Neil. O’Neil has not commented on any aspect of the Steering Committee’s press release other than offering to provide interviews that never materialized.

Alt-News Media Outlets

Without missing a beat, independent and cutting edge news media outlets, the Convo Couch and the Jimmy Dore Show, immediately came to the rescue to broadcast the Black Caucus’ rebuke of the Steering Committee’s authoritarian message.

The Convo Couch interviewed two co-chairs from the Black Caucus, Darryl! LC Moch and Trahern Crews. They mentioned the racism inherent in mandates as more Whites are vaccinated than Blacks. Also, Black hesitancy is attributed to historic practices of medical experimentation and sterilization on slaves and Black Americans.

Additionally, the skyrocketing profits enjoyed by the indemnified pharmaceutical industry from vaccinations are a cause for concern and a need for consumer protection against “fraud, dangerous products, usury, corporate greed and rip-offs”. Further, side effects that interfere with work ability are less tolerable to individuals that live from paycheck to paycheck.

Jimmy Dore’s reading of the full National Black Caucus statement with accompanying screen shots was powerfully convincing. In doing so he offered respect for their finely worded statement and leadership, but nonetheless Dore used this opportunity to plug the People’s Party as an alternative to the Green Party.

…Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are among the most vile, unconstitutional, immoral, unscientific, discriminatory, and outright criminal policies ever enforced upon the population and goes against everything the Green Party stands for under Social Justice. These policies are coming from an out-of-control government at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry. The mainstream media and social media are also working in lock-step to censor any and all doctors, scientists, and investigative journalists who have an opposing view or who even question the current mainstream media orthodoxy….

People’s Party

The People’s Party is a misnomer. There’s no party, only fundraising, sheep-dogging and controlled opposition by Nick Brana—who’s rapid political ascent, since graduating William and Mary in 2011, is suspect at best.

Out of the gate, prior to his role as national outreach coordinator of Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign, Mr. Brana claims to have worked on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Then, he leap-frogged to Deputy Director of Voter Protection on Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign and also worked on then Sen. John Kerry’s PAC.

Both MacAuliffe and Kerry are part of the dubious Clinton/CIA machine.

Who then is Nicolas A. Brana’s Godfather? Not only is Nick Brana’s profile scrubbed of details he hasn’t authored, but no details on his mother exist—such as her maiden name or why she was in Norfolk, Virginia—a location packed with naval intelligence command jobs. Maybe Monica Brana just likes the beach?

Of note, is that William and Mary students have participated in a CIA program that’s been reported as “Students spend a day as CIA Analysts.” Accordingly, the CIA simulation competition is the extension of a pilot program suggested in 2010 by the Project for International Peace and Security (PIPS) which is an international relations think tank located at the College.

What’s Next

While the National Black Caucus hasn’t formally requested a recall election for the Steering Committee, it was mentioned on Convo Couch that this radical move is under discussion by its membership.

6-4.4 All recall proposals shall be allotted three weeks for discussion and one week for voting. Discussion shall begin on the next regular starting date as defined in Article VI of the GPUS Rules and Procedures, after it has been confirmed that the proposal has requisite support. The vote shall be conducted online, even if an Annual National Meeting falls within the specified window. Quorum shall be two-thirds of member state Green Parties and caucuses, and the threshold for recall shall be two-thirds of those casting yes or no votes.

As expressed by Trahern Crew, Greens should not abandon the party. Folks should instead use this opportunity to join the National Black Caucus and support their resistance to authoritarianism and for bodily autonomy and equal rights so the Greens can be restored to being a party truly for the people.

Lauren Smith is CAM’s correspondent on location and serves on the Editorial Board of CovertAction Magazine. Lauren’s work has been published by Alliance for Global Justice, Black Agenda Report, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, Global Research, CA, Monthly Review, and Telesur amongst others. She holds a BA in Politics, Economics, and Society from SUNY at Old Westbury and an MPA in International Development Administration from New York University. Her historical fiction novel based on Nicaragua’s 1979 revolution is due out in 2022. Ms. Smith is also a member of the Green Party and