The XX ALBA-TCP Summit: As Real as the Democracy it Defends

Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

The virtual Summit convened by the government of the United States on December 9 and 10 last, with pre-recorded speeches by the guests and a totally manipulated agenda, was a demagogical exercise which rendered zero benefits for the international community and failed to make any proposal to solve the most pressing global problems that we all share.

As a political trick, it was only good to show the increasing isolation, alienation and loss of influence of the most powerful nation in the planet. Speaking, the only apparent result was the commitment to allocate 400 million dollars to the political subversion of sovereign States, in a open violation of International Law.

Some hours have elapsed since the event concluded and only a few are able to explain or remember what happened there.

The government of the United States missed the opportunity to convene an inclusive meeting to promote cooperation and the search for solutions to any of the most urgent and serious problems that affect the majority of the world’s population.

The United States lacked the will to concert efforts to tackle starvation, malnutrition, poverty or increasing inequalities, unhealthy conditions, migration problems, drug trafficking, organized and cross-border crime, the arms race or climate change. It did not even conceive the idea of convening world leaders to discuss and articulate a concerted response to the COVID-19 pandemic and other communicable diseases. The fact is that the United States would be unable to contribute any solution as long as its policies remain an essential part of such serious problems.

With a great deal of demagogy, the United States convened the unreal meeting under the theme “democracy”, understood as the defense of capitalism and only applicable to governments that do not challenge the hegemonic authority of the United States. Such fabrication clearly reveals its true divisive purpose and its interest in diverting the world’s attention from the serious problems that are currently faced by the United States society and political system.

A country where money is far more important than the popular will of citizens; where the free sale and irresponsible use of lethal weapons and the intervention and interference in the internal affairs of sovereign States are encouraged; where racism is systemic and war is the most profitable of all businesses, has nothing to teach to the international community.

As Cuba has been warning, the United States government is launching a dangerous campaign aimed at creating and international schism, dividing the planet and punishing the countries that defend progressive projects or refuse to accept the patterns imposed by the United States.

Attempting to impose one single acceptable formula of political system on all countries is in itself deeply anti-democratic. It is contrary to the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, signed in Havana by all the countries of our region, establishing the commitment to fully respect the inalienable right of every State to choose its own political, economic, social and cultural system as an essential condition to ensure peaceful coexistence among nations.

That crooked approach is what makes it act aside from the United Nations, where they suffer an increasing isolation due to its continued challenges to the principles of civilized coexistence, respect for multilateralism and self-determination of the peoples and sovereign equality among all member States. These are the concepts that happen to be unacceptable today by the US leaders.

More than 80 countries were not invited –including Cuba-, which comes as no surprise, because we are a nation that for almost 63 years has successfully rejected the US subjugation attempts and has efficiently defended its inalienable right to free-determination. In a summit destined to promote capitalism and the US central and dominant role in fostering it, no one should expect the presence of socialist Cuba.

In the cooperation to find a solution to the serious problems of the world, the international community will always be able to count on our support, the constructive, active and fraternal contribution of Cubans to find consensus, join our wills, enrich and be benefit from diversity and put emphis on what unites us, rather than on what divides us. Cuba’s international record during the last sixty years attests to that assertion.

The world is crying out for peace, development, justice, solidarity, cooperation and mutual confidence. It finds no benefits in division, selectivity and unilateral impositions.