Libyan Popular National Movement: Statement on Developments in the Electoral Process

The Libyan National Movement Party followed the course of the electoral process in all its scheduled stages, marred by unjustified confusion and deliberate delay, as everyone groaned under the weight of direct and indirect interference from internal and external parties, represented by the illegal presence of foreign ambassadors who through media and frequent visits to the headquarters of the commission, interfere in the evaluation of the elections stages,  express opinions about the candidates in clear violation of Libyan law, which places the High Electoral Commission to a difficult test as it plays a role in organizing the electoral scene and what applies to the Libyan candidate and voter. The foreigner must submit in respect of the election law and adhere to the limits of their diplomatic role, in addition to what everyone sees as clear violations in the core of the electoral process and the country’s sovereignty and infringement of the supreme and constitutional right of the Libyan people to choose their authority freely and impartially, away from bribery,  blackmail, bullying with weapons, media contempt, and influencing the will of the Libyan voter through all illegal means.

The presidential and parliamentary elections are an internal Libyan affair. It is forbidden to interfere in their processes. The High Electoral Commission is entrusted with managing the electoral process in accordance with the election law issued by the House of Representatives to organize it in a way that ensures their implementation in the best possible way.

The Libyan National Movement Party,  following up on the visits made by some foreign ambassadors to some bodies and offices of the Commission,  issuing statements related to the course of the elections, and the confusion and pressure that accompanies the electoral process,  confirms the following:

First: All of these practices are rejected as affecting the sovereignty and freedom of the people, their independence and their right to self-determination, and condemned by all Libyan political forces that reject compromising the nation’s sovereignty, independence and freedom.

Second: The delay in announcing the lists of candidates, the increasing voices of obstructionists with foreign ideologies, the fake sit-in in front of the commission and suspicious moves to postpone the electoral process and maintain the situation as it is, is a flagrant violation of the election law and a clear failure of the commission in performing its role as well as  negligence in exercising its competence and the responsibilities entrusted to it by law and by the Libyan elector.

Third: We confirm our position, which is identical with the position of a wide current of the Libyan street and political forces of various orientations, that the tasks of the authority appointed by the United Nations will end on December 23, and we call on the elites and the Libyan national forces to work to impose a popular reality that considers this term as a dividing point between the end of a temporary phase. With all its stations, it was a sign of failure and mismanagement and between a foundational stage to restore the spirit to the political process on the basis of guaranteeing the right of the Libyan voter close to his aspirations to build a state of democratic institutions that respect the rule of law and work for the benefit of the people with transparency and dedication.

Sovereignty for the people and freedom for the country

Dr. Mustafa Al-Zaidi
Leader of the Libyan National Movement Party
Benghazi, 11/12/2021


Approximate Translation by Internationalist 360°