International Meeting: Sovereign Abya Yala from the Perspective of the Social Movements

Itzamná Ollantay
On December 1st and 2nd, Guatemala City will host the International Meeting of peoples, organizations and social movements of Abya Yala called “Sovereign Abya Yala from the Social Movements” (Abya Yala Soberana desde los Movimientos Sociales).

The Meeting is the continuation of the virtual articulation effort that different actors and spokespersons of peoples, organizations and social movements of the continent have been carrying out for more than two years, using digital platforms, calling this space “Sovereign Abya Yala” in the search for emancipation, decolonization and depatriarchalization in and for the continent.

The participants, coming from more than 14 countries of the continent, will come to the event bringing with them their learning and hopes in their collective struggles against the “shared evils” in the region: the neoliberal system, imperialism, patriarchy and the ecosidium.

These shared struggles from the different territories of the continent were exposed and debated in different international virtual meetings/assemblies in the previous two years.

In this sense, the participants are clear about what they “do not want for their territories and their countries”. In fact, they have already begun to address what they want: emancipation, decolonization and Good Living.

Consequently, this International Meeting (referring not only to the bicentennial nations, but also to the national millennial nations) will seek to reach a consensus on the principles and strategies of the transformative collective struggles in the continent in an articulated and simultaneous manner.

Overcoming not only the sectorial borders within the bicentennial states, but also the disintegrating borders of the geopolitical demarcations of the creole nations that dissect not only the social struggles, but also the millenarian peoples themselves, now divided into several countries.

Voices of women’s movements from Argentina, Brazil, spokespersons of the Quechua, Aymara, Mapuche, Kichwa, Mayan, Afro, peasants and communicators from Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, among others, will meet, discuss and reach consensus on how to revitalize and advance towards Good Living in the continent from our territories. Will our social struggles be enough to confront the hegemonic powers in the continent? How to move from national and sectoral struggles to plurinational emancipatory struggles?

Although the space of Abya Yala Soberana was and is a self-convened process by its members, the hosts of the International Meeting to be held in Guatemala are the peoples, organizations and social movements of Guatemala belonging to this space, energized by the plurinational movement Comité de Desarrollo Campesino (CODECA), a movement that emerged in the 90s of the last century as a peasant organization in the periphery, and with the passing of time, and due to historical circumstances, became a plurinational socio-political force (at the level of Guatemala) centered in rural areas, but with a growing presence in urban and urban-rural areas of the country.