Nicaragua’s School for Food Sovereignty

Ramiro Sebastián Fúnez

An inside look at the Latin American Institute of Agroecology (IALA) Ixim Ulew in Chontales, Nicaragua.

Ixim Ulew means “Land of Corn” in Maya K’iche’, paying homage to the Indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica.

Ixim Ulew is a school for technical, political, and ideological training in agroecology for members of the Central American and Caribbean region of La Via Campesina.

Working class youth from across the region study at Ixim Ulew, where they learn about food sovereignty, proletarian feminism, and defense of the environment.

IALA Ixim Ulew is accredited by Nicaragua’s National Technological Institute (INATEC), which is supported by the revolutionary Sandinista government.

In this edition of Nicaragua Against Empire, you hear directly from students and speakers at IALA Ixim Ulew.

Nicaragua Against Empire is a documentary series that highlights Nicaraguan resistance to Western imperialism. Recorded and produced by Ramiro Sebastián Fúnez.

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