Countering the Covid-19 Psy-ops Unleashed Against Humanity

 Internationalist 360° Editorial Comment:

The Warning

Pandemics are by definition not static but dynamic events. – Geert Vanden Bossche

There should be no doubt that non-transmission-blocking vaccines (i.e., so-called ‘leaky’ or ‘imperfect’ vaccines) can never ever control a pandemic, even though they may temporarily protect against disease. Only temporarily? Yes, indeed. Given the globally increasing immune pressure and concomitant infectious viral pressure, genomic epidemiologists have no doubt that this pandemic roller coaster will not stop before it takes us over the cliff into the abyss of complete viral resistance to anti-spike (S) antibodies. – Geert Vanden Bossche

As an independent expert, I have come to the conclusion that if stakeholders override the emergency brake, it is better to concentrate on solutions for when the crash takes place. The wake-up shock is unlikely to occur before the percentage of Covid-19 disease and death in vaccinees largely exceeds that observed in the unvaccinated group in at least several of the ‘model’ countries (let’s hope that by then we will still have an unvaccinated control group). – Geert Vanden Bossche

While there is no doubt that the threat of Sars-CoV-2 is real, the greater threat is the covert military-intelligence psychological operation against humanity, driving people to act against their own best interests out of fear. These operations have taken firm root in all sides of the “covid debate”, pitting people against one another in ways that are so extreme, so devoid of humanity, that the destructive result has been shocking to witness. Most tragic is the fact that activists and human rights defenders have been caught in the psy-op, playing into the hands of empire and a global enslavement agenda, becoming agents of the status quo, repeaters of the dominant narrative,  at a time when we most need revolutionary thought and action.  Lamentably, even some progressive governments have debased themselves in their eagerness to prove they are providing for their population’s needs, purchasing experimental vaccines made with untested technology (specifically mRNA) without regard to warnings from experts in various scientific fields that the mandatory and mass vaccination of the population,  as it is being carried out, places us in greater danger, destroying any possibility of developing strong immunity that can resist all variants.

Initially, people were told that ‘the more you vaccinate, the more you will prevent mutants from being generated and the less more infectious variants will spread’. This mantra proved miserably wrong as not only viral spread has increased in a number of countries despite very high vaccine coverage rates but it has now also become clear that the vaccinated spread the virus as much as the unvaccinated do (whereas it is even highly likely that vaccinees are a more important source of transmission of naturally selected, highly infectious variants). – Geert Vanden Bossche

The crisis is real and the actions of world governments and the United Nations are leading us to catastrophe. Sars-CoV-2 is only where the challenge  begins. Without a spirit of good will between all sectors of the global population, open and uncensored discussion, institutional transparency, full disclosure of data, a thorough investigation into criminal actions of military-intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical corporations, governments, researchers, and medical professionals, and exposure of individuals and entities that benefited from this calamity, who are profiting from the promotion of a cruel, authoritarian agenda, we will continue to be subjected to increasing repressive measures that will destroy any hope of sovereignty, individual or national. And our vision of a just and better world will no longer be attainable.  Everything many have fought to defend, will be irretrievably lost.

One wonders how it is possible that while it has now been reported that vaccinated shed and transmit as much virus as unvaccinated people, the vaccinated are still protected against severe disease whereas the unvaccinated are said to be unprotected. So, how can one explain that viral shedding and transmission and hence, viral replication no longer seem to be impacted by the vaccine whereas the opposite still applies to the occurrence of (severe) disease? – Geert Vanden Bossche

SAFE vaccines must be widely available to ALL who need them.  We must also not fail to address the need for equitable access to, and distribution of, current treatments that have proven effective.  We need to heed warnings and  learn from what the current evidence reveals.

As the original pandemic is now more and more evolving towards a pandemic of more infectious Sars-CoV-2 variants, we have no choice but to immediately implement a pancontinental intervention with broadly effective antivirals and early multi-drug treatment. Given the enhanced evolutionary context of this pandemic, there is no longer any place for non-sterilizing vaccines, let alone for using such vaccines in mass vaccination campaigns. – Geert Vanden Bossche

Let us not forget that the best defense we can have against all pandemics is an end to capitalism, imperialism , wars of aggression, poverty, hunger, and every form of injustice.

The bestiality of imperialism, a bestiality that knows no limits, that has no national boundaries…For, it is the very essence of imperialism to turn men into wild, bloodthirsty animals determined to slaughter, kill, murder and destroy… – Che Guevara

In the midst of an intensive psychological war,  our ultimate victory depends on our not surrendering to fear or coercion.  We must understand that a hybrid war is not only being waged against some nations, but against the civilian populations of all countries.  Under such circumstances, no one is “safe”,  but the greatest danger is that we turn against each other, ultimately betraying everything we have struggled for thus far.


“The true revolutionary s guided by great feelings of  love.” – Che Guevara