Exposed: CIA Plot to Assassinate President Maduro and High-Ranking Members of Venezuela’s Government

President Nicolás Maduro Denounces New Assassination Plot Against Him

Venezuela has placed its defense system on alert, especially the security rings around the constitutional president Nicolás Maduro, after he denounced the intentions of US government officials, together with the governments of Colombia and Brazil, to organize his assassination and that of other important political leaders of Chavismo.

Data: Last June 20, Craig Faller, head of the U.S. Southern Command, visited Colombia to theoretically “strengthen multilateral work” and on the occasion of the questioned attack with vehicle bombs on a military installation in Cúcuta, where U.S. “military advisors” were present.

On June 29, the top U.S. intelligence official (CIA), William Burns, arrived in Colombia to participate in a “sensitive” security mission.

Colombia’s ambassador in Washington, Francisco Santos, did not want to give further details about this visit to Bogota. “I prefer not to tell you, it is a delicate mission, an important intelligence mission that we were able to coordinate”, responded Santos when questioned about the mission.

On July 2, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, declared he had received William Burns at the Government Palace and amidst terse statements and deviations to the subject omitted comments on the link of that meeting with respect to Venezuela.

Unusual response: A tweet published by the Venezuelan investigation and analysis media, Mision Verdad, where the allegations of the Venezuelan President were shown, was answered by Juan Sebastián González, advisor for Latin America issues at the National Security Council of the North American country, from his Twitter account, who responded: “Negative. The great plan is to support negotiations that result in free and fair elections”.

The answer must be considered more than curious and unusual; in fact, it could be considered a message between the lines full of cynicism, understanding that, if these meetings of US officials with the governments of Colombia and Brazil were to discuss Venezuela, they would have little to do with the Venezuelan political issue, given that the heads of the CIA and the Southern Command would be the least empowered for such a task.

Venezuela claims to have reliable sources in Colombia: In his denunciation, President Maduro stated: “Our sources in Colombia assure us, they are reliable sources that have always told us the truth, that they have come to prepare a plan to make an attempt against my life and against the lives of important political and military leaders of Venezuela”.

This is not the first time that the Venezuelan President has claimed to have valuable information coming from the neighboring country and the effectiveness of the national intelligence has been proven. Having thwarted and dismantled several operations, such as the presidential assassination attempt in 2018, the failed coup called Operation Liberty in 2019 and Operation Gideon in 2020; it is evident that the Venezuelan intelligence apparatus has managed to overcome in several encounters the intelligence of the United States and Colombia containing its destabilization route.

Why it is important: President Maduro has inquired if Joe Biden has approved this agenda or if he is aware of it. The question is pertinent, given the likelihood that events could derail the possibilities that have been glimpsed in recent months of a political détente between the U.S. and Venezuela. Is the U.S. Government playing two agendas?

Instituto Samuel Robinson