The Coup-Plotting OAS asks for Support to Overthrow the Nicaraguan Government

Stella Calloni

The Organization of American States (OAS), which leads coups in various Latin American countries, with the open involvement of Secretary General Luis Almagro, is now trying to apply the so-called “democratic charter” to Nicaragua, in a desperate response to the revelation of a number of documents in the United States, concerning the real implications of Washington in the bloody military coup attempt in 2018 in that country.

At present, the government of Joe Biden continues the brutal policy of his predecessor Donald Trump in Latin America and the world by applying sanctions to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, which result in a very grave violation of the rights of peoples and human rights that must be universally complied with, aggravated by the scourge of the pandemic that plagues humanity.

This made evident who the enemies of humanity are, such as the large and wealthy countries which have accumulated vaccines, and their laboratories that refuse to share their advances, or patents, a criminal maneuver from any point of view. The United States ignored the request of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, urging the suspension of conflicts and all warlike actions to allow the protection needed by the peoples against the pandemic. The powerful are entrenched behind their borders, and continue with their policy of colonial wars, of political, economic and military interference, especially in their project to recolonize Latin America and the Caribbean.

In a historical time in which, due to the emergence of other world powers, such as China and the Russian Federation, which negotiate respecting the sovereignty of the peoples of the world, the United States and its main partners Israel, Great Britain and the colonized governments of the once proud Europe, are trying to suffocate and asphyxiate our peoples, to implement their project of the XXI century, to recolonize us.

They are violating the popular will in each one of our countries, with low-intensity counterinsurgency warfare, of extreme violence, threatening against the governments and peoples who resist total surrender in order to convert us into 21st century colonies, imposing national security dictatorships, (national security democracies), whose greatest example is Colombia, Latin America’s “Israel”.

Nevertheless, we are seeing the heroic resistance of our peoples rising up against injustice and misery, the fruit of dependence, because in this first decade of the 21st century, they have managed to demonstrate what a United Latin America, imagined by our independence heroes at the end of the 19th century, has the potential to do.

None of this matters to a savage capitalism, because it is in the greatest crisis of its history.

The blockade situation, through which they attempt to force people to surrender through hunger and survival needs, is severe enough, yet every day a new sanction is issued, without understanding that the cruelty of this violence is going to sink them much more quickly.

At this moment the United States is trying to orchestrate not only a new coup d’état in Peru, exploiting elections, but also in Nicaragua, a “little country” as they say in Central America, which they made their first victim of imperial expansion towards our region.

That same Nicaragua, which more than once forced them to flee, as was achieved by that formidable peasant army of “free men” who with hunting rifles put the then powerful US air force to flight in the 1930s,

Augusto César Sandino remained so alive in the memory of the people that, in 1979, in a new war of liberation, in totally asymmetrical conditions with the powerful empire, he returned with the triumph of the Sandinista National Liberation Front that overthrew the last of the tyrants of the Somoza family, who were in power and imposed by the United States.

The triumphant revolution of the FSLN, which astonished the world in July 1979, had to endure a counterinsurgency war of such cruelty that not only brought about terrorist attacks condemned by the world, but also thousands of deaths in Sandinista Nicaragua.

This brief flight into the past takes us to the elections decided by the FSLN in 1990, shortly after a most sinister and cowardly action by the US which invaded Panama in the early morning of December 20, 1989, with all the forces of its Southern Command which was still occupying the Canal Zone, of such tragic memory for Latin Americans.

But there was resistance, within that enormous inequality that such a confrontation entailed, where the United States tested weapons just as the Nazis did in Guernica, Spain.

I witnessed that invasion as I witnessed the final Sandinista insurrection that on July 19, 1979, with all the people in the streets, with minor weapons when compared to those provided by Washington to their dictator, heroically won the war. I also witnessed the US dirty war against the Nicaraguan people in the 1980s.

The 1990 elections were held when Nicaragua had more than 50,000 victims of the US “dirty” and “covert war” and with the very close precedent of the invasion of Panama and its thousands of victims, which meant an obvious threat to the suffering Nicaraguan people, who had won the bloody and unequal war against the US.

Of course, Washington was not only acting militarily. Ronald Reagan’s new creation in 1983, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), also tested in Panama, together with the USAID (the old and dreaded International Development Agency), was in charge of forming opposition alliances. In Panama, the Cruzada Civilista called for and supported the invasion of their country and in Nicaragua the Unión Nacional Opositora (UNO) that united all the opposition parties to the Sandinista Front in 1990, had their headquarters in Washington.

Today all the right-wing alliances in the continent have been created under the control of foundations such as the NED, which can well be called the “social face” of the CIA, which together with hundreds of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), have invaded Our America and are playing a major role in the distribution of millions of dollars destined for coups d’état, and the infiltration of the judicial structures, and the “expenses” that generate the mass media, under the control of the Pentagon, as a weapon of war, among other “investments”.


Nicaragua is a target at the moment, because of what the government of Daniel Ortega signified, elected by the Nicaraguan people with more than 70 percent of votes in the most recent elections since the FSLN returned to government in 2007, producing a profound change in favor of the people that was more than evident.

We are almost in the same situation as in the 90’s, after the current alliance of the pro-imperialist right wing, failed in the 2018 coup attempt, where mercenaries and lumpen groups committed crimes against humanity, converted by the US governments, again into “freedom fighters”, the ostentatious name that Reagan imposed on the murderers and terrorists of the Nicaraguan Contra in the 80s.

In 2018 they introduced the model of the counterrevolutionary and criminal “guarimbas” of Venezuela. Supposed student demonstrations, serving as a screen for the mercenaries who killed dozens of Sandinista police and civilians in clashes.

As always and as it happens in our countries where the Pentagon and the US intelligence agencies control 98 percent of the (mis)information circulating in the world, they have an army of well-paid media mercenaries who transformed Ortega into a bloodthirsty dictator, while the “good guys” terrorized the population with their brutal methods. There are enough recordings and videos that show this reality, how do the opponents explain the armed clashes, if there were no weapons on both sides?

As the origin of the events in Nicaragua they invoked an image and likeness of what Leopoldo Lopez attempted in Venezuela in 2017 as a “student protest”, covering up the armed mercenary shock groups capable of killing in an atrocious way.

How many people were killed in Nicaragua, people, doused with gasoline and burned by mercenaries before a terrified population? The groups of armed hooded men in various parts of the country who confronted and killed a number of policemen, did not shoot stones, but bullets, which left a trail of dead and wounded.

They also burned a number of buildings among them a Bank of the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA), the Caja Rural Nacional, a cooperative bank that had hundreds of thousands of members, and the same day they burned the headquarters of the Ministry of Family and Community Economy.

Dozens of buildings including a house with the family inside were burned, as well as a number of radio stations that were not part of the coup and dozens of community radio stations, as well as severe damage to the University and health centers created by the government. How could it benefit Ortega to burn key buildings of his administration or houses of the families of his officials or to murder after torture and public flagellation as the mercenaries did in different parts of the country, sadistically killing those who fell into their hands? This was what the “democratic” opposition could never explain.

A state of confusion and chaos and the media chain of the hegemonic power telling the story backwards all over the world revealed how the criminal power of the press that lies is similar to the criminal power of the one that shoots at gunpoint against an unarmed people.

These facts were investigated by U.S. journalists such as Max Blumenthal, who exposed the role of entities such as USAID, Freedom House, and NED in funding Nicaraguan NGOs that called for the overthrow of Ortega.

According to Blumenthal the USAID, earmarked for Nicaragua in 2017 the sum of $5.2 million, “with most of the funds going to training civil society and media organizations” . In June, the leaders of M19, the student group that started the anti-government protests and sought to “supplant the National Union of Students of Nicaragua, traveled to Washington to meet with the US ultra-right, with figures such as Marco Rubio; Ted Cruz and Ross Lethinem (Cuban Americans and Republican representatives linked to the terrorism that plagued Cuba and Latin America).

They also met with Mark Green, director of USAID, who expressed his support against the Sandinista government. The trip was paid for by Freedom House,” Blumenthal denounced and proved. It was emphasized that the M19 (of April) was neither spontaneous nor the fruit of “discontent” against Ortega. “The Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policy, directed by Felix Madariaga, organizer of the M19 and one of the main spokespersons against Sandinismo, received 260,000 dollars from the NED, from the US, Blumenthal denounced based on his investigations.

He cited that the organization “Hagamos Democracia”, of Luciano García, a recognized opponent of Sandinismo, also received 525,000 dollars from the NED since 2014 and delivered in 2017 one million dollars to various organizations of the so-called “civil society” that demanded Ortega’s resignation consisting of : the Nicaraguan Human Rights Commission (111,000), Center for Private Enterprise (239,000 dollars), International Republican Institute (150,000), Ibero-American Foundation of Cultures (79,000), Social Economic Development Foundation (40,000); among others. (Source: NED digital)

“The NED allocated $305,000 in 2017 to anonymous groups in Nicaragua, for what they call “democracy promotion”, meaning, the organization of counterrevolution and anti-Sandinista subversion” highlighting the role they play in the Fourth Generation War in Latin America.”

It also appeared the help to the then Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS)i, which was mobilized and lent itself to be used by the CIA, to try to influence the leftist sectors allied to Sandinismo in other times.

The Ortega government has now been warned of another coup attempt or maneuver to activate his removal from office, by the reorganized right-wing forces.

“The U.S. government has spent years cultivating a right-wing media circle in Nicaragua that played a central role in a violent coup attempt in 2018. This network is now under investigation by the Nicaraguan government for allegations of money laundering” notes US journalist Ben Norton.

At the moment those at the head of the new coup plotting body is the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation for Reconciliation and Democracy, “which is central to Washington’s massive financial, technical and logistical support for the Nicaraguan opposition, acting as what the CIA calls a “staging point”: a third-party organization that serves as a seemingly independent channel for giving US government funding to foreign political groups and media outlets.”

In an intelligence document, cited by Blumenthal, the words “transitional regime” are used 102 times indicating that the new government will be installed by the United States and calls for a purge of members of the Army and Police, “so it is obvious what the USAID wants to do”, when “more than 75 million dollars were sent by this organization to the Chamorro Foundation”. In reference to the opposition network, he cited as an example the sensationalist newspaper “100% Noticias”, pointing out that it is financed by USAID through the Chamorro Foundation.

He mentioned that the director and founder of this US-financed channel, Miguel Mora, declared in an interview that he wanted the US army to invade Nicaragua, violently remove the elected Sandinista Front party from power and capture President Daniel Ortega, making reference to Washington’s invasion of Panama in 1989.

The NED, which was responsible for the victory of Violeta Barrios de Chamorro and financed her Campaign in 1990, and interferes in many countries around the World, particularly in Latin America, declared with pride in its own media that “we prepared the bases for the insurrection in Nicaragua with violence and blockades”. And it also claimed: “responsibility for the coup d’état”.

That and much more is what the new coup maneuver of the OAS and its Secretary General Luis Almagro, denounced by several governments as the “direct executor” of the coups in Latin America in the 21st century, is all about.

Translation by Internationalist 360°